How to Show iPhone Battery Percentage on Apple Watch

Follow this handy guide to see your iPhone battery percentage from your Apple Watch with the help of an app.
How to Show iPhone Battery Percentage on Apple Watch

Although it’s easy to show the battery percentage on your iPhone, sometimes you may not be able to or look at your device to view it. For instance, maybe your phone is charging in another room. In such situations, you can monitor it from your Apple Watch. This is easy to do with a variety of third-party apps. Let’s learn more.

Best Apps to Check iPhone Battery Status from Apple Watch  

With these apps, You can also personalize the settings and opt to receive alerts when the battery level of your iPhone hits a particular level. Some come at a nominal price, but many are free too. Below is a list of our top free recommendations:

How to Show iPhone Battery Percentage on Apple Watch

Once you’ve picked an app from the suggestions above, you will need to get it on your devices. If you have the latest watchOS 6, you can directly install an app on your Apple Watch. If you are using an older watchOS, follow these steps:

  1. Install your chosen app onto your iPhone from the App Store. In this article, we are going to install PhoneBattery app
  2. Once it is installed, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  3. Scroll the list of apps to find the installed one. Tap on Install to put it on to your Apple Watch.install phonebattery app on apple watch using watch app on iphone
  4. Wait until it’s installed and then turn ON the switch next to Show App on Apple Watch, if it’s not already on.turn on show app on apple watch to view installed app

Now, to check your iPhone’s battery status from your Apple Watch, open the newly installed app on your watch.

If you use the Grid view on your watch, place your finger on the grid and move it around until you see the app icon. Tap to open.

If you use the List view on your Watch, scroll up or down until you find the app and tap to open it.

Your phone’s battery percentage will display on your Apple Watch.

open app to see iphone battery life on apple watch

Different apps have different customization available. For instance, you can choose to receive a notification when your iPhone battery reaches a certain level. This makes them useful even if you don’t use an Apple Watch. Open the app on your iPhone to see what kind of settings are available.

Summing Up

Although third-party apps make it easy to see your iPhone battery percentage from your wrist, it would be useful if Apple introduced this functionality into its ecosystem. We hope to see this added in the future. Which of the apps worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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