How to Set Up and Use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad

How to Set Up and Use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad

The rumor mills have hit the bull’s eye once again. Speculations about the impending launch of “Google Assistant” had been doing the rounds recently. As expected, the virtual assistant has hit the iOS App Store. Impressed by its ultra-smartness, I can’t wait to set up and use Google Assistant on my iPhone and iPad to get all my queries answered a lot faster and accurately.

From letting you send emails, text messages, find places, make a dinner reservation to answer some of your wildest questions, the Assistant is fully equipped to stand up to your task with aplomb. Enough talk, let’s head over to get started with it!

How to Set Up and Use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad

Note: Google says that you must be at least 17 years old to download this app. It requires iPhone/iPad running iOS 9.1 or later.

How to Set Up Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. First off, download Google Assistant on your iOS device.

Step #2. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, launch it. Then, sign in using your Google account.

Google Assistant Sign In Screen on iPhone
Sign In to Google Assistant on iPhone

Step #3. Next, you have to give the Assistant permission to access settings like Additional Web & App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity etc.

Tap on Yes I’M IN at the bottom right corner.

Allow Google Assistant Location History and Other Information on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, if you want to remain up to date about new features, apps, offers for the Assistant, keep the switch turned on. Tap on Next at the bottom right corner.

Enable Notification for New Feature in Google Assistant on iPhone

Step #5. Now, tap on the microphone button at the bottom center. Then, allow the Assistant to access your microphone by tapping OK in the popup.

Allow Google Assistant to Access Microphone on iPhone

How to Use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Assuming you have perfectly set up Google Assistant on your iOS device. Open the app and tap on the tiny microphone button at the bottom center.

Tap on Microphone Icon in Google Assistant on iPhone

Step #2. Next, go ahead and get your queries answered. As for instance, ask it “Who is the most popular Hollywood star of 2017,” “Which is the best restaurant nearby?” and more.

Use Google Assistant on iPhone

Besides, take the full advantage of it to set a reminder, play your favorite music, send emails etc.

The Assistant is pretty smart, isn’t it? What makes it so exciting is the ability to answer queries promptly and accurately. So, take it for a good spin.

Signing Off

With the arrival of Google Assistant, there would be more pressure on Siri to perform better. Though Apple’s virtual assistant has become a lot better recently, it still has some way to go to be as intelligent as Cortana or Google Assistant.

Even though Google’s virtual assistant won’t have as much full-fledged functionality on iOS devices as on Android due to limitations, it’s still worth and good enough to give Siri a long run for its own money.

What do you think of Assistant? Will you use it on your iPhone? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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  1. How to DISABLE google assistant speaking replies????!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t want it talking just showing answers. How how how? iOS 14 on iPhone

    1. Unlike Android, there does not seem to be an option to turn off voice response in the latest Google Assistant version for iPhone. But there is a solution. When you do not want voice responses from Google Assistant on your iPhone, type or say ‘Mute.’ After this, it won’t give voice responses. Try it out.

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