Has it ever happened that a short video didn't get sent via iMessage (or SMS) just because your iPhone thought it was large?

This thing keeps happening to a lot of people who routinely capture videos (like 2-4 mins in length) and want to share them with their friends over iMessage.

Send Large Video Files from iPhone

The problem is two-fold:

1. The iSight camera records HD videos so even a short video that's something like 3 mins is going to be several hundred MBs. Remember some of our initial videos? We used to record them on the iPhone and we were usually shocked at the size of those files.

2. The size limit is Apple's way of, let's say, parental control over its customers. I mean, it's good in a way: Apple doesn't want you to accidentally go over the cliff in your data usage. So it enforces a data limit. Some experts say that this is also because Apple doesn't want to overload its servers. May be.

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There are actually many ways to bypass this – but only one of them is an actual bypass. Others are just workarounds where you use some other service to transfer or share the files.

But first, let's take at the jailbreak solution. If you're jailbroken, there's really nothing stopping you from sending large files. Jailbreak tweaks can bypass most Apple logic: FaceTime over 3G, for instance.

So here's what you have to do:

  • Open Cydia
  • Look for a tweak called iMessage Unlimited Media Send
  • Once you install this, there's nothing else to configure. Just send the large video file via iMessage. It should be sent without any error messages popping up.

Obviously, the jailbreak method is not for everyone. If you haven't jailbroken your iPhone and won't do it, you need the workarounds.

The non-jailbreak method doesn't involved iMessages at all. It just lets you share/transfer the files through cloud storage like Photo Stream.

For this, you'll need an app called Transfer Big Files. It's free and it works similar to how Photo Stream works. The only advantage is that you can share videos too (you can't do that in Photo Stream).

  • With the app, all you do is upload your files (movies and photos) to your account through the app.
  • It's more like an “email sending” interface where you just attach the files, type in the recipient (your friend's email) and just hit ‘Send it!'
  • The files get stored on TransferBigFiles.com (your free personal account is 5 GB large). You can upload files as large as 100MB (per file).

You can do this with Dropbox too and other cloud storage services but that ain't flying because you have to go through other steps to send the files/link to the files. Transfer Big Files actually solves that and cuts those additional steps.

Hope this helps.

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