How to Compress Video on iPhone and iPad

How To Compress Video on iPhone and iPad

We all love high-quality video and thanks to iPhone’s high definition camera; we can now capture videos in 4K with 1080px and 720px resolution. As good as they are visually these videos do eat up your iPhone or iPad’s storage.

Moreover, sharing these videos over Gmail, Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other app is a hassle. The only recourse left is to make video file smaller on iPhone. In its latest iOS 13 update, the Photos app incorporated features to edit videos without any video editing apps.

Features such as adding the desired filter to a video on your iPhone, turn a live photo into video and even to rotate a video. However, the feature to compress video on iPhone is still missing. Thus we depend on third-party apps for the same.

How to Reduce the Size of Video on iPhone and iPad

Whenever you reduce the size of a video or photo, you compromise with its quality. So depending upon your video and the purpose behind it, you will have to balance the size vs. quality ratio.

You will find an array of apps available on the App Store. I tested a few of them and enjoyed the easy-to-use interface of Video Compressor. Further, the app allows you both preset and custom options for compression.

How to Compress Videos from iPhone and iPad Using Video Compressor App

Step #1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for Video Compressor. Select the app and download.

Step #2. Once installed, Open the Video Compressor app and tap on the ‘+’ icon to add the video you want to compress.

Open Video Compressor App on iPhone and Tap on Plus Icon

Step #3. The app will ask for permission to access your Photos, tap on OK.

Tap on OK to Access Photos in iOS Video Compressor App

Step #4. The app will show you all the Albums, select Video section.

Select The Album from Album List in iOS Video Compressor App

Step #5. Now choose the video you want to compress and tap on Select from the top right corner of the screen.

Choose Video You wish to Compress on iPhone

Step #6. Tap on Choose Preset (HD 720p), and it will direct you to Video Preset options. Select the preferred option.

Tap on Choose Preset and Select Preferred Size to Compress iPhone Video

Step #7. Now from the main menu select Preview, you can see and compare original and compressed video here.

Select Preview to View Video Size in iOS Video Compressor App

Step #8. Go back to the main menu and select Continue.

Tap on Continue in iOS Compressor App

Step #9. Select the Destination Album by tapping on it or Add new album from the bottom of the page.

Select Destination to Save Compressed Video on iPhone

Step #10. The app will start compressing; it will take some time depending on the size of the original video.

Compressing Process Starts to Reduce Size of iPhone Video

Step #11. Once done, the app will give you options to Delete Originals or Finish, select as per your choice.

Tap on Delete Originals or Finish in iOS Compressor App

Step #12. Exit the app and go to the Photos app

The compressed video will be stored in the album as per your instruction to the app. Check the video once and feel free to share it as much as you want.

That’s all folks!!

Signing off

Now keep the storage and video sharing issues of your iPhone and iPad at bay by these video compressing apps. Keep the original video safe in your backup and keep the compressed versions on your iPhone and iPad.

As mentioned above, when you make video file smaller on the iPhone or any other device, the quality of the video also reduces. In case, you don’t want to compromise on the same, use AirDrop, wherein you can transfer any file within the devices of Apple ecosystem.

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Have you tried any video compressing app? How was your experience, did you like the quality of the compressed video? Share your experience and views in comment box.

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