Recently one of the apps, Been Choice was taken down by Apple from the AppStore. The app was basically designed to block ads while you browse internet. Later on, the app moved a step further by blocking advertisement inside apps.

This raised a serious question on privacy of users. This is just one of the examples out of many; certain apps install root certificates that give them access to your personal information, though this is not possible without your consent. Many times we simply tap the Trust button without thinking of consequences.

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How to Remove Root Certificates From Your iPhone or iPad

In case you have any such apps that have installed Root certificates, here’s a guide on how to remove them. Follow the step-by-step tutorial given below:

Step #1. Launch the Settings app → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on Your iPhone

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Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Profiles.

Root Certificate on iPhone

Step #3. If you don’t find anything, you have nothing to worry. But if you do, read the next step.

Step #4. Tap on the profile you wish to delete.

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Step #5. Now tap on “Delete Profile”.

Tap on Delete Profile in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #6. Enter the passcode to confirm the operation.

Delete Root Certificates From iPhone or iPad

That’s it. The Root certificate is now deleted. There are differences of opinion, as many users want apps like Been Choice to block advertisement. At the same time, a serious question is raised that how do such apps get through AppStore with potentially high risk.

According to the latest update received from Been Choice official Twitter account, they will be coming back to AppStore by making changes in their app which will comply with Apple’s privacy policy.

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