How to remove the background from pictures on iPhone

When you take an image, the subject might look great, but the background can be distracting. How can you remove the background on your iPhone or iPad, while keeping the subject? Normally, you’d have to use desktop software like Photoshop. But the Background Eraser App on iOS can help you get the job done.

We’ll walk you through how to use Background Eraser app to get rid of a simple background from a portrait image. Follow these steps, and you’ll have a photoshop-ready image without a background.

How to remove the background from images on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Download Background Eraser. You can get it on the App Store right here.

There are several apps that can help you with background removal, but this is the one we use.

Step #2. Tap on the Gallery icon at the top left of the app. You will now be able to select the picture that you want to edit.

Tap on Gallery icon in iOS Background Eraser App

Step #3. Tap on the “Crop” tab at the bottom. Before you use the background erase feature, crop out any extraneous area. This will make erasing the background an easier task.

Tap on Crop icon and crop out Extraneous area in iOS Background Eraser App

Step #4. Tap on the “Erase” tab. Then tap on “Target Color.” Check if there are any monochrome areas on the background (e.g. if the wall behind the subject is plain blue). Then tap on that color to remove that section of the background. If you found that it took parts of the subject with it, tap on undo at the top. Then slide the “Threshold” slider to the left and retry.

Use Target Color Tool to Remove Image Background on iPhone Background Eraser App

Step #5. Tap on the “Target Area” option. Tap on specific leftover areas of the background that you want removed from the picture. If the algorithm takes out too much of the background, slide the “Threshold” to the left and then retry.

Use Target Area Tool to Remove Background of a Photo on iPhone with Background Eraser App

Step #6. Tap on the “Erase” option at the bottom left. Then adjust the width slider as necessary. Then, manually remove any extra background around your subject.

Use Erase Tool to manually remove any extra background around Image on iPhone

That’s it!

Did you find this tutorial useful? Have any more questions on background removal? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this useful information. However, for me, removing the background is not a simple thing. That’s why I usually use online background remover tools. They are really cool and extremely helpful. I believe you should research and use them.

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