How to get full-screen contact picture for incoming iPhone calls

How to get full-screen contact picture for incoming iPhone calls

Adding photos to your contacts adds a touch of personalization. But it gets even better when you make a contact photo full screen on your iPhone. This means that it will take up the entire display instead of appearing in the default circular format. Check out the tricks below to make contact photos full screen on iOS.

How to make iPhone Caller Photo Full Screen

  1. Open the Contacts app and select the contact.

    Open Phone App Tap on Contacts Tab and Select Contact on iPhone
  2. In the contact’s information, tap on Edit from the top-right corner.
  3. Tap on Add Photo or Edit Photo.
  4. Select the Camera icon to click a picture or All Photos for an image from the library.

    Tap on Edit and Select All Photos on iPhone
  5. Choose the Album, search, and tap on the image.
  6. Move and scale the photo to fit the circle and tap on Choose.

    Tap on Album Select Photo and Then Tap on Choose
  7. Select the preferred filter and then tap on Done.

    Set FullScreen Pictures for iPhone Calls

And that’s it, next time the contact calls you, iPhone should show a fullscreen image of the contact.

For best and assured results, you should select an image with a portrait orientation. While many also suggest cropping the image or a screenshot, but these tricks are a hit or miss.

To make existing Contact Picture Full Screen on iPhone

  1. Open Contacts app  Contact → Edit.

    Open Phone App Tap on Contact and Then Tap on Edit on iPhone
  2. Tap the picture and then Edit.
  3. Here, select Edit from the options.

    Tap on Picture and Then Tap on Edit
  4. Move or scale the photo and tap on Choose.
    Note: Basically, you need to change the position of the image enough for the phone to register the change.
  5. Select a filter and tap Done.

    Tap on Done to Make Existing Contact Picture Fullscreen on iPhone

And this should do the trick. The issue with the trick is that you might have to do this a few times, to achieve the result.

Additionally, you will have to repeat the process for every contact that does not show a fullscreen image for incoming calls. So, that can be a real pain.

That’s All  

This mix-up started way back with the iOS 8 update. And somehow Apple hasn’t come around to find a permanent or feasible solution. So, yes, as irritating as it might be, these are the only solutions to get full-screen pictures for iPhone calls.

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  1. This isn’t working for me. I’ve even deleted the contact altogether and then stored it as a new one…nothing. I changed the setting to full screen on incoming calls…nope. Still the tiny bubble.

    1. If slightly editing the picture did not help, that means the picture you are using is too small. To fix this, click a picture from the iPhone camera or use a different picture that is bigger in size and dimensions. It will work.

      Additionally, if you use a Memoji, it will most certainly show in fullscreen.

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