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How to Set Custom Text Reply for Calls on iPhone

How to Set Custom Text Reply for Calls on iPhone

Believe it or not, you got to hate some callers from your contact list on your iPhone. But you are helpless as they are necessary evils in your social or professional life. And therefore, you willingly or unwillingly pick up their incoming calls.

You wish you had an innovative way to deal with such creatures. A blunt answer might have popped up in your mind, but this could spoil relation for good. However, you can be a little creative and avoid such nuisance for some time.

Thankfully, your iPhone has a facility to customize “Respond with Text” option. By using this feature, you can send a message to a caller and convey him/her a message that you are busy or attending an important meeting, and would like to talk to the caller after sometime.

When you receive a call, your iPhone screen shows you two buttons: Decline on left and Accept on right. Above the Accept button, you can see a Message option available. All you need to do is to tap that Message button and select your customized message and send it to caller. This will disconnect you from the caller and he/she will receive your message.

Let’s now get into the details as to how you can respond to an incoming call with a text.

How to Set Custom Reply to Respond Incoming Calls on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Tap on Phone app.

Tap on Settings Then Phone on iPhone

Step #2. Now select and tap on “Respond with Text” option.

Tap on Respond with Text in iPhone Phone App Settings

You can see some ready-to-use text options given by Apple in grayed-out text.

Step #3. Tap on each option and customize the text.

Set Custom Reply in Phone App on iPhone

Now, whenever you get a call from a person you don’t want to speak to, you can just send him/her a message in response. Simply tap on the “Message” option above the “Accept” button.

Tap on Message Button on iPhone While Receive CallCustom Replies on iPhone


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