How to customize Quick Responses for incoming calls in iOS 17

How to customize Quick Responses for incoming calls

In today’s fast-paced world, where every second counts, we often find ourselves unable to respond to calls immediately. Thankfully, iOS 17 brings you an exciting feature that lets you personalize your Quick Responses, enabling you to handle incoming calls with politeness.

So, if you, too, wish to convey your response professionally with a pinch of personal flair, this article has got you covered. Follow this detailed guide and learn to customize Quick Responses for incoming calls in iOS 17.

What is quick response feature in iOS 17?

iPhone’s quick response feature proves particularly useful when multitasking or in situations where immediate but short replies are required. This functionality provides convenience without compromising effective communication. However, it only supports text-based responses, so you might have to curate your replies accordingly.

By default, in iOS 17, you can find the preset text as mentioned below:

  • Sorry I can’t talk right now.
  • I’m on my way.
  • Can I call you later?

While on call, a simple tap on the message icon is all it takes to summon quick responses or craft personalized replies on the go.

Thankfully, all of these texts are customizable so that you don’t have to compromise under any circumstance.

Customize Quick Responses for incoming calls on iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Phone → Select Respond with Text under Calls.
  3. Here you can notice the default Quick Responses set for your device.

    Tap Phone, Respond with Text,  default Quick Responses in Settings
  4. Tap any message you wish to alter and enter the text of your choice.
    • In case you wish to remove the added text, simply tap the close (x) icon.
  5. Choose the Phone option once you’re all set.

    Curate your messages, close to delete, Phone to go back in settings

That’s pretty much it. Following this process, you can customize all three sections of quick responses to your will.

How to use the quick response feature

Using these quick responses is even easier than setting up.

  1. When you receive a call, tap the Message icon from the interface.
  2. Select a preset message.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose the Custom option if you’ve something more to add.
  4. Write your text per usual and hit Send.

    Select message option, choose a quick response, hit send to share custom message in call


Can I use emojis in my Quick Responses?

Certainly. iOS 17 lets you express yourself and make your responses stand out by incorporating your favorite smileys, animals, objects, and more.

Can I create Quick Responses in different languages?

Absolutely, iOS 17 welcomes multilingual support in Quick Responses. You just have to switch between the keyboards you prefer and can carry on the rest without any hassle.

Can I personalize the appearance of my Quick Responses?

iOS 17 allows you to select different text colors and fonts and even add backgrounds or stickers to enhance the look and feel of your responses.

How many Quick Responses can I create?

As of now, you can curate a total of 3 Quick Responses, ensuring that you always have the right message at your fingertips.

Will my customized Quick Responses sync across my Apple devices?

iOS 17 seamlessly syncs your customized Quick Responses across all your Apple devices using iCloud. This ensures that your personalized responses are accessible from your iPhone and iPad, allowing you to maintain consistency across all platforms.

Don’t leave the caller hanging!

Now that you’ve discovered a whole new level of customization and expression offered by iOS 17, it’s time you get started. By personalizing your Quick Responses, you can leave a lasting impression on your callers and save time.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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