When I first watched the Richter Scales’ famous video “here comes another bubble“, I was so much excited to see the video again and again. But then, probably around 2008, I had to refresh the video to watch it again. Back then, YouTube perhaps didn’t have any feature to loop videos on Mac or Windows PC.

The feature was maybe introduced in 2010 or later (correct me if I am wrong here). So now you can easily loop any YouTube video you are watching on your Mac or Windows PC. But recently, I found that QuickTime player on the Mac also offers you a feature to watch videos repeatedly. This is amazing, isn’t it? Now you can loop the downloaded videos you are watching offline.

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How to Loop Video in QuickTime Player on Mac

This feature is particularly helpful to students, who are watching tutorials on their computers.

Moreover, if you are endorsing your brand on any kiosk, you can set a loop to show your consumers the advertisement again and again. So how is it possible? Read on…

How to Loop Video with QuickTime Player on Mac

Step #1. First off, select a video you want to play in QuickTime player and start playing it.

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Step #2. While the video is being played, click on View menu.

Step #3. Click on Loop option.

Loop Videos in QuickTime Player on Mac

Alternatively, you can press Option+Command+L.

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This is done! Let the QuickTime Player play the video at its own pace; once the video is over, the player will start playing it again and again. Thus, the video will be in the loop and it will be played repeatedly.

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