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iOS 7 formally introduced the blocking feature to iPhones and iPads. You can block a contact on iPhone, preventing them from sending you messages, calling you and Facetiming. If you blocked someone, the process ends there. You don't have to bother or worry about it anymore.

But what if someone else seems to have blocked your number on iPhone? What if you are on the other side of the equation? How to tell if someone hasĀ blocked your numberĀ on iPhone running iOS 9 or iOS 8? Typical discussions about this seem to indicate that you can't find out if someone has blocked you. That's not true. There are a few indications that – put together – tell us if someone has blocked us on their iPhone.

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How To Check If You Are Blocked

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iPhone Running iOS 9 or iOS 8:

#1. Calls

When you call a person who has blocked you, the observation is interesting. In our tests, we found that you hear exactly ONE ring and then you're diverted to voice mail.

Now this can happen even if someone willingly cut the call after one ring but the chances of that are very thin. Try calling multiple times and when you are cut to voice mail after one ring, you can most likely assume that you've been blocked.

Sometimes, the one-ring-then-voice-mail pattern doesn't happen. Instead, what you hear is a continuous busy tone that gets cut after a while. If the same thing happens no matter when you call, that's an indication that you've been blocked.

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#2. “Delivered” on iMessage

iMessage is an interesting (and frustrating) way of finding out if someone has blocked you. Most users have their Read Receipts turned on so when you send someone a message (over iMessage), you can also see when the person has read it.

If, suddenly, you only see a ‘Delivered' instead of the ‘Read at', that indicates one of the two things: either you've been blocked or the person has turned off read receipts.

If the person has only turned off read receipts, you should be able to at least call. If your calls end up in voice mail with the single ring or busy tone, then – two and two put together – your number has been blocked.

In case the person always has had read receipts turned off, you will not notice any change in iMessage. Your message will seem to get delivered and you'll see a ‘Delivered' message. In this case – again – the call is your only way to figure out if you've been blocked.

This tip would be pressing it too much but you can try sending an iMessage from a new number. If that goes through and you get a reply, the old number is probably blocked.

#3. Facetime

Facetime doesn't give any clue about whether a person has blocked you or not. If you call a person over Facetime, the call will not only go through but keep ringing as if it's a normal call. The only indication that the call is not truly going through is when you call a person over Facetime at various times, for a continuous period (like a week) and still, your call hasn't been answered.

Watch out how to tell if you have been blocked by someone on iPhone:

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So, in order to figure out if you've been blocked by someone, the response to call is the first giveaway. Couple that with iMessage and Facetime to confirm that your number has been blocked.

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  • Katie

    In ios 9, the iMessage never shows delivered, does that mean I am blocked?

  • Picachoo

    Who really cares if you’ve been blocked? If so, just move on. There are billions of great and interesting people in this world..just go make a new friend and be on your way. If a relationship has you wondering whether or not you’ve been blocked, then it’s not even worth the trouble.

    • Donell

      Lol very true

  • SSolo

    Hello, I want to know if somebody blocked me from their Iphone but i don’t want to call o send any iMessage because maybe this person hasn’t blocked me and i don’t want to do it so my question is that if somebody block me from their iphone is there another way that is not calling them, or send them a message to know it? For example if they have blocked me in their Iphone would i be blocked from whatsapp too? because in whatsapp it should everything normal.

  • Madison

    tested facetime with my friend a couple of times. unblocked i called her and she didnt answer and it rang 12 times. blocked, it kept ringing with no end.

  • Barry

    I think when the send a receipt is ‘on’ on the others phone, your message will be sent in green color on iphone but when they turned it off it will be sent blue in color.

    • Mot Mot

      I believe the green message bubble is showing a regular message and a blue message bubble is showing an iMessage

  • udaykumar reddigari

    hi this is uday am a state govt employe am using vodaphone network since 9 years my no is 9703022293 in truecaller my mobile no is in spam i want to remove it pls help me