How to Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iPhone?

It's quite easy to block any contact on the iPhone. But how to tell if someone has blocked your number on iPhone? There are some workarounds to overcome the confusion.

The blocking feature is there for a long on iPhones and iPads. You can block a contact on the iPhone, preventing them from sending you messages, calling you and Facetiming. If you blocked someone, the process ends there. You don’t have to bother or worry about it anymore.

But what if someone else seems to have blocked your number on iPhone? What if you are on the other side of the equation? How to tell if someone has blocked your number on iPhone? Typical discussions about this seem to indicate that you can’t find out if someone has blocked you. That’s not true. There are a few indications that – put together – tell us if someone has blocked us on their iPhone.

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How to Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iPhone

#1. Calls

When you call a person who has blocked you, the observation is interesting. In our tests, we found that you hear exactly ONE ring and then you’re diverted to voicemail.

Now, this can happen even if someone will cut the call after one ring but the chances of that are very thin. Try calling multiple times, and when you are cut to voice mail after one ring, you can most likely assume that you’ve been blocked.

Sometimes, the one-ring-then-voice-mail pattern doesn’t happen. Instead, what you hear is a continuous busy tone that gets cut after a while. If the same thing happens no matter when you call, that’s an indication that you’ve been blocked.

#2. “Delivered” on iMessage

I used this trick to figure out the reality. And to a good extent, I succeeded in my mission. So, how did I get through?

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Well, I delivered an iMessage to my friend (who had blocked me). Though the message was sent, I didn’t get the “Delivered” confirmation.  Besides, the receiver didn’t get the message.

I sent the message to another friend who is using an Android phone (I had already blocked my number on his phone). The SMS was sent but the receiver didn’t get any notification. However, the message did reach there.

Give this tip a try and I’m pretty sure it can get your job done!

#3. Facetime

Facetime doesn’t give any clue about whether a person has blocked you or not. If you call a person over Facetime, the call will not only go through but keep ringing as if it’s a normal call. The only indication that the call is not truly going through is when you call a person over Facetime at various times, for a continuous period (like a week) and still, your call hasn’t been answered.

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#4. Try Calling After Hiding the Caller ID

First things first, it’s not an ideal way to find out whether someone has blocked your phone number or not. You might even be considered undisciplined for disabling your caller ID.

But just in case, you are eager to discover the truth just to remove the confusion, you can use this trick. In many countries, you can use a code in front of your number to disable the caller ID. This way, you can call a person even if you have been blocked. This Caller ID Wikipedia page contains the codes of several countries.

Besides, you also get the option to hide your caller ID right from your iOS device. To do so, open Settings → Phone → Show My Caller ID → then turn off the switch.

Keep in mind that many countries don’t allow the Caller ID to be deactivated. Moreover, you can’t disable it when calling to emergency numbers like 911.

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Try Calling from Other Phone Number

This is one of the simplest ways to figure out the truth. If you are unable to make contact using your one number, try a new one. Then, be a bit straightforward and ask whether he/she has barred you from calling or messaging.

Watch out how to tell if you have been blocked by someone on iPhone:

That’s pretty much it!

Your take?

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So, which one of the above tricks have you used to get over the line? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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