How to Delete iPhone Call History or Backup Call Logs

There is a couple of ways to clear call history on iPhone. Either you can delete individual call or erase all the iPhone calls. In this trivial tip, we have covered both the ways.

Recent calls in the phone app reveal everything about the call history on your iPhone. It’s a powerful feature that lets you track all calls that you made, received or missed. The amount of information it holds is quite huge.

But, of course, sometimes, having a call history is going to get you into trouble. For those who need to erase call history – one or all – this is the complete guide you’re looking for.

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We’ll be looking at:

Let’s dive right in.

How to Delete a Single Call from iPhone Call log

Step #1. Open the phone app and tap on “Recents.”

Step #2. Find the particular log that you want to remove and “swipe” horizontally on it.

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Step #3. When the “Delete” button shows up, tap that and the call log will be deleted.

Tap on Recent then Swipe on the Call on iPhone


Step #1. You can also tap on “Edit” from the top.

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Step #2. Then tap the red-minus button on the left of the particular call log.

Step #3. Hit delete and it’s gone!

Delete Individual Call History on iPhone

#2. How to Delete Entire iPhone Call History?

Please note that You can’t “undo” this action.

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Step #1. In the Recents, tap on “Edit.”

Step #2. Now, tap on “Clear.”

Step #3. Hit “Clear All Recent” and all the data should be gone.

Clear Call History on iPhone

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That’s all, folks!

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