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How to Delete Apple ID Account Permanently

how to delete apple id account permanently

Apple has made it easy to deactivate or delete your Apple ID. But that does not mean that you should do this carelessly. This is because the consequences of deleting an Apple ID are significant. So, let us talk more about it first and then see the steps to temporarily deactivate, reactivate, and permanently delete it.

Why One Wants to Delete Apple ID?

  • No longer want/plan to use Apple products.
  • Have multiple accounts, so you may want to delete the ones, not in use.
  • Delete your data stored with Apple.
  • Due to privacy concerns.

What’s Going to Happen If You Delete Apple ID?

The following points (and more, even if not mentioned here) are also applicable when your Apple ID is deactivated.

  • Can not use features like iCloud, iCloud Drive, Continuity features, Online backups, Find My iPhone, Sign in with Apple, App Store to download new apps, subscribe to services.
  • Can not receive or send new iCloud Mails or iCloud iMessages.
  • Can not update purchased apps.
  • Can not download previously purchased items.
  • Can not sync or copy DRM-protected purchased items among devices.
  • Can not play rented items.
  • Can not access iTunes Match or iTunes Season Passes.
  • Subscriptions are canceled at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Can not use Family Sharing if you are the organizer. Any child Apple ID added to the family is also deactivated.
  • Can not access ongoing or past cases with Apple Support. (But this does not mean you can not take help from Apple Support in future.)
  • Appointments or reservations scheduled at the Apple Store are canceled.
  • You can not use any other apps or services that require an Apple ID.
  • You are removed from all Apple mailing lists.

Note: You can also change your Apple ID, instead of deleting it.

Preparation Before Deleting Apple ID (Must Read)

  • Sign Out of Apple ID on all devices: If you do not do this, you will be in serious trouble! This is because, after account deactivation or deletion, you can not sign out of iCloud. You won’t even be able to disable Find My iPhone Activation Lock that may make the device unusable.
  • Take Backup: Before deleting or deactivating the Apple ID, make sure you download the songs, videos, etc. that you bought from the iTunes Store. These purchases are not subscriptions and thus are DRM-free. You must save them locally. Additionally, you must also take a backup of contacts, notes, reminders, and everything else that is valuable to you. Finally, make sure to save relevant app data to a place that does not need Apple ID to access.
  • Download Data from iCloud Drive: If you have files in iCloud Drive, download them locally or move them to similar services like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

How to Deactivate Apple ID Temporarily

  1. Visit and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Not necessary but important: Click on Request a copy of your data › and download it on the next screen.visit website and click on request a copy of your data
  3. Come back and to click on Request to deactivate your account ›click on request to deactivate your account
  4. Read the details once again. Next, click on Select reason and choose an option. Click reason and click on continue
  5. Read and then click on details and click on continue
  6. Agree to the conditions (if you do). Click on Continue.agree conditions and click on continue
  7. Choose where to get account status updates. Click on option and click on continue
  8. Very Important: Copy or print the code and store it somewhere safe. After that, click on Continue.copy access code and click on continue
  9. Enter the access code to confirm that you have saved it.enter access code and click on continue
  10. Finally, click on the Deactivate account.deactivate your apple id temporarily

How to Re-activate Your Apple ID Account?

It is possible to regain access to your deactivated Apple ID. For this, contact Apple Support and tell them your access code. In case you do not have the access code, you can not reactivate your account. You can initially contact Apple using the support app, chat, call, or even Twitter. Once you tell them your request, they will guide you accordingly.

How to Permanently Delete Apple ID Account

  1. Visit and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Optional but important: Request and download a copy of your data.visit website and click on request a copy of your data
  3. Click on Request to delete your account ›click on request to delete your account
  4. Select a reason and click on Continue.choose reason to click on continue
  5. Read the important message and click on details and click continue
  6. Click Continue after you agree to the conditions.agree with conditions and click on continue
  7. Select where to get account status preferred option and click on continue
  8. Print, download, take a screenshot or write the code somewhere safe. Next, click on Continue.print access code and click on continue
  9. Enter the code to confirm that you have actually saved or written it.use access code and click on continue
  10. Click on Delete on delete account to permanently delete apple id account

Can You Recover a Deleted Apple ID Account?

Yes. You can recover a deleted Apple ID. But it is possible only for a short period until your request is processed. The exact time frame is not mentioned by Apple. But we guess it could just be a few days.

In case you change your mind soon, contact Apple and ask them to recover your deleted Apple ID. For this, you need to provide them the access code (from step 8). If you do not have this code, then the Apple ID can not be recovered in any way.

Signing off…

This is how you can deactivate or delete your Apple ID. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments down below.

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