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How to create a Public Profile on Snapchat in 2024

Things to know before you make a Public Profile on Snapchat:

  • Others can find and follow your Snapchat Public Profile.
  • The user must be at least 18 years old.
  • The Snapchat account must be at least 24 hours old and not have any community standards violations.
  • At least one user should add you as a friend.
  • The Public Profile feature on Snapchat is not available in every region. So if you can’t find it, the feature is unavailable in your region.

A lot of us use Snapchat to share photos with friends and family. But did you know you could make your snaps public so anyone can watch them? Snapchat offers a great feature called Public Profile. Previously, only verified accounts could get Public Profiles on Snapchat. But now, anybody can have one. So, let’s find out how to create a Public Profile in Snapchat on iPhone.

What is Public Profile on Snapchat?

Usually, on Snapchat, your photos and videos are only shared with contacts whom you added as friends. However, many businesses use the social media platform to promote their products, and celebrities use it to grow fan followings via Public Profiles. Well, now you can also enjoy having a fan following. 

Your Snapchat Public Profile will show up in the app’s Search and Browse pages as well as Snapchat Spotlight. Also, it packs more tools to make your profile stand out. Other users would be able to follow you, and you may display the number of followers you have. Additionally, you can will still privately share stories with friends without making them public.

Why should you get Public Profile on Snapchat?

As stated before, Public Profiles help you to grow your audience. Besides, you can add a bio, your business info and its location, a subscription choice, and a website link. Besides, it allows you to post public stories and highlights of your snaps. Moreover, you may share shopping links to your e-commerce site and create your own Snapchat Lenses. 

Similar to the professional account on Instagram, Snapchat provides data on your content’s audience, demographics, the number of views and view duration, etc. The best part is you may create a friends list to divide them from your subscribers. So, while sharing private stories, you will not mix up. Cool, right?

How to make a Public Profile in Snapchat on iPhone

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap your profile at the top left corner.
  3. Scroll down and tap Create Public Profile.

    Tap Create Public Profile in Snapchat iOS app
  4. A new page will open. Choose Continue and Get Started.
  5. Finally, tap Create.

    Create Public Profile on Snapchat from iPhone 

It will create a public profile on Snapchat. Now tap My Public Profile to access your public profile. From here, you can customize it and see all your posts.

Just like that, with a few clicks, you may quickly make a Public Profile on Snapchat. Also, you may make changes later to improve its appeal to prospective subscribers. 

How to edit a Snapchat Public Profile on iPhone

Once you complete setting up your Public Profile, you will get access to many exciting features. You may add a cover photo, bio, and other public information for your fans to increase the visibility of your profile. 

Also, the Highlights and Lenses let you create high-quality content to get more views. Your subscriber can report, recommend and share your profile. So, you must edit it to improve its attractiveness.

  1. Open your profile by tapping your Bitmoji.
  2. Tap My Public Profile.
  3. Choose Edit.

    Edit a Snapchat Public Profile on iPhone 

Here, you’ll get a handful of options. Let’s explore them.

  • To add/change your profile picture: Tap the camera icon, choose a picture from Camera Roll, and tap Save Changes.  
  • Write a bio: Select the text box labeled Tap to add Bio and write a short 150-character description about yourself. 
  • To show your location: Tap Location and enter your City, State/Province, and Country. When done, just go back to the Edit Profile page. 
  • Reveal your followers’ number: Snapchat lets you display the number of your followers. Just toggle on the Show Subscriber Count option.
  • Check how your profile looks: After you have added all of the above, tap Preview Profile

How to save a story or Spotlight to your Snapchat Public Profile

  1. Open your profile by tapping your Bitmoji → Tap My Public Profile.
  2. Tap Save a Story to Your Profile and choose a snap or image from the camera roll. 
  3. Now tap Select. It will open a Review page. Choose Edit to rearrange or remove any picture.

    Tap Save a Story to Your Profile and choose a snap, and Select on Snapchat 
  4. Choose Next and add a title and cover for your highlight. 
  5. Finally, tap Finish. Your snap will be added to your Public Profile on Snapchat.

    Tap on Next and Finish to Spotlight to Snapchat Public Profile 

You may also add Lenses to your Public Profile. For that, create a lens and upload it on Lens Studio. After its published, Snapchat will automatically add it under the Lens tab.  

How to share your Public Profile on Snapchat

  1. Go to My Public Profile and tap the three-dots icon at the top right corner.
  2. Choose Share Profile.

    Tap on Three dot and Share Profile on Snapchat iOS app
  3. Then tap Share Profile URL.
  4. Now it will open the share sheet. Select the app where you want to share the link.

    Share Snapchat Public Profile on iPhone 

How to delete Public Profile on Snapchat

If you don’t want to continue using your Public Profile, you may delete it.

  1. Go to My Public Profile and tap the three-dots icon at the top right corner.
    You will be taken to the Profile Settings page.
  2. Scroll down and tap Delete Public Profile → choose Delete to confirm your choice.
    It will revert back to your standard Snapchat account.

    Delete Public Profile on Snapchat from iPhone

So, that’s all, dear Snapchatters!

By learning how to create a public profile in Snapchat on iPhone, you may reach a broad audience, expanding beyond your friends and family. Besides, stand out from the crowd by creating and using unique Snapchat filters. What do you think of the Public Profile feature? Let me know in the comment section below!

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