How to Check MacBook/iMac Version and Specifications

How to Check MacBook and iMac Version and Specifications

Normally, the specifications and version details of MacBook Pro are provided when you purchase it. The box or the receipt that you receive through your MacBook Pro purchase has all crucial information. However, if you have lost or misplaced the information, there is still a way to know specifications and version of your MacBook Pro.

You can find out the specification within your MacBook Pro.

How to Check MacBook/iMac Version and Specifications

Step #1. Click on the Apple logo from the top-left of the screen

Step #2. Now, click “About this Mac.”

Step #3. On pre-OS X Yosemite, click on “More Info.” If you’re on OS X Yosemite, you are already in the Model Specifications window.

Step #4. After you click More Info (if you’re using OS X Mavericks), you will get to the Model Specification window where you can check the year of your Mac, details about the processor, memory, and the serial number.

Check Processor Memory and Serial Number of iMac and MacBooks

Step #5. To get more details (like L2 cache, storage, etc.), click on System Report…

System Report of iMac and MacBook

Step #6. You get to the Hardware Overview screen. This is where you find all the spec data about your Mac.

iMac and MacBook Hardware Overview

To know configuration details and model number, visit this site.

To know about the capacity and hard drive information, you need to follow the first four steps as stated above. Next, go for “SATA/SATA Express” from Hardware section.

There’s also Apple’s very own Support page which checks your Serial number and spits out all the information about your device. You will have to figure out the Serial number of your Mac for that. That info is listed in the Overview tab when you click on About This Mac.

Check iMac and MacBook Serial Number

Note: Here are some tips in identifying model number and other details; the two characters that appear before slash differentiates as per country. However, the section number will be same, globally.

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