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Your Apple TV is constantly connected to a WiFi network of your choice. As long as your Apple TV is hooked to a particular network, you have all the fun and happiness of the world. But the moment you are required to change Wi-Fi networks on Apple TV, there runs a chill in your body because you think that it might be one of those hellish experiences.

Guys, you need to take a chill pill! Because it's quite easy for you to change WiFi network on Apple TV. We will deal with two methods to change the network – one is to change the network and another is to enter a network manually. Moreover, we will also cover a few steps to follow to forget a network on your Apple TV.

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How to Change Wi-Fi Networks on Apple TV

How to Change WiFi Networks on Your Apple TV

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your Apple TV.

Step #2. Now choose Network option.

Step #3. Select on Wi-Fi; You can see a number of Wi-Fi options in a list.

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Step #4. Select a Wi-Fi network.

Step #5. Type in the password for that network.

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Step #6. Select on Done.

Step #7. Select OK.

This method will change Wi-Fi network on your Apple TV.

Enter a Network on Apple TV Manually

Step #1. Launch Settings app on Apple TV.

Step #2. Select on Network.

Step #3. Select tap on Wi-Fi.

You can see a number of Wi-Fi options in a list.

Step #4. Select Other from the list.

Step #5. Type in the name of the Wi-Fi network you wish to join.

Step #6. Select Done.

Step #7. Type in a password for that network.

Step #8. Select Done.

Step #9. Finally, Select OK.

This is how you can enter a network on your Apple TV manually.

Forget a Network on Apple TV

Previously, your Apple TV was connected to one or more than one networks; now, with the help of above two methods, you have changed to a new network. So obviously, the previous networks are redundant for your Apple TV, and it makes sense that you make your Apple TV forget the previous networks.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on Apple TV.

Step #2. Select Network.

Step #3. Select Wi-Fi.

Step #4. Select a network you want your Apple TV to forget.

Step #5. Finally, Select Forget Network.

This will make your Apple TV forget the previously connected network.

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