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How to Change the System Accent Color on Mac

Accent colors affect the highlight color of Mac menu objects, folder, files, icons, and you can select from a list of coruscating themes and background colors. The same way these colors can be adjusted by tailoring your device’s presentation to suit your tastes. It provides a variety of standard colors that automatically respond to vibrancy and improvements in usability settings such as increase contrast and reduce transparency – using these colors when picking app colors that look amazing individually and in combination with both light and dark backgrounds. Now, let’s move ahead and learn how you can change the system accent color on Mac.

How to Adjust the System Accent Color on Mac

For Menu Bar and Built-in apps, you will be able to use a light or a dark appearance or automatically adjust the same.

  1. Firstly, Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner.
  2. Click on System on apple logo and select system preferences on mac
  3. And then Select on on general in system preferences on mac
  4. Under the Appearance, you can see the Accent Color option. By default its set to Blue. With the addition of seven more accent colors such as Magenta, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Grey are also available, you have got as many as 7 options to experiment.
adjust system accent color on mac

Once you pick the color, it will instantly change. To check Accent hue, click on the app menu or radios. To see, how cool the highlight color looks, select any text in your file.

How to Disable Desktop Tinting Feature in macOS

The wallpaper tinting feature of macOS allows windows backgrounds to pick up color from the desktop wallpaper in Dark Mode. According to Apple, this feature by default enabled, but if you want to disable to make Dark Mode even darker, here is how you can do it.

  1. Click on the Apple logo → System Preferences → General.
  2. Click on the icon mentioning Allow wallpaper tinting in windows.enable desktop tinting on mac running macos big sur

The above feature can be disabled by unbridling the checkbox again.

disable desktop tinting on mac running macos big sur

Summing up!

The accent color can also be used for buttons, pop-up menus, and other UI features, and the highlight color you want to use to highlight the chosen text. So, this is how you can change the accent color on Mac. Which color would you prefer? Do share your views in the comment section below! Till then keep reading! We’ll see you with more such insights super soon!!

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