How to Change Name on Your Apple Card

From pens to Passport covers, we want everything that we own to be custom made. So, why not customize your Apple Card, with this trick you can change the name on your titanium Apple Card to a custom one.

There are many reasons to choose an Apple Card and having only your name laser-etched on pristine white titanium card is a major one. There’s only one issue; Apple does not allow you to keep a custom name on your titanium Apple Card.

But what if I tell you there is a way to change the name on your Titanium Apple Card. Now that Apple Card has been rolling out to the US citizens, such questions are gaining traction. After all, when you hold a card that pretty, you might want a custom name on it.

While you complete the formalities of the name change and wait for your new Apple Card, check out these Apple Card Holders to safe-keep your old and new card.

How to Change the Name on Apple Card

When you apply for an Apple Card, Apple will pick up the first and last name of your Apple Pay account. Your Titanium Apple Card name change can only be possible if you change the name on your account.

To incorporate the change, you will have to talk to the Apple Card Specialist and follow the instructions they give you.

Step #1. Open Wallet app on your iPhone and tap Your Apple Card on it.

Step #2. Tap on More info icon in Wallet AppMore button (three-dotted icon).

Step #3. The app may ask for authentication either with your Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode.

Step #4. Tap on Message option to chat with an Apple Card Specialist.

Step #5. Explain to the Specialist that you require a name change for your Apple Card.

Step #6. The Specialist will give you a set of instructions to change the name on your account. Follow said instructions.

Once you’ve successfully changed your name on the account, request for a new titanium Apple Card.

Step #7. In the Wallet app, tap on Apple Card and hit More info icon in Wallet AppMore button (three-dotted icon).

Step #8. Scroll down to the Physical Card section and tap on Request Replacement Card. Follow the onscreen instructions.

If you want to know any more about Apple card, check out our complete guide for it.

That is all for now!!

Signing Off

While just the name looks good, not having the card number, CVV or expiry date on your card adds another layer of security. To further ensure the safety of your Apple Card information, follow these tips.

Whether you love Apple products or not, you’ll have to agree that Apple thinks of everything; including a name change provision to allow you an Apple Card with a custom name.

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Have you received your Apple Card? What custom name would you like on it? How is your Apple Card experience been up till now? Let us know in the comment.