Update: Since iOS 7, the following method no longer works. You have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to change the carrier name. Fortunately, that's very easy with Evasi0n7. After you jailbreak, just install a tweak called FakeCarrier (Free, BigBoss repo) from Cydia and you should be able to change the carrier name easily.

As mentioned above, FakeCarrier lets you change the carrier name without having to install software, tinker around with files etc. Sure, it means you have to jailbreak but it's easy. Once installed, you can open FakeCarrier from the homescreen -> FakeCarrier -> and change the name to anything of your choice in the Carrier field.

Last night I stumbled on a neat little tool that lets you change the carrier name on your iPhone or iPad (cellular) without having to jailbreak the device. Before this, we had several tweaks like FakeCarrier that let you customize and change the name of the carrier to the one you wanted.

A new Mac app on the block, CarrierEditor by Kevin and Daniel, lets you do this without much ado.

When you talk about editing the carrier's name on the iPhone or iPad, you usually think of text that replaces the usual carrier's name. But CarrierEditor is about icons: it lets you replace the carrier name with a preselected Zeppelin icon. Interesting right?

Well, it's interesting only because the app comes with its own set of carrier logos which you can use to replace the carrier name.

Here's what you'll need:

  • An iPhone or iPad (cellular)
  • iOS 6 and above preferably
  • Mac
  • CarierEditor

How to change iPhone carrier logo without jailbreaking:

Step 1: Download the CarrierEditor file (.dmg) and mount the file

Step 2: Now, run the CarrierEditor.app file

Step 3: Click on ‘Let's Get Started' to begin

Change iPhone Carrier Name

Step 4: Now, find out what version your carrier is on. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> About and scroll down to where it says ‘Carrier' and note down the number (like 13.3, 13.2 etc.)

CarierEditor-to Change iPhone Carrier Name

Step 5: Type this number in the input box and click Next

Step 6: Now, select your device and then the carrier name that you are currently on. Note that if your carrier isn't listed, this method ain't gonna work for you.

Step 7: This is the best part now. You can select two icons to customize your status bar. There are about ten Zeppelin logos provided with the .dmg file so you can choose from that. Alternatively, if you've already got them, drag and place them in the two boxes. (two versions for different scenarios, but you can do with just one too)

CarrierEditor Mac App

Step 8: Put the images and click Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc)

Compiling Carrier Update

Step 9: Once done, your desktop will have two new files. You are going to use one of these to change the carrier name.



  1. Open iTunes and click on your device's name
  2. Press Alt (Option) and click on ‘Restore iPhone…'
  3. Choose the generated .ipcc file (which doesn't have original in its name)
  4. Once restored, your iPhone/iPad will show the new icon instantly!

That's it. As easy as it sounds, the thing is available only for Mac users right now. Yeah, we're waiting too, Windows users!!

Images Credit: iPhoneHacks

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