9 Ways to boost WiFi signal on iPhone and iPad

how to boost wi-fi signal on iphone and ipad

Do you often find yourself with such a poor WiFi signal that it’s impossible to visit websites, use apps, or stream videos? In such cases, it comes in handy to know how to boost the WiFi signal on your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve put this guide featuring nine solutions and recommendations together to help you increase your WiFi speed for a better browsing experience. Take a look.

  1. Restart your router and iPhone
  2. Ensure no or minimal blockage between router and iPhone
  3. Forget and rejoin WiFi
  4. Remove thick iPhone case
  5. Update your iPhone
  6. Reset All Settings
  7. Use custom DNS
  8. Contact your internet service provider
  9. Invest in a better router

1. Restart your router and iPhone

People often overlook restarting and jump to other fixes. Restarting your router is a common way to fix the problem quickly without much effort. So, let’s start short and simple.

To restart your WiFi router, you can use the physical ‘Reset’ button on it. Alternatively, you could also power it off and on using the switch on the wall outlet (or by unplugging and plugging it back in). In the meantime, restart your iPhone as well.

Note: Visit your router’s brand website or contact their customer support and see if there’s a firmware update for it.

2. Ensure no or minimal blockage between router and iPhone

Distance and barricades significantly degrade WiFi signal strength and its ability to provide a consistent user experience.

If you continuously face weak signals, consider moving closer to the router. Similarly, if there are multiple thick walls between your router and your devices, try relocating your router.

Instead of having the router in one corner of the house, see if you can set it up somewhere in the middle so that the signals adequately reach every side of the house.

3. Forget and rejoin WiFi

Before you proceed with this, make sure you know your WiFi password. If you don’t know it and can’t figure it out, skip this solution and move on to the next.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap WiFi.
  2. Tap the info (i) icon next to the connected WiFi name.
    tap on wi-fi in settings app and then tap on i next to connected wi-fi on iphone
  3. Tap Forget This NetworkForget.
    forget wi-fi network on iphone
  4. Optional but recommended: Restart your iPhone.
  5. From SettingsWiFi, tap your network name and enter its password to join it.
    join wi-fi network on iphone

4. Remove thick iPhone case

If you use a thick case or something similar, consider removing it in favor of a lighter option. A hefty outer protection layer may cause a bit of interference between the iPhone’s WiFi antenna and the signal. So, for best results, choose a lighter iPhone case.

5. Update your iPhone

Besides introducing new changes, iOS updates eliminate bugs and improve the overall usability of the device. To fix issues with WiFi connectivity, give downloading and installing any pending software updates a go.

6. Reset All Settings

This will revert all custom settings like saved WiFi networks and Bluetooth devices, VPN configurations, Home screen layout, etc. to the default state. However, personal stuff like apps, music, pictures, videos will stay unaffected.

  1. In Settings, tap General.
  2. Scroll to the end and tap Reset.
    open settings tap on general and then tap reset on iphone
  3. Tap Reset All Settings.
  4. Enter the iPhone passcode and confirm.
    reset all settings on iphone running ios 13

After the reset completes, open Settings → WiFi, and connect to the desired network by entering its password.

7. Use custom DNS

Sometimes, switching to a custom DNS might help improve the WiFi signal on your iPhone. We have a separate step-by-step guide that shows you how to change the DNS on your iPhone. Look it over and see if it can’t help you out. If this solution doesn’t bring any luck, the same linked article will show you how to revert to the default DNS configuration.

Note: If you’re using a VPN, please turn it off. You might immediately experience comparatively faster speeds.

8. Contact your internet service provider

If you see extreme throttling in WiFi speed, contact your ISP and ensure there’s no pending bill or server outage. Upon payment default, some companies significantly reduce the bandwidth rather than cutting service off entirely. Once you clear any charges, your service will be restored to normal speed.

Additionally, it’s also possible that there’s a temporary service outage in your area. Contacting the internet provider and explaining to them about low speeds might help.

9. Invest in a better router

Finally, it may also be a good idea to invest in a high-end router with a better range and feature set. Try doing some research on the web to find the router best suited for your house.

You could also visit a few local shops and ask their opinion on the best router for your situation. If you have floorspace to spare, you should learn more about mesh networks.

A few more things you can do to improve connectivity is to change the WiFi channel or look into iPhone WiFi boosters.

Signing Off…

Were you successful in learning how to boost the WiFi signal on your iPhone? We hope you were. Let us know which solution worked for you in the comments.

If you have any other Apple-related questions, we’re happy to hear those, too!


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