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How to Add, Remove, and Pin Widgets to iPad Home Screen

How to Add, Remove, and Pin Widgets to iPad Home Screen in iPadOS

iPad OS was designed to make the best use of the big screens on the iPad. One way this is now possible is through pinned iPad home screen widgets. Earlier, notification center widgets were a great way to get extra information quickly. But iPad OS now lets you pin widgets directly to the homescreen and with widgets for news, dictionaries, and more, you can increase your productivity by just turning on your screen.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to use home screen widgets? Don’t worry. In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to add, remove, and pin widgets to the iPad homescreen running iPadOS. Let’s get started.

How to Use Widgets on iPad Running iPadOS 13

First off, you will want to get to the widget screen. iPad OS calls this “Today View” and it’s super easy to access.

Simply keep swiping from left to right until you get to it. You can also set it so that Today View always shows next to your first homescreen.

Step #1. Go to Today View settings. When on Today View, keep swiping up until you see the Edit button and tap on it.

Swipe up and Tap on Edit to Access Today View Settings on iPadStep #2. In Today View settings, there is a toggle that says, “Keep on Home Screen.” If you want to pin widgets, you will need to keep this enabled.

Turn ON Today View Keep on Home Screen on iPadStep #2. On that same screen, scroll down until you get to “More Widgets.” You can tap on Plus signs on the left side to add your selections to your widget favorites.

Add widgets from iPad Home Screen in iPadOSStep #3. You can decide which widgets to have pinned and which to leave in favorites by rearranging them on the screen. Move favorites up to the Pinned Favorites section by tap and drag.

Pin widgets to iPad Home screen in iPadOSStep #4. Move Pinned Favorites down to the Favorites section, and they will become unpinned.

You can tap on the Red minus icon on the left to remove a widget, whether it’s pinned or in favorites. This will move it back to More widgets.

Remove Widgets from iPad Home Screen in iPadOSPinned widgets are always visible in Today View (that’s why they’re pinned). But there is only space for up to 3 full-size pinned widgets in the Today view.

Pinned widgets visible in Today View from iPad Home ScreenSumming up…

That’s all there is to it. As you can see, pinning, adding, and removing widgets on the homescreen isn’t difficult at all. Moreover, if you make use of information-rich widgets, like a weather or news widget, you can get plenty of info without ever having to open up the app. Handy, isn’t it?

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