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HealthChampion iPhone and Android Health App

Tracking health symptoms had never felt so paramount before. The heart-wrenching COVID-19 outbreak has put the entire world at risk, bringing everything to a standstill. And the only thing that can encounter the pandemic is self-isolation coupled with timely symptom tracking.

Meet HealthChampion – a powerful symptom tracker-cum-health guide for iOS and Android – that promises to be a boon for health-conscious people. Whether it’s managing the health care or tracking symptoms, the app has got a lot to offer. Let’s head over the jump to discover more about this health and fitness app and why it could be the need of the hour!

HealthChampion iPhone and Android App Review

A Complete App to Take Control of Healthcare Journey

HealthChampion Symptom Tracker iPhone and Android App

Featuring a wide range of tools, HealthChampion has looked quite efficient to me in terms of leveraging health data. There are three core features of this health app. Medicine tracker, symptom tracker and progress journals that offer a simplified way of managing healthcare journeys. Moreover, it also features a private diary where you can jot down health observations and concerns.

With the help of the personal diary, you can keep a track of the symptoms such as temperature and blood pressure. The symptom tracking feature will help you get a better insight into your health. Thanks to the pretty neat timeline, you can take a glance at specific data without having to dive deep into the app.

Another notable feature worth mentioning is the remote monitoring that can come in handy for caregivers and parents. Of course, all the health tools require some learning curve initially. But once you have got a good hang of them, you will be able to use the app in line with your needs.

Fully Personalised Care Programs

Personalization is the one feature that I always want to see in my favorite health apps. And from what I have experienced, HealthChampion is up to the mark in terms of offering a fully personalized health tracking experience.

Based on your specific goals, you can customize the app to keep an eye on different symptoms. And with the easy-to-use tools, you will manage the asthma of your elderly parents or lose a ton of extra pounds to become stronger and fitter. The app has also joined hands with the leading surgery centers and hospitals to improve patient care before and after procedures.

The full-on customization means you can keep the unwanted info away and make it show only the data that matters to you. With the convenient sharing feature at the disposal, you can easily share your health data with medical providers.

Keeps Your Data Secure

Considering the significance of the essential safeguard for personal data, HealthChampion collects medical records and health data in a secure cloud-based system. Thus, all of your medical records stay protected, away from the prying eyes.

Integrated with Fitness Trackers

Probably the best part about HealthChampion is the integration with several fitness-tracking devices and apps including Garmin, iHealth, Kiqplan, Life Fitness, Lifetrak, Lumo, Mindful Meal, Misfit, ActivLIFE, Apple Health, Bewell Connect, Boltt, Epson, Fitbit, and more. 

So, irrespective of which fitness app or device you are using, you can sync the data with this app painlessly. From a flexibility point of view, it’s a must-have feature.

Works Seamlessly with Medical Devices

Being a versatile health guide, HealthChampion also works with medical and vital tracking devices namely AsthmaMD, Bewell Connect, BodiMetrics, Body Trace, Emfit, FatSecret. Suffice to say, this feature makes it a handy asset for medical providers and caregivers.

Price and Availability

HealthChampion is available for free and works with both iOS and Android – the two leading mobile operating systems. While it requires iOS 11 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, it needs Android 7 or higher.

Download for iPhone | Download for Android

The Verdict

Simply put, HealthChampion is a proficient health guide that can prove to be immensely helpful for caregivers, medical providers or anyone who wish to manage the healthcare journey efficiently. Thanks to the personal health pathways designed by expert health and medical professionals, it ensures you can monitor health with the desired flexibility. With the support for most fitness trackers and medical devices, it also doesn’t allow incompatibility to come your way, which puts it in the elite league of health and fitness apps.

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By the way, what’s your take on HealthChampion and would you like to give this health app a shot? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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