NeedUNow: Urgent Alerts App For iPhone and Android

NeedUNow iPhone and Android app allow you to send and receive emergency alerts even when DND is on. Check out the full review.

Unexpected events often catch us off guard despite our tireless efforts to plan every way forward in advance. And when that happens, we are left scratching our heads or scramble for the solutions at the eleventh hour desperately. But the worse happens when the desperate call for help goes unanswered.

Meet NeedUNow – SOS app for iPhone and Android – that’s designed to let you send/receive alerts in emergencies overriding silent mode. Perfect for the times when you want your voice to get heard immediately. Let’s dig a little deeper into the app to discover what’s more it’s got under the wraps!

NeedUNow App Review – Send/Receive Emergency Alerts At All Hazards

Simple Design Language That Keeps Learning Curve Minimal

NeedUNow iPhone Android App User Interface

“NeedUNow” sports a simple design language that ensures there is less learning curve. Thus, getting a hang of the app and its features remain straightforward.

The app features just a couple of tabs at the bottom: Contacts and Alerts. While the Contacts tab allows you to quickly access all of your authorized contacts, the Alerts tab lets you check out both the sent and received audio alerts.

There is a menu at the top left corner of the screen, which allows you to access many features including your profile and code. What’s more, you can also choose to silence alerts for specific hours based on your needs. This feature can come into play when you want to have some peace of mind away from the alerts.

Though I’m fond of rich design language, I’m always ready to trade it with clutter-free UI provided it simplifies the experience. So, I don’t have any complaint with NeedUNow’s simple user-interface as it feels familiar right from the outset.

Send and Receive Audible Alert Even When Do Not Disturb is ON

Using NeedUNow iPhone and Android App

The highlight of this app is the ability to send/receive audible alerts even when Do Not Disturb or silent mode is on. Situations where your friend, family member or anyone is not picking up your calls or paying attention to your urgent messages, this feature can rescue you.

To get started, you can head into the Contacts tab. And then, you can add a contact to send and receive alerts with that person.

You will need to enter a user’s code so that he/she can send you audible alerts. Once you have entered the code, that user will appear in your contact list and can send you audible alerts.

Moreover, you can also share your code with the person you want to alert. After the receiver has entered your code, he/she will begin to appear in your contact list.

It’s worth noting that the codes are valid for just three days. And, they can be used just once. The freemium version of the app allows you to alert two contacts for free. If you want to get rid of the limitation, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

Price and Availability

NeedUNow app is available for free so that you can try it out without having to shell out any bucks. But keep in mind, the freemium version of the app is limited. And if you want to use all of its features without any restrictions, you will have to subscribe to the premium version ($0.99/month for standard and $4.99/month.)

As for the compatibility, the app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11 or later. The Android variant of the app supports Android 7 and later.

Download for iPhone ( Currently the App is Under Maintenance )

The Verdict: A Life-Saving Asset for Everyone

From what I can tell, NeedUNow can be immensely helpful for everyone including families, caregivers, medical staff, and businesses. The app works as expected since there are no quirks or complexities. Moreover, it’s pretty simple to set up so that anyone (not least those who aren’t tech-savvy) can fine-tune it to send/receive emergency alerts. And it’s this aspect that has appealed to me the most in the app.

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