theBin Mac App: Organize Your Trash In a Smart Way

theBin App Review Organize Your Trash In a Smart Way

There are two types of computer users: one who can’t tolerate the filled trash can icon and others who don’t care! For the former kinds, theBin offers an effective alternative for managing the content of their bin. The makers of theBin Mac App address the app as the next generation of trash bin.

This statement got me quite intrigued as to what would be a trash-can upgrade entail. Do I need such an app, doesn’t the job involve just two commands? Send to the trash and empty trash. Quite like I have many questions, let’s figure out the answers together:

theBin Mac App Review – Better Way to Manage the Trash

Notable Features of theBin app for Mac

Keeping my trash well-organized does sound smart. But there are a lot of how’s, why’s and what’s running in my mind. Assuming you are on the same page, let’s find the answers together.

Why Would You Need theBin?

We all know the essential role of Trash and are pretty satisfied with how it works. theBin sets out to jazz up the basic functions along with some great features as well, such as auto-cleanup, auto-compression, duplicate files management, and dark mode support, among others.

Yes! You can schedule your Mac to automatically empty trash. But the feature comes with just one option for 30 days. Whereas theBin can auto-clean after a day, week, or in a month.

Schedule theBin App to automatically empty trash on your Mac

Moreover, just sending files to trash doesn’t erase them; they still occupy their respective storage on the disk. Even when deleted, the said files remain on the hard drive until other files overwrite it.

The auto-compression of this smart app helps you save that space by reducing the file size as much as possible. For instance, I just deleted a 1.07 GB folder, and theBin has compressed it to 802 MB (the compression level is set to Slowest.)

Save space on Mac with theBin App auto-compression feature
theBin App Auto Compressing Folder and Store it

While not monumental in this instance, what if you create GBs of junk daily? theBin also boasts duplicate management as well, wherein it merges duplicates to save more space for you.

Other Notable Features of theBin

Initially, this felt like the next level of OCD; however, with usage, it did make my life simpler, albeit by a fraction. For one, the apps auto-migration feature saves me from performing dual jobs.

The moment I delete a file, it automatically transfers into theBin immediately. Another feature that I found excellent is the app’s ability to resolve issues automatically.

At times when a file is locked, in use, or due to some other issue, it cannot be deleted. theBin has thought of that as well and is fully capable of finding and resolving the problem.

Further, unlike the regular trash can, the app avoids name conflicts. Even if there is a collision, original file names are maintained.

A Merit or a Demerit: Can’t Decide

What I felt lacking in the app is the put-back option. When you use Mac’s Trash Bin and restore an item, it stores back to its original location.

theBin does the opposite, by giving you the choice of restoring the file wherever you want. And here’s the problem, I can’t decide whether I am happy or frustrated with options.

theBin app through restoring file wherever you want in Mac

Maybe the app can carry both the options in the next update. Another issue is the Summary option; it does offer the file name, size, kind, and deleted date, but not location. When I have multiple files in the bin, knowing their origin could help me find the exact data.

Final Verdict

What I like most about the app is the interface of the app. You would love how simple yet intuitive the app is, and it comes with an interactive tutorial as well.

In all honesty, I liked the concept of the app, but I wasn’t blown away by it. The app might not be that handy if you are a regular user, but if you are a Pro, then this is a gem you should try, especially if you are micro-manager and have truckloads of trash within days.

Price: $9.99 

And before we sign off, there’s great news! theBin is currently offering a limited time period 40% off. So hurry up!!

That’s all for now

If you have used theBin or any other similar app, do share your reviews with us in the Comments section below. I am signing off now, will see you next time with more reviews.

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