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iGBAccessoriesESR Kickstand Case for iPad 10.2-inch Review

ESR Kickstand Case for iPad 10.2-inch Review

Earlier, my association with ESR was just limited to iPad cases, but now the brand has floored me with a mini, portable wireless charger. So, there are two beautiful products in my hands: a convenient kickstand case for my iPad 7 and a universal wireless charger for my iPhone.

This combo of an iPad kickstand case and iPhone wireless charger helps you keep your digital communication seamless. With the increasing use of iPads (as a better option of MacBooks), there is a remarkable surge in demand for protective cases for this tablet. And wireless chargers eliminate the need to connect your iPhone to cable, thus creating a truly wireless world. If you want to live this tangle-free life, go through my observations on ESR’s rugged protective case and fast-charging wireless charger. Let’s take one by one.


Although iPad 10.2-inch is a low-cost tablet released in 2019, I always count protection as a key feature in any case or cover. Well, ESR’s kickstand case has scored full marks here. I could quickly feel its build quality; it is more powerful than other ordinary protective cases if not those made for kids. And by the way, the case is not for children; hence, ESR stays away from those hand straps and overly bulky edges around the screen and camera.

iPad in ESR Kickstand Case

Strong magnets are for stability and sturdiness. A full-sized kickstand sets this product apart from other cases. On the front flip, there are seven grooves to adjust the iPad screen; you can achieve maximum comfort and fix your eyes on the screen. When you open the lid, you can rest the bumper on the backflip in a single jerk.

Grooves on Kickstan Case to Adjust iPad Screen

Lightweight Ruggedness: A Curious Paradox

Thermoplastic polyurethane adds durability to this case, which adds minimum bulk to the overall profile. Check those raised edges around the screen and camera; the edges protect your iPad’s screen and camera against scratches when you place your tablet on a flat surface.

Lightweight Kickstand Case for iPad from ESR

The Smart Design Saves Your Bucks

Yes, it is true. The design of this case eliminates the need for a keyboard or a keyboard case. When you set your iPad at the right angle, you can easily type or write the text for emails and messages. If you own an Apple Pencil, you can quickly jot down something in the note apps by placing your iPad comfortably. This makes a smart choice for artists and writers.

Adjust iPad at Perfect Angle Using Kickstand

ESR has painstakingly designed this case to attain precision. Look at the Pencil holder near the hinge of this case. While using your iPad, you can quickly take your pencil out by gently pushing it from behind. The cut-out is big enough to remove a pencil conveniently.

Pencil Cut-Out to Hold Apple Pencil Nicely in ESR Magnetic Kickstand Case

Miscellaneous Features

Home-makers have their field day while watching videos, TV series, movies, and other visual contents. All they need is to hang the case down a hook or peg on kitchen walls. Moreover, the magnets are strong enough to attach the tablet on any metal surface of refrigerators and other electronic appliances. A firm grip enables you to hold your iPad tightly in your hands, even while you are walking through busy streets and crowded corridors in skyscrapers.

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Review of ESR Wireless Charger for iPhone 11, X, and iPhone 8 Series

A wireless charger is one of the fixtures at my home and office when it comes to iPhone accessories. Since my job profile demands a lot of movements, I cannot afford to charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max with a wall adapter and lightning cable. And therefore, a portable wireless charger is always appreciated.

ESR Portable Wireless Charger in Hand

Universal in Nature

We are into the Apple ecosystem – hook, line, and sinker – but that is our professional life. Android has its say in our personal life, and we always admire good things from any corner. For this reason, a universal wireless charger is a friend in need. ESR’s mini wireless charger is universal in nature.

ESR Universal Wireless Changer on Table

Cable Management

One of the glaring features of this portable charger is effective cable management. A globe-trotter would always like to carry this wireless charger in a travel bag. You can coil the cable around the grooves between silicone cover and take this wireless charger wherever you go. This, however, means you cannot manage the cable if there is no silicone cover.

ESR Portable Wireless Charger with Charning Cable


If you are using a magnetic case for your iPhone, make sure to remove it before you place the device on the charging mat. However, if you don’t want to take the device case off, you can always remove that silicone cover from the charger.

Charging iPhone Using ESR Wireless Charger

In all other conditions, you can always charge your iPhone with its case on as long as the case is 5mm thick.


You can charge your iPhone as well as other smartphones of Samsung and Pixel. Its fast-charging feature is compatible with a wide range of devices like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10, Google Pixel 4, 5W for Pixel 3.

What about your AirPods?

ESR has already thought about it. You can put your AirPods charging case on this charging case; however, your AirPods charging case should be Qi-compatible. So when you are not charging your iPhone, you can place your AirPods and the wireless charger will power up your pods in no time.

It is your nightstand

A smart design has multiple benefits, and nightstand is one of the features you can take advantage of at home. The silicone cover blocks the LED indicator, and this gives you an undisturbed sleep during the night.

What’s more?

ESR is known for its high-quality accessories. This portable charger gives you more than your expectations. Apart from above-mentioned features, this charger is packed with other security benefits like Qi, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification. The charger also boasts overheating & short-circuit protection, and foreign object detection, which keeps your device safe.

Planning to buy both?

This happens with every true-blue Apple lover. They cannot resist the desire to buy such amazing products that can elevate their lifestyle in a positive way. The protective case and a wireless charger are your constant companion no matter where you are on the earth. Both products pack killer features at an affordable price. Just go for it!

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Would you recommend ESR products to your friends and family? You can share your feedback as well in the Comments section below.

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