After a while, the MacBook Air becomes a ‘thing' – and somewhat boring physically. Don't get me wrong: it's one of the most beautifully crafted pieces of hardware ever coming from Apple but it's still a gadget and you're going to stop looking at those beautiful keys finally.

That's where these cool and funky keyboard cases come up. There are a number of keyboard cases and decal keys out there but if you're looking for some variety, the funky ones are the best bet. Not only do you get keys that are downright unconventional, but keys that are beautiful too.

Funky Keyboard Cases and Decal Keys for MacBook

Dive right in; we've got a bunch of these funky keyboard cases/decals for you.

Rainbow Keyboard Cover

Rainbow Keyboard Cover for Mac

A colorful piece of an accessory, the Rainbow-keyboard-cover Keyboard cover can add the real, colorful variety that you might be thinking of. There are of course mono-color cases over at Kuzy but this one's been crafted nice. The color transitions aren't very blurred but that's the charm of the keyboard.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro 13/15/17, MacBook Air 13
Price: $9.95
You can buy it from

MacWood Keyboard

MacWood Keyboard for MacBook

A brilliant wooden decal keys for the MBA and MBP series. The MacWood was actually a crowdfunded keyboard that got funded more than what it needed and the case, needless to say, seems to be doing good. You get the keys in Rosewood / Bamboo depending on your preference. The keys also come specifically designed for backlit keyboards if you need them that way.

Price: $40.00
Compatibility: MacBook Air (all), MacBook Pro (all)
Log on to for more information.

Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro

Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro

Lazerwood is similar to MacWood although it's monolithic and of a different texture, obviously. The decals look pretty good and solid and they're going to add some antique essence to an ultra-new gadget. Kind of an ironic melting pot of two cultures.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro only.
Price: $40.00
Visit for more info.

Photoshop Keyboard Skin

Photoshop Keyboard Skin for MacBook

Needless to say, this is for the Photoshop nerds who work with a ton of shortcuts. The keyboard case will be handy even for an advanced Photoshop user who's mastered most of the keyboard shortcuts and remembers them by heart. The keyboard skin is not pricey which is a good thing and it comes with all the necessary shortcuts.

Compatibility: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Price: $7.99
Further information on Photoshop keyboard skin can be found at

MacBook Superhero Keyboard Skin

MacBook Superhero Keyboard Skin

If you are a superhero fan/fanatic and wouldn't mind a lesser quality sticker skin for your MacBook Air/Pro, the Superhero skin can be a wonderful addition to your notebook. This is perhaps the funkiest keyboard skin out of all the ones I've seen.

Compatibility: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Price: $12.00
More information can be found at

Arabic Keyboard Cover Skin

Arabic Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook

If you type from right to left but don't have the keyboard specific for Arabic characters, this special Keyboard skin from Kuzy again does the trick. It saves you the trouble of having to buy another Arabic-compatible keypad/keyboard.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro 13, 15, 17
Price: $19.95
For more information visit

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