Cool and Funky Keyboard Cases For MacBook in 2024

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After a while, the MacBook Pro/Air becomes a bit dull – and somewhat dull physically. It’s mainly due to regular usage. To ensure my laptop keyboard not just looks ever attractive but also retains its top-geared functionality, and I use a keyboard skin. Among many options, these cool and funky keyboard cases/decal keys for MacBook Pro/Air are my favorite.

So, what makes this MacBook keyboard cases different from the rest? They have been readied with the most delicate material and sport the latest design. The keys are molded to look at their very best. Besides, the keyboard covers are very flexible and augment the typing experience. I want to interact with them all! Let’s have a look at the best MacBook Pro/Air keyboard skins!

1. Mosiso

Mosiso Keyboard Cover Decal for MacBook 15-inch and 13-inch

A colorful piece of an accessory, the Mosiso keyboard cover can add the real, colorful variety that you might be thinking of. The color transitions aren’t very blurred, but that’s the charm of the keyboard. The skin is created with the finest non-toxic silicone. It offers the desired protection to your MacBook keyboard from dust. That’s not all, this charming keyboard skin is available in more than 25 color options.

Compatibility: MBP 13 and 15-inch, MacBook Air 13-inch
USP: Non-Toxic Silicone
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2. Debbie’s Designs

Allytech Keyboard Decal for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Debbie’s Designs has created a beautiful keyboard decal for your MacBook. The theme of the decal creates an impression as if you were playing the piano. For music lovers, this can be the best decal, which makes a great gift also. Even if you are not a Prime member, you will get quick delivery of the product. It’s time to add some music to your typing experience.

Compatibility: 13, 15, 17 inch Mac Book Air/Pro/Retina
Musical theme
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3. Litop

Litop Keyboard Skin for MacBook Pro

Needless to say, this is for the Photoshop nerds who work with a ton of shortcuts. The keyboard case will be handy even for an advanced Photoshop user who’s mastered most of the keyboard shortcuts and remembers them by heart. It has an eye-catching profile and comes in a great many color options. Besides, the skin is not pricey which is a good thing, and it comes with all the necessary shortcuts.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
USP: Shortcuts Hot Keys
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XSKN Keyboard Decal for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

With Lightroom shortcut design, XSKN keyboard skin looks really pleasing to the eyes. Made of high-quality silicone material, it’s enormously soft and flexible. As its heat molded, the skin fits perfectly on the keyboard of your MacBook. It’s ultra-thin and washable. For all being so sophisticated, the skin is highly durable.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
USP: Heat Molded
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5. HDE

The Case Doctor Keyboard Skin Decal for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

HDE manufactures durable silicone rubber keyboard cover for your MacBook Pro. When you type something on your laptop, you will feel awesome comfort on the silicone rubber keys. The decal easily stops dirt and debris from entering the computer.

Once in a week, you can clean the decal by removing it from MacBook and wipe it with a damp cloth. When you finish wiping the cover, dry it completely and then apply on your MacBook.

Compatibility: Macbook Pro Non Retina 13/15
USP: Molded key cover
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6. Masino

Masino Keyboard Decal for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

This keyboard skin from Masino has been designed to improve your typing. What makes it pretty special is the top quality silicone material. Each of its keys is specially molded and printed on clear silicone. It prevents typing sound to ensure you are able to go about your job without any distraction. Moreover, the skin is available in more than 40 color options.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
USP: Multiple Color Options
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7. TopCase

TOP CASE Keyboard Skin for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

What makes this keyboard skin from TopCase a real deal are the ultra-smooth keys. The cool pattern adds yet another charm to it. As each key has been molded to perfection, you will have a comfy time while typing. The skin is very flexible. Hence you will be able to apply and remove it without any hassle. The availability of many colors allows you to handpick the ideal choice for your laptop.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
USP: Ultra-Smooth Keys
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8. Kuzy

Kuzy Arabic Keyboard Skin for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Kuzy keyboard skin has a low-profile design. It’s essential lies in being ultra-smooth courtesy of the top-of-the-line silicone material. All the keys have been molded to ensure they can offer the desired convenience while typing. With all being so sleek, it doesn’t lose its functionality for long. The best of all, it’s available in several languages along with English.

Compatibility: MacBook Pro/Air
USP: Ultra-Slim
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