How to change default Music app on iPhone in iOS 14.5

The first iOS 14.5 beta release for the public and developers have brought in some new surprises. One of them is mainly for music lovers by letting them set Spotify as a default music app on their iPhone. This one comes after successful release and wide acceptance of changing default browser and mail app. In this write-up, I will guide you about how you can change your default music app on iPhone. Let’s have a look.

How to set Spotify as a default Music app in iOS 14.5

  1. Ask Siri to play your song/album/artist. For example, Hey Siri, Play Boyzone.
  2. This will bring a pop-up on the main screen featuring music app options.
  3. Select your preferred app. I chose Spotify. Confirm with yes when prompted and enjoy the music.Change the default Music app in iOS

However, as this feature is in the Beta version. Acknowledging this, mixed reactions can be seen by users worldwide.

While some reported issues, others shared their excitement on Reddit. I want to highlight some of them here. Let’s begin;

  • SlendyTheMan says, “When asking to play a song in CarPlay, it asks what app to use now too.”
  • maxrdl says, “I have the Music App with a couple of songs and the Spotify app too, I asked Siri to play an artist without specifying Spotify, and it told me it would need accès to my Spotify account and asked if I allowed him to access it, I replied yes, and the song played. Now every command controls Spotify even if not mentioned. Great move.”
  • mvbalan says, “Wow, good find, OP! It appears to be half baked as when I try to play a specific artist, song, playlist, or album, it defaults to what I’ve chosen in the selection menu, but when I say like “play some music” it defaults to Apple Music.”
  • epmuscle says, “This seems fairly buggy. I tried this, and it didn’t give me a popup. It just goes straight to Apple Music. Looking at your screenshots, you told it to play in the bedroom; then it played on your AirPods Pro?”

And others…

Few Music app suggestions

Acknowledging this new feature’s advent, I would like to suggest some of the best music apps, including; YTM, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, etc. Go to the link added before to learn more about their features.

Have you changed the default Music app on your iPhone?

Considering this to be a beta version, be open to face bugs. I would suggest you share your feedback and expectations to have the best version of it. While I’m sure the feature will add to music lovers’ experience, do let me know your thoughts about it. How do you see this to come as a final release? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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    1. This feature was a part of the iOS beta version. It has not launched yet. It seems like you will have to tell Siri the name of the music app. For example, you asked Siri to play songs in Spotify, and now it defaults to this. So, if you wish to play something on Apple Music, say ‘Hey Siri, play [song name] on Apple Music.’ Once this feature is rolled out for all, there may be a toggle in the Settings app. We will update the post then.

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