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Came across an amazing song with on-point lyrics and want to share it with someone? Apple’s latest lyric sharing feature for you! If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can share lyrics and audio clips with anyone through AirDrop, iMessage, and Instagram directly in a few simple taps. Finally!

Let’s learn more about how you can use this cool new feature on your iPhone.

How to share Apple Music lyrics in Instagram stories, iMessage, or AirDrop

  1. Open Apple Music, play a song you like and tap the lyrics icon at the bottom-left corner.
  2. Long-press the lyrics you want to share.Tap lyrics icon and long press on lyrics you want to share in Apple Music
  3. You’ll have a new window. You can further select other lines by tapping them.
    Note: Currently, you can only share 5 lines or 150 characters from Apple Music.
  4. Once you reach the limit, you’ll be notified with a popup window, asking permission to replace the previous selection or cancel.
  5. Form the sharing options, you can select iMessage, AirDrop, or Instagram.  I have selected AirDrop for this article.Replace lyrics and from sharing option select iMessage, AirDrop, or Instagram
  6. On tapping, the receiver will be redirected to the Music app.Receiver can tap on it and be redirected to the Music app

When can you use the Apple Music lyrics sharing feature on your iPhone?

As I mentioned earlier, the feature is currently on public and dev beta, and a public release is yet to launch. If you have signed up for a beta profile, you can use the feature, or you’ll have to wait until the final release, which is expected to be somewhere in mid-march.

With its releases, Apple is continuously portraying its attention to detail and endeavors to serve superior user experience. There’s no doubt it is raising the bars of user expectations. Let’s see how it meets its set standards in 2021. Until then, what are your views about sharing Apple Music lyrics and song clips? What do you think can be the future? Please do share in the comment section.

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