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If you are not able to find “None” option in payment information in Apple ID or not able to see “None” there is a trick behind it. Though it will require you to make only a little compromise, it is worth knowing why.

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Can't See None Option in Apple ID Payment Information and Can't Change Country or Region on iPhone and iPad

Along with that what if you want to download an app which is not available in your country or region? You got it right you will require changing your country/region. But what if option is grayed out? There may be more than one reasons of the inconvenience. Here, we have addressed all possible solutions for both the issues, “None” not appearing in Apple ID payment information and can’t change country region on your iPhone and iPad.

Can't Find “None” Option in Apple ID Payment Information

If you have enabled Family Sharing on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 8, you can’t select “None” while editing Apple ID payment information. The inconvenience may not be of a great deal but it will require you to make some compromise.

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You can do so by following below given steps:

Step #1. Go to Settings.

iOS 8 Setting in iDevice

Step #2. Go to iCloud.

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Family Sharing iCloud Settings

Step #3. Tap on Stop Family Sharing or Leave Family Sharing.

Stop Family Sharing in iOS 8 on iPhone

(If you are an organizer, you will get the option of “Stop Family Sharing” and if you are a member of it, you will have “Leave Family Sharing.”)

Can't Change Country or Region on iPhone or iPad

When you set up Family Sharing on your iDevice, the country or region set at that time turns gray. It signifies that you can’t change country or region if Family Sharing is turned on.

Hence, disabling Family Sharing will allow you to set your country or region as desired.

If disabling family sharing is not helping you to solve the issues, following are some solutions to troubleshoot the issues.

If You Have A Payment Due Or An Unpaid Balance

You won't be able to select None option if there is a payment due. You can easily view your purchase history on your Mac or PC to know which order you need to pay. Once you have paid the due, you can change the payment information to “None.”

If You Are Using App Store Or iTunes Store For The First Time

You won't get None option if you are using App store and iTunes store for the first time with your Apple ID. Therefore, you need to provide payment method. For your convenience, you can change payment information to “None” after creating a new account.

To avoid any issue, you can also create a new Apple ID without entering your credit card details.

If You Have Changed Your Country Or Region

You have to provide a payment method or update your billings when you change the country or region of an existing Apple ID. Having changed the country or region if you want to remove your payment method, you can change it to None.

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That's the way it is. Let us know if you have any other twists to tell in the discussion!

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  • Nur Azmi Salihideen

    It still didn’t work after everything i did. Is making new Apple ID going to solve this?

  • Megha

    While creating Apple id I choosed India as a country but I disnt get none option for bolling details…aptly I paid cash when I bought this iPhone 4s…

  • stm


    Today purchased 4s. first was fiddling with creating apple id from the phone but had to do from my computer after multiple failed tried from the phone. Once created it took me to try signing in multiple times from the phone before reaching out to account information page where it asked me to enter country info, accepting terms and conditions. then stuck at payment information, was not letting me through without providing the payment information. provided one, and to my surprise it charged me for downloading ‘whatts app’ free application. Crap……