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Best wallet cases for iPhone 13 mini in 2024

With the introduction of MagSafe, a new set of cases called wallet cases were out. These are designed to let you carry cash and documents with your iPhone. Unlike other cases, they make it easier to carry your cards and iPhone more compactly.

To save your time and effort, we have rounded up some of the best wallet cases for iPhone 13 mini. Scroll down to explore!

1. SHIELDON leather folio case: Lifetime replacement warranty

SHIELDON Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 13 mini

This folio case from SHIELDON is super convenient and multifunctional, making it a great choice for your iPhone 13 mini. The case is made from top-notch genuine leather. Moreover, the soft and robust inner body not only protects the device from accidental drops and bumps but also prevents the screen from scratches.

Further, the case has 3 card slots and a full-length pocket for storing your credit cards, cash, and ID cards in one place. Convenience at its best, eh? I love how the case features raised lips around the camera to protect the lenses from scratches.

What’s worth noticing is that the card slots feature RFID shielding technology! It can therefore block the signals to keep your personal information safe.

Besides all that, this folio case can be folded as a kickstand in many different adjustable viewing angles for watching a video or video calling. The best part?


  • Built-in card slots and a full-length pocket
  • RFID shielding technology
  • Serves as a kickstand
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • The magnetic function gets weaker if you add more cards

Check out on: Amazon | Shieldon

2. Bellroy leather case: Swiss antimicrobial technology

Bellroy Phone wallet Case for iPhone 13 mini

Designed with Swiss antimicrobial technology, Bellroy’s iPhone 13 mini wallet case is certified safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, along with offering excellent protection to the device.

The case boasts soft microfiber lining and chamfered edges to fit the device perfectly while preventing it from scratches and scuffs.

Besides, the case consists of a wallet that can hold up to three cards. It also features a SIM card slot and is made with premium eco-tanned leather and polymer. The company also offers a 3-year warranty on the case. The only issue you may face is when accessing the side buttons. Due to its snug fit, the case may take time loosening up a little!


  • Eco-tanned leather
  • Features HeiQ V-Block™, a Swiss antimicrobial technology
  • Integrated SIM card slot
  • 3-year warranty


  • Side buttons are hard to press

Check out on: Bellroy

3. Spigen Crystal Slot case: Transparent design

Spigen Crystal Slot Designed for iPhone 13 Mini Case

The Spigen Crystal Slot case is simple, smooth, and is as crisp as it sounds. In addition to transparent thermoplastic polyurethane material, the case features air cushion technology. Of course, these confer toughness, giving it a reputation for heavy-duty protection.

This case has raised edges around the camera region to protect the lens. The button pads also have a definite delineation to give you access to controls on your iPhone 13 mini.

Ultimately, there’s a slot at the back to hold your card. However, Spigen didn’t design this to take in more than one card at once. Nonetheless, be confident your card won’t fall off, as the slot is a snug fit and also grippy. What I admire most about it is its classy rubberized shiny feel that displays your iPhone 13 mini in its full glory.


  • Air cushion technology
  • Slim, classy, and ergonomic design
  • Camera protection
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Fits only one card at a time

Check out on: Amazon

4. Smartish wallet slayer vol. 1 – Heavy-duty protection

Smartish iPhone 13 Mini Wallet Case

Looking for a thin yet secure wallet case? Smartish wallet case is the one for you! Weight merely 1.76 ounces, the case is not only lightweight but also offers protection. It contains a side pocket to hold up to 3 cards and cash simultaneously.

Besides, I love its high-grip textured sides ensuring it doesn’t drop easily. What’s interesting is that apart from all this, the case also contains air-pocket corners to protect the iPhone when it falls on the ground.

Like the other cases on the list, it comes with raised bezels around the screen and camera to offer drop protection. It comes in different colors, and I love its fancy design, standing out from others on this list.


  • High-grip textured sides
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Protective air-pocket corners
  • Grippy sides


  • Rigid

Check out on: Amazon | SMartish

5. Dockem wallet case: Couples with extra latcher wallet

Dockem Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Mini with Built-in Metal Plate

The Dockmen wallet wields faux leather with a polycarbonate finish to give it a smooth grain texture. It raises your iPhone 13 mini’s thickness slightly by 2mm and features a hidden rear metal plate to clasp the case onto any magnetic stand. Also, there’s a card slot at the back.

To fit perfectly, you might want to insert two cards into the slot. Otherwise, one card might loosen up the fold and cause it to fall off. Although this doesn’t have a wallet itself, one unique thing about it is you can couple it with the Latcher wallet from Dockem, which you have to buy separately.

It has raised lips around the camera to protect it from getting damaged. And its button protrusions are metallic but highly responsive. Overall, the case comes at its best, giving you a solid grip with the softly grained leather.


  • Finely grained leather
  • Magnetic plate at the back for mounting
  • Fits two cards at a time
  • Attaches an extra wallet
  • Raised lips around the camera
  • 6-month warranty


  • Card might obstruct wireless charging

Check out on: Amazon

6. Compernee multifunctional case: Stylish

Compernee for iPhone 13 Mini Wallet Case with Card Holder

This flip wallet case from Compernee is a practical cardholder, containing 3 built-in card slots and a full-length pocket. You can easily fit an ID card, driving license, credit card, and cash.

Crafted from genuine cowhide leather, this cardholder is lined with RFID shielding material. The magnetic closure at the back ensures the safety of the wallet’s content. Besides, you can also use this case as an adjustable kickstand for watching videos or FaceTiming.

Soft, durable material makes it resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The case also offers a cushioned shockproof edge for protecting the iPhone from accidental drops or bumps. Moreover, the increased lips cover around the lens ensures the camera’s safety and provides full-body protection.


  • 3 card slots and a large pocket
  • RFID blocking
  • Cushioned, shockproof edge
  • Magnetic closure
  • Most affordable on the list


  • Doesn’t offer all-around camera protection

Check out on: Amazon

7. Tucch wallet case: All-round protection

TUCCH Case for iPhone 13 Mini Wallet Case

Tucch’s wallet case has a flippable front cover and is perfect for shielding the entirety of your iPhone 13 mini. The material around this is faux leather with a thermoplastic polyurethane finish, making it strong, sturdy, and protective.

A short magnetic flap runs from the back case to hold the front cover in place. The front cover is also foldable into a stand and has four extra purses on the inner part. Three of these are slots running vertically across the front cover for gripping cards. A longer one runs horizontally and comes in handy for holding cash.

The inner part of the back cover is adequately padded and rubberized to reduce the impact from falls or hits against a hard surface. Its other unique feature is its raised lips around the camera.

The case also comes in different colors, offering you several options. Oh, and the slots have anti-RFID technology. So, that’s extra security for you!


  • Sturdy and fine texture
  • Anti-RFID technology
  • Foldable front cover doubles as a stand
  • Spacious slot


  • Bulky
  • Doesn’t support wireless charging

Check out on: Amazon | Tucch

8. Onetop wallet case: Elegant design

ONETOP Compatible with iPhone 13 Mini Wallet Case with Card Holder

There are wallet cases, and then there is the elegant Onetop wallet case with a touch of uniqueness. The case comes in different colors and is faux leather, finished with polyurethane. The beautiful texture, sturdiness, and classy appearance make this a worthwhile shield for your iPhone 13 mini.

One of my favorite features is its extra rear case, which contains a purse for keeping cash. Moreover, this has magnetic clasps to cover three other card slots sitting directly on the casing. So you get four item slots in all.

In addition to the raised edges around the camera, the case wields a hard plastic around the edges to adequately protect delicate areas on your phone. However, the back cover isn’t only for beauty’s sake. It also adds to the padding on the back. Plus, you can use it as a stand to use your iPhone 13 mini in movie mode.


  • Elegant and sleek
  • Many card slots and an extra purse for cash
  • Back cover folds into a stand
  • Available in different colors


  • Lacks RFID protection
  • Slots might be too small for cards

Check out on: Amazon

9. Doter magnetic wallet holder: Wide compatibility

Magnetic Wallet Card Holder with MagSafe Compatible for iPhone 13 mini

Here’s a perfect choice if you want functionality coupled with protection and some extra space. The Doter magnetic wallet holder boasts a faux leather material with a detachable metallic MagSafe ring.

This has anti-RFID technology to secure your cards further against sniffing and unwanted trackers. Also, the card slot is spacious enough to absorb two cards and a few cash or business cards at once.

Besides an anti-slip interior on the pouch, this case has 18 strong built-in magnets to grip the metallic ring and the detachable slot. So you can be sure that neither your card nor the items in it will fall off. The case itself comes in a single color. But for the rear card slot, you can pick between a baltic blue or black color.


  • Ergonomic
  • Anti-RFID technology
  • Detachable and spacious
  • Premium color options
  • Compatible with regular cases


  • Can only hold up to 3 cards perfectly

Check out on: Amazon

Well, there you go! This is our list of the best iPhone 13 mini wallet cases. Which one did you like the most? Share your answer in the comments below.

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