Best Virtual Pet Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019: Time to Pet your Phone

Try out these best virtual pet apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019 to experience the real fun of taking care of a sweet pet, which loves to be with you and needs your complete care.

iPhone users can experience the pros-cons of having a pet, virtually. These apps are designed to reminiscence your childhood. With realistic graphics and animation, the apps give you all that you need for a growing pet.

Keep yourself on the go with these apps. While the basic download of these apps is free, you need to buy utilities from in-app purchases to upgrade.

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2019’s Best Virtual Pet Apps iPhone and iPad

#1. My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

My Talking Angela is pretty sweet and you will have fun-filled time while playing this game. To start things off, you have to adopt Angela who is a lovely kitty. Provide her best care so that she is able to become a star.

To ensure your pet look charming, customize her fashion, hairstyle, makeup, and home. Make sure to use lipstick, eyeshadow, blush to beautify Angela. And do check out several mini-games to showcase your skill and win a lot of rewards.

Price: Free

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#2. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Rated as number one game in 135 countries, “My Talking Tom” is one of the finest pet games for iOS. To get started, you have to adopt a baby kitten and help it grow into a mature cat. Give it a nice name, feed and nurture it properly.

Don’t forget to dress your cat so that he looks attractive! Choose from a wide range of fur colors and accessories to decorate your loving pet.

There are ten funny mini-games to play. Beyond gaming, you can also record your play and share it with your friends.

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Price: Free

#3. Pet City

Pet City iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Pet City” offers you the option to choose from a number of pets. Hence, you can select some of the great pets and train them to be smarter. You get the option to choose from four different environments where you can nurture your pets and play with them.

Take part in a number of mini-games with your pet. Play wisely together and don’t miss out on any opportunity to win a lot of items for the pet shop!

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Price: Free

#4. My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Would you like to play with a smart puppy? “My Talking Hank” can enormously liven up your love for the cute puppy like never before.

He loves the yummy dish and doesn’t want to be away from you. You need to take it to the toilet, bath it, swing it to sleep. It has a huge penchant for photography and loves to snap photos of all the animals living on the island.

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Price: Free

#5. My Boo

My Boo Virtual Pet iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“My Boo” is exactly what you would want to provide you endless fun. The sweet puppy likes to be lovingly taken care of. Offer it the required care so that it becomes more intelligent.

Feed it, clean it and dress it up using beautiful clothes. Give your pet a special name and help it grow rapidly. There are 20 cool mini-games to play.

Price: Free

#6. Tiny Sheep

Tiny Sheep iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Ready to play the role of an adorable sheep farmer? “Tiny Sheep” is a funny virtual pet game that lets you experience the joy of playing and taking care of sheep.

You can save wool and sell it to earn money. There are more than 10 farm structures to build. Water the grass on your farm to keep it lush green. Besides, you can compete with your friends to become the owner of the most prize-winning flock.

Price: Free

#7. My Horse

My Horse iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I have always loved riding horse and wished to own one. That’s probably the main reason why “My Horse” has charmed me a lot. With this game, you get the option to own a handsome horse and look after it.

Provide the needed care for your pet and groom it. There are as many as eight different breeds to collect. With a wide range of interactive 3D activities, this pet game is very addictive.

Price: Free

#8. Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Pet Shop Story allows you to create your own pet shop. You can pet dogs, chickens, kitties, birds and more. You can even cross breed your pets by mixing two breeds and create your unique pets. You need to complete goals to upgrade your shop and gain more customers. The app has amazing real-life-like animations and graphics that add more value to it.

Price: Free

#9. Daily Kitten

Daily Kitten iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Daily Kitten” is a nice virtual pet game. Play with your cat and provide it the best care. Feed it, clean it and teach it to remain clean. Dress your lovely cat just the way you want and take it wherever you want.

This is a 10-day game. Your kitten grows up each day and uses news toys other stuff. You can play 10 mini-games while playing with your animal pet. Earn as much gold and emerald to buy your pet plenty of stuff.

Price: Free

#10. Talking Dog

Talking Dog iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Talking Dog” is a fun-loving virtual pet game. Husky is a smart dog and enjoys your company a lot. He likes to jump, run and loves to play the game with you.

Husky has a great liking for the game in which you direct him to find the ball. Though bone is what excites him the most. You would have a fantastic time playing with the naughty as it will never let you get bored.

Price: Free

#11. My Newborn Kitty

My Newborn Kitty iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“My Newborn Kitty” is full of fun. The mommy cats are pregnant and want the much-needed love as well as care from you. As they are awaiting the birth of new kitten, you have to give them an ultrasound and required medical care.

When the new kitten is born, you have to ensure it remains healthy. Change the diaper, give it a warm shower, feed it, dress it up with beautiful clothes and accessories. Also, give a grand party to celebrate the birth of the kitten.

Price: Free

#12. Moy 5

Moy 5 iPhone and iPad Virtual Pet App Screenshot

“Moy 5” is an endearing virtual pet game. The baby pet is very affectionate and needs your enormous love and care to grow up. Provide it the needed care, feed it and play with it.

There are as many as 45 mini-games to play. You need to earn as much money as possible so that you can buy beautiful clothes and decorations for the baby pet. Select from more than 1,000,000 clothes, dresses, hats, beards and glasses to customize the look of your baby just the way you want.

Price: Free

#13. My Derp

My Derp iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“My Derp” is a terrific game and involves a lot of action, unlike other simple virtual pet game. Being extremely adventurous, Derp will poop, burp, get dirty and even get into unexpected accidents. You need to take care of him; making sure he remains safe.

Keep the Derp healthy, feed him, clean him for long to bring him into adulthood. Once it has reached adulthood, you can unlock secret shapes. Play the hilarious box mini-game and earn coins to buy food, medical supplies along with other items.

Price: Free

That’s all!

Signing Off

Indeed, virtual pet game apps are very addictive. They may be a bit simple to play, but you would love to indulge with your favorite pet, which never seems to get enough of you. Which one of these virtual pet games has impressed you the most?

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