iPhone users can experience the pros-cons of having a pet, virtually. These apps are designed to reminiscence your childhood. With realistic graphics and animation, the apps give you all that you need for a growing pet.

Keep yourself on the go with these apps. While the basic download of these apps are free, you need to buy utilities from in-app purchases to upgrade.

Best Virtual Pet Apps for iPhone & iPad

Best Virtual Pet iPhone & iPad Apps

#1. Egg Baby

Egg Baby iPhone and iPad App IconEgg Baby is an addictive virtual pet app. The app has various cute eggs to pick your favorite. You have to gain coins by keeping your egg healthy and clean. The app has a wide range of costumes to make your egg look adorable and amusing. You can even play games with your egg to give it company, else it can die due to loneliness. Your egg can hatch six different animals that you have to raise in your backyard. The more you take care, the better gifts you get. You can buy utilities such as bigger backyard, extra coins through in-app purchases.

Price: Free
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#2. My Horse

My Horse iPhone and iPad App IconPet your horse for it to be strong and sturdy. My Horse app gives you realistically simulated feature-filled experience. The app has many 3D interactive activities to learn from so you can choose from different breeds and create your stable. You have to register your horse in competitions and tackle the world championship to raise your horse to be a hero. The app has ‘in-game’ camera, which allows you to click pictures of your horse on the go. Gain recognition by visiting your friends stable and looking after their horses. You can purchase additional features from in-app purchases.

Price: Free
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#3. My Dragon

My Dragon iPhone and iPad App IconMy Dragon virtual pet app comes with a beautiful and an engaging interface. You have to choose your dragon pet and raise it to reach further in the app. You have to feed, play, make it sleep and dress it up. Your dragon has to perform certain tasks so you can expand stables and create space for other pet dragons. You can even customize to create your own dragon. The basic app download is free however; you can purchase packages, space and other necessities from in-app purchases.

Price: Free
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#4. Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story iPhone and iPad App IconPet Shop Story allows you to create your own pet shop. You can pet dogs, chickens, kitties, birds and more. You can even cross breed your pets by mixing two breeds and create your unique pets. You need to complete goals to upgrade your shop and gain more customers. The app has amazing real-life-like animations and graphics that can make you additive to you.

Price: Free
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#5. Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs Phone and iPad App IconPocket Frogs lets you create, discover and experiment with more than 35,000 frogs. The best feature of this app is that it can be played online and offline. You have the option of customizing and creating different habitats for your frog. You have to fulfill the challenges to be rewarded and unlock stages. You can even create your own breeds by mating two different frogs or trade your frogs. Buy other interesting packs and offers from the in-app purchase options.

Price: Free
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While we have listed top 5 virtual pets apps, there other options such as Talking Tom Cat, Fish Tycoon Lite, Dolphin Play, Hatchi, Talking Teddy etc available to choose from.