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Best touchscreen gloves for iPhone, iPad, or Android in 2024

Do you want frostbite on your fingertips? But then we don’t even want to miss that crucial call or message either. And while standard gloves protect you from cold, they can’t operate touchscreen devices. Hence warm touch screen gloves are the solution to using your iPhone or iWatch comfortably in chilly weather.

Thanks to conductive material at the fingertips, they allow you to somewhat use your touchscreen devices. And I have compiled a list best touchscreen gloves for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, so you can find one quickly and keep that frostbite risk at bay.

Great touchscreen gloves for winters

Different gloves come with several unique features and conductivity for all fingers. Almost all of them will be adequate for daily use. Therefore, consider your intended usage of the gloves before making a purchase.

1. Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves – Thin touchscreen gloves for iPhone

  • Material: Polyester, Elastane  
  • Finger with conductivity: 3
Under Armour thin touchscreen gloves for iPhone

Though thin, these gloves provide good warmth. Under Armour has used an ultra-soft knit fabric and woolen interior and given an elastic fitting and minimal design. Thanks to the Tech Touch print on your thumbs and fingertips, you can use your phone easily.

Ribbed wrist cuffs provide improved protection and a cozy fit. I liked the academy blue color among the other four color options.

These gloves keep out snow and rain without sacrificing breathability and are the best option for snow activities. It’s because of the 87% polyester and 13% elastane mix material and Under Armour’s storm finish technology. 


  • Many size options
  • It can be used in rain and snow
  • Wrist cuff for a comfortable fit


  • Not full hand touch sense
  • Thin material is worn out easily 

Check out on: Amazon

2. Isotoner Spandex Cold Weather Gloves – Stylish touchscreen gloves for women

  • Material: Spandex, Fleece, Nylon 
  • Finger with conductivity: 5
isotoner Touchscreen Gloves for iPhone

The Isotoner women’s spandex gloves are ideal for fashionistas like me who want stylish gloves to use phones outside. It has a distinctive faux-leather pattern and chevron-detailed design. Your fingers will be protected from the chilled winter wind with its inside fleece lining. 

The Isotoner’s legacy 4-way stretch spandex offers a flexible fit and excellent grip with the palm stripes. I liked its smartDRI protection that condenses water on its surface and glides off to avoid getting wet. Additionally, it has smarTouch technology, enabling accurate usage with almost any touchscreen device.

You don’t need to hand wash the glove since it is machine washable for simple maintenance. They are made of durable materials. I suggest washing in cold water, then air drying for optimum results.


  • Faux leather for extra grip
  • Inner fleece lining
  • Long-time wearable 


  • Air dry only
  • Long fingers don’t fit well

Check out on: Amazon | isotoner

3. Unigear lightweight running glove – Budget pick

  • Material: Dralon, Viscose, Cotton, Acrylic
  • Finger with conductivity: 2
Unigear iPhone touchscreen gloves

The Unigear running gloves provide professional thermal insulation and fabric pilling protection because of the 10% thicker fiber breathable material. Also, it has tough conductive touchscreen fingertips on the thumb and index finger. The anti-slip silicone on the palms offers a firm grip for your phone. 

The 4-way stretch fabric gives a snug fit for the hands, and the inside lining is soft to provide comfort. Unigear has made it durable with an updated design on the palm and reinforced elastic stitching on seams. I chose the appropriate size and didn’t notice any ripping.

These thin touchscreen gloves are ideal for biking and running in the early winter. Its waterproof material keeps your hands dry in snowy weather. In extreme cold, you can layer it up with thicker gloves.


  • Sports friendly
  • Affordable
  • Anti-rip and durable


  • Not for 0-degree temperature, 

Check out on: Amazon | Unigear

4. Moshi Digits – Gloves with excellent grip 

  • Material: Microfleece 
  • Finger with conductivity: 5
Moshi Winter Touchscreen Gloves for iPhone

You may consider Moshi Digits the best touchscreen gloves for iPhone if you love soft knitted stuff. Like the Mujjo, it also has GripTrak (S-shaped pattern) rubber strips to hold the phone. Besides being warm and comfy, its touch conductivity is excellent. I can use my phone properly with all my fingers.  

A microfleece lining is included inside for warmth. But I noticed the knitted outer layer separates from the interior lining after washing it a few times. The weave is also rather loose, and my pair has worn out while throwing snowballs. So, I advise you not to use it with snow and take good care of them for longevity.


  • High-tech conductive fiber
  • Hand washable
  • 10-years global warranty


  • Not for daily usage 

Check out on: Amazon | Moshi

5. North Face Etip recycled gloves – Sustainable product

  • Material: Recycled Polyester
  • Finger with conductivity: 5
The North Face touch screen gloves for iPhone

The North Face Etip recycled glove is a good option if knitted ones aren’t your preference. The brand uses 93% recycled polyester fabric with 4-way flexible fleece. It features U|R® Powered material on the palm for five-finger touchscreen functionality.

The innovative 5-Dimensional fit provides comfortable wearing. You can use it daily hassle-free as the radiometric articulation maintains hands in their natural relaxed posture. The silicone grippers guarantee that you won’t drop your phone. I suggest choosing a size bigger since the wrist is snugly fitted.

I loved the small pairing clip to keep them together when not using the gloves. But there are some drawbacks. I felt they were not warm enough and had an annoying phone-using experience. The thumbs’ seams went directly across the area where I touched my iPhone. 


  • Great fitting
  • Good for long-time wear
  • Pairing clips


  • Less warmth
  • Need to improve the rubberized grip

Check out on: Amazon | North Face

6. Koxly Winter Gloves – Unique zip design

  • Material: Polyurethane and wool
  • Finger with conductivity: 5
Koxly winter touch screen gloves for iPhone

Koxly has used polyurethane and wool for warm fluff lining and premium thick-layer windproofing. All of these make them the best warm touchscreen gloves for iPhone. For more comfortable usage, they have a waterproof zipper on slick cuffs.

You can use your phone with all your fingers because of the conductive corrugated PU on the fingertips. The unisex design suits all men and women. The anti-slip and wear-resistant PU gives the glove’s palm a greater hold and grip.

The windproof material allows for bicycling, jogging, and other outdoor activities in cold weather. But keep it away from snow as it absorbs water, and the conductivity is affected by that.


  • Unique zipping and non-slip design
  • Warm fluff lining
  • Buckle for a good fit


  • Not so waterproof
  • Conductivity needs improvement   

Check out on: Amazon 

7. Sealskinz waterproof leather gloves – Premium pick

  • Material: Goatskin leather and Marino wool
  • Finger with conductivity: 2
SEALSKINZ iPhone waterproof touchscreen gloves

If you love snowball fights, Sealskinz iPhone touchscreen gloves. It has a center layer of merino wool and an outside layer of goatskin leather. Sealskinz has incorporated conductive material only on the thumb and index finger. Hence it safeguards your fingertips from becoming moist and is cozy without being too thick. 

Innovative Fusion ControlTM technology creates a 100% waterproof fabric with breathability and a special hydrophilic lining. This makes the glove considerably more tightly fitted to the skin. Along with that, the wrist-tightening Velcro strap allows for a more secure fit. You may clip the pair together as well. 

The turnoff for me was the extra snug fit, limited touchscreen functionality, and the high cost. I struggled with my index finger to type as I couldn’t figure out the touchscreen material. These gloves are excellent at keeping you warm but can significantly slow while using the phone. 


  • Fusion Control technology
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Rubber grip on fingers 


  • Expensive
  • Snug fit 

Check out on: Amazon | Sealskinz

8. Simari winter gloves – Classy and feminine 

  • Material: Spandex and polyester 
  • Finger with conductivity: 2
SIMARI touch screen gloves for iPhone

The fashionable touchscreen gloves have a non-slip design. Warm flannel lining and an elastic cuff complement warmth of the unique 95% polyester and 5% spandex mixed wrinkle-proof material. But only two fingers can use the touchscreen.

But I could only use my index finger since the touchscreen pad on the thumb didn’t exactly fit me. The silicone particles sufficiently covered the finger and palm area, improving the grip and abrasion resistance.

The reflection patterns at the side may serve as a light reflector and increase nighttime riding security. They’d be a terrific choice for the early winter. They are thin, so if the temperature drops, you should go for a thicker pair. 


  • Patented Elastic Closure design
  • Anti-slip silicon strips 


  • Not so windproof and waterproof
  • Don’t wear in freezing cold  

Check out on: Amazon  

9. Aichiou winter touchscreen gloves – Simple knitted gloves

  • Material: Acrylic fibers
  • Finger with conductivity: 3
Aichiou winter touchscreen gloves for iPhone

The Achiou Winter Knit Gloves are among the least expensive pairs of touch gloves we looked at. Its whole palm and all fingers have a rubberized feel and soft lining, increasing friction and usefulness. But I experienced they don’t provide good warmth and don’t have wind-blocking capabilities. 

The gloves have a breathable material, which reduces sweat buildup. Besides, you can move your fingers freely with the knit fabric’s four-way stretch. Triangle-shaped silicone hand grip with a huge surface area holds your phone firmly.

Nevertheless, I exchanged it for a larger size to get a comfortable fit, so you should go for a size up than normal. Please note the touch screen feature only works if your fingers extend to the top of the gloves.


  • Affordable
  • Triangle-shaped grip surface


  • Cheap material easily rips
  • Only the top of the fingertips are touchscreen-friendly 

Check out on: Amazon

How to turn standard gloves touchscreen-friendly

Unlike standard gloves, touchscreen gloves are made using conductive copper yarn. Hence they can absorb the capacitive touchscreens’ electrical current. If you have normal gloves, you can easily make them touchscreen-friendly using touchscreen fingertips for gloves. Let’s look at some!

10. GloveTacts – Sticker fingertips 

GloveTacts touchscreen fingertips for gloves for iPhone

GloveTacts offers 6 fingertip stickers in one pack. As it’s made with a very thin film layer and an adhesive layer, your gloves won’t feel bulky. You can use it on every glove, such as leather, woolen, biking gloves, etc. The adhesive ensures the durability of GloveTacts. It is a high-tack, temperature-stable glue with an acrylic base.

Screen protectors are insulators, and touch screens operate with tiny electrical impulses. But thick screen protectors like toughened glass affect touch responsiveness. So, choose a thin protector composed of plastic. Besides, put a good amount of glue and attach the fingertips to make your gloves touchscreen compliant.


  • 0.5mm thin material
  • Premium adhesive


  • Don’t work with toughened glass screen protectors

Check out on: Amazon | Glovetacts

11. Adaptiv Farkle – Fingers glove tip

Adaptiv Fingers Glove Tip for iPhone

You can turn any pair of gloves into touchscreen gloves with the Farkle fingers glove tip. You need to just slip the Farkle Fingers over the tips of your gloves. Thus without removing your gloves, you may use your phone to make calls or maps. 

You will get four finger glove tips in one pack. Don’t worry about the fittings. The Farkle glove fingertips are stretchable and remain tight while whatever activity you do. But after a few days, the fit loosens, so you may use glue or sew it with your gloves.


  • Convenient to use


  • Slides off after a few usages

Check out on: Amazon | Adaptiv

12. AnyGlove – For leather gloves

AnyGlove solution for leather gloves

With the AnyGlove solution, you can convert any glove into a pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves. The 550 drops in an AnyGlove 15ml container are sufficient for 10 pairs of gloves. You are required to apply AnyGlove to a 2 cm by 5 cm section of the fingertips. But it’s hard to apply it perfectly to get a smooth touchscreen experience. 


  • Good for combat gloves


  • Hard application 

Check out on: Amazon

Hacks to enhance your experience with touchscreen gloves

The glove material isn’t conductive like your skin. But the conductive wire on the fingertips of touch gloves for iPhone sends the electrical charge from your body to the sensors on your device’s touchscreen. To get a good grip, the surface of these gloves is textured.

Remember that the fingerprint lock of your iPhone will not function when wearing gloves. So, in the winter, you may switch to a lock mechanism, such as a face ID or a PIN. I highly advise you to make your iPhone’s touchscreen more sensitive. This is how you can adjust the settings:

  1. Go to Settings and open the Accessibility menu. 
  2. Now tap on Touch. Here you will see a slider of 3D & Haptic Touch. Set it to Light.
Q. What kind of gloves work on touch screens?

Most gloves are composed of non-conductive materials like wool, so they cannot be used with touch displays. The touchscreen gloves use a conductive coating or conductive threads on the fingertips. So, they can absorb the electrical current generated by capacitive touchscreen devices, exactly like a bare finger.

Q. Can you wash touchscreen gloves?

Some touchscreen gloves are machine washable. But you should set the washing settings to gentle and low heat. Extra heat may damage the conductive material. I suggest mild hand washing and air drying for the gloves’ longevity.

So, that’s all, folks!

Touchscreen gloves make using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch convenient when outside in freezing temperatures. Measure your hands properly to choose the right fit and size. I personally loved the Mujjo touchscreen gloves. Which one caught your eye? Let me know in the comment section!

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