5 Best TikTok alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best tik tok alternatives for iPhone and iPad

Let’s all agree that TikTok is a global trendsetter. Since its launch, the video creation app has been at the fingertip of every smartphone user who wants to showcase their creativity. Dancing to the tunes of chartbusters, lip-syncing to comic dialogues, or spending hours feeding on the video content of others – we are all guilty of using TikTok for our entertainment.  

Despite its popularity, TikTok faced a ban in some countries or criticism for its faulty privacy setup in others. If you are in either of the situations, this article is perfect for you. We have created a list of the best TikTok alternatives for iPhone and iPad. These video creation platforms help you create various videos using interactive filters, stickers, and animations. Let’s go!

  1. YouTube Shorts
  2. Instagram Reels
  3. Snapchat
  4. Funimate
  5. Triller

1. YouTube Shorts – 60 Seconds of endless fun

YouTube Shorts best TikTok alternative app

YouTube is the unprecedented Numero Uno of the content creation niche. Anything you can think of is already available on this popular streaming platform. So, when YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts, the feature instantly became a go-to for video creators and viewers. With YouTube Shorts, you can create short-form video clips of up to sixty seconds and share them with the YouTube community.   

Interestingly, Shorts is a part of the YouTube app, indirectly bringing it under the Google ecosystem. Further, the Google algorithm tracks all your searches, likes, and surfing patterns and stores everything in its database. YouTube Shorts uses this data to give you a more personalized content feed.

For instance, if you are a Taylor Swift fan on YouTube, Shorts will suggest more of her content. Also, here is our guide to using YouTube Shorts on iPhone; do check it out for quick access to the portal.

You can find a wide range of videos on Shorts, ranging from entertainment, education, fashion, music, comedy, lifestyle, and more. In addition, you can start new challenges, share real-time prank videos, react to other creators’ content, or collaborate with them. Moreover, YouTube Shorts unlocks monetary gateways for creators through tools like affiliate marketing.


  • More personalized feed 
  • Great income source 
  • Diverse content library 
  • Easy collaborations 


  • Repulsive and misleading content 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


2. Instagram Reels – Dance, sing, or educate through videos

Instagram Reels best TikTok alternative app

After YouTube Shorts, if there was any video creation app that filled TikTok’s void, it was undoubtedly Instagram Reels. Loved by millions as a photo-sharing app, Instagram rolled out Reels globally in 2020 to bank upon the growing population of video creators. Reels are a fabulous way to create short videos of 90 seconds that bring your talent out for the world to cherish.   

Instagram Reels has an impressive stack of colorful filters, stickers, intuitive effects, and adorable animations. In addition, an in-built music library within the app houses chartbuster soundtracks from across the globe. Moreover, thanks to Instagram’s robust interface, Reels bless you with suggestions that suit your interests and preferences. 

To make your video content accessible for all, Instagram Reels support live captions. Users who face hearing loss can read the transcription of your video content. Further, Reels helps to collaborate with other creators, watch their content, and interact with them. Also, your followers can like your post and connect with you through comments and DMs.  


  • Friendly collection of filters, stickers, and visual effects 
  • Instagram gives personalized suggestions 
  • Seamless user interface 
  • Easy connection with users and creators 


  • Negative comments can be overwhelming

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


3. Snapchat – Capture every moment in snaps

Snapchat best TikTok alternative app

Snapchat is like a digital pinboard where you can update your friends, families, or even strangers about your latest updates. Here, you capture moments as ‘Snaps’ or short videos and share them in a single tap. From videos of your mood swings to the ones from your ride on the world’s highest roller coaster – Snapchat is for everything.

The app opens right to the camera, so all you need to do is tap and hold to start recording your view. Once recorded, you can add effects to them by choosing one of the filters available on the app. From quirky faces to beautiful frames, Snapchat gives it all. And do you know that Snapchat adds new lenses created by the Snapchat community to its portal every day?  

Apart from all this, you can send videos as a loop on Snapchat. There is also a green screen option for a minimalistic background experience. Moreover, you can adjust the length of your video using the meter before sharing it with your friends. You can also add trending songs to your videos for a more interactive experience.


  • Easy way to create short videos 
  • Goofy lenses and filters 
  • New lenses are added daily 
  • Latest music gallery available


  • Maintaining streaks can make get addictive

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. Funimate – Slow-Mo videos at your fingertips

Funimate best TikTok alternative app

Funimate shines as one of the best TikTok alternatives for iOS users with its user-friendly interface. The platform houses an array of cool filters, editing features, and effects to add life to your video clips. With Funimate, you can cut, merge, crop, trim, and edit videos to your heart’s content like a professional creator. You can also create slow-motion videos with this app.

Amp your cute, fiery, or informative videos with Funimate’s eye-catching editing features like transitions, customized animations, GenZ filters, and text fonts. In addition, this TikTok substitute houses a wide range of fun stickers, backgrounds, and overlays to add to your videos. Further, with the AI Effects feature, you can add intuitive mask effects to your dance or music videos. Anime and game edits are also available for users.

You can share your Funimate videos on popular social media handles like Instagram, Snapchat, Musically, etc. The library of 100+ videos available on Funimate will help you create awesome videos in no time. Trust me; with Funimate, you can unleash your creativity and flex it in front of your friends.


  • Fun filters, stickers, and effects 
  • Simple-to-use interface 
  • AI effects support 
  • Game and anime characters available 


  • Lagging interface 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


5. Triller – Smart way to create videos

Triller best TikTok alternative app

Hailing as a top choice for video creators, Triller has everything that can help you forget your crush on TikTok. The platform uses an AI-powered auto-editing algorithm to help you create influencer-like videos in seconds. Kick out all those self-doubts and capture a video showcasing your talent using Triller’s smart editing technology.

One of the best features of Triller is that it analyzes your video, extracts the best portions from it, and transforms it into a ready-to-share clip. In addition, you get 100+ interactive filters to customize your video clips. Play with emojis or write quirky texts- Triller spoils you with all the goodness.  

With Triller, you can connect with renowned creators and enjoy their content. Further, creating music videos on trending challenges and songs can make you a social media sensation overnight. Also, if you join Triller, you will join the community featuring global stars like Tyga, Justin Bieber, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, and The Weeknd. 


  • AI-based video editor 
  • Trusted by global celebrities 
  • Shareable edits 
  • 100+ filters 


  • No parental controls 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.49) 



The modern era is about going beyond your limitations and doing the impossible. When TikTok came, it offered people a reliable platform to showcase their talent to the world. However, if TikTok does not interest you, you can try the best TikTok alternatives for adults and kids mentioned in this article.   

These video creation apps are packed with exciting filters, stickers, and features to help you make intuitive videos quickly. The pros and cons will help you find your favorite one instantly. When you find it, do let us know in the comments section.   

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