Best Smart watches for Kids in 2019 – Touch of Technology with Safety Features

Let your kids learn new things by using one of the best smart watches of 2019 mentioned here on the list. As a parent, you get activity and location tracker, along with other parental features.

Smartwatches haven’t made a noticeable dent in the watch industry, but they have acquired a substantial consumer base. Let’s not have our kids left behind with evolving technologies. Gift them one of the best smart watches made especially for kids. As a parent, you can track their activities on your mobile app to make sure they don’t misuse it.

Also, you can set time-limits using the mobile app, so your kids don’t glue up all day to their smartwatches. Most of the watches on the list also have SOS calling, while some have 2-ways calling features as well. Let’s jump to the list of smart watches for kids, and you may decide which one fits your needs.

2019’s Best Smartwatches for Kids

#1. VTech

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for Kids

The kid’s smart watch from VTech is specifically for little princesses, as it is available only in pink color. The watch features dual-camera to capture selfies, pictures, and also videos of the surrounding. It has built-in 55 different digital and analog watch faces, which helps the kid learn about reading time.

When it comes to the game, the watch has a game called monster catcher that brings augmented reality experience for kids. Apart from that, the watch also has a pedometer, activity tracker, and sound effects filled with fun. Lastly, it also comes with parental control to limit the usage of apps.

Why should you buy it?

  • Parental controls make sure your kid doesn’t play with watch all the time.
  • Augmented reality gaming experience help intelligence development.


  • Dual camera to record pictures and videos
  • Parental controls
  • Pedometer and other sensors to track activities


  • Watch band is not durable enough


YNCTE Kids Smart Watch

YNCTE’s smartwatch is available in two colors: Blue for boys, and pink for girls. As far as design is concerned, it boasts a sporty look. When it comes to features, it can make and receive calls, has a camera, clock, pedometer, and activity tracker. Besides that, kids can play a game and also listen to music using the watch.

Talking about safety, it comes with SOS like the feature that allows parents or friends to communicate with kids in case of emergency. Lastly, the overall build quality of the watch is durable, and it is also reasonably priced.

Why should you buy it?

  • Has just basic smart watch functionality and kids won’t glue up for hours.
  • Two color options – for boys and girls.


  • Simple yet sporty looks
  • Front camera
  • SIM support


  • Supports on 2G connection

#3. iTecFree

iTecFree Smartwatch for Kids

The smartwatch from iTecFree is packed with almost all features that you may want in a smart watch. Unlike a few others on the list above, this one is suitable for men, women, and also kids. It has a camera, pedometer, sleep tracker, calorie counter, and many other useful features to get started with a smartwatch.

It is compatible with Android devices, and you can pair it using Bluetooth. Sadly, there are no parental controls available, and maybe you’ll need to download third-party apps to get those features. Apart from that, the watch is actually smart and well within the budget.

Why should you buy it?

  • Can be used by elders as well as kids.
  • Competitive price makes it affordable.
  • It has all the features you may need.


  • Longer battery life
  • Extra battery included in the purchase


  • No parental controls
  • Doesn’t look durable

#4. Kurio

Kurio Kids Smart watch

The smartwatch from Kurio is a basic watch with limited features. It is ideal for kids between 4-6 years of age. The watch can work standalone without any pairing. But to make calls or receive calls, it needs to be connected with Android phone using Bluetooth.

The watch also comes with a few games and even a camera. One of the unique features of the watch is the messaging app. Kids can send text and emojis over Bluetooth to their friends wearing Kurio watch. Lastly, there are three color choices available.

Why should you buy it?

  • Has basic functionality and games, ideal as the first smart watch for kids.
  • Make and receive calls while connected with Bluetooth.
  • Messaging over Bluetooth.


  • Built-in games
  • Filters to play with selfies


  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • Durability is a concern

#5. Ulela

Ulela Smartwatch for Kids

If you have a kid between the age 4-15, this smartwatch is just perfect. It is available in four different colors that suit boys as well as girls. Apart from that, the watch supports SIM and TF card. The SIM support allows making and receiving calls, while the TF card helps in storing music and photos.

It also has an SOS button that the kid can use in case of an emergency. Also, the watch has a pedometer, sleep tracking, and many other features to keep your kid occupied. Last but not least, it also has an HD camera to click selfies.

Who should buy it?

  • Parents that want to stay in touch with their kids while they are outside.
  • To keep track of kids activity with the help of built-in sensors.


  • HD display
  • HD camera
  • Sleep tracking feature


  • Pedometer sometimes isn’t accurate

#6. GBD

GBD Kids Smart watch

GBD’s smart watch for kids boasts a sporty look and also it is filled with impressive features. One of such features is the walkie talkie which can be used within the same watch wearers in the nearby field. Apart from this, the watch also has 20 different watch faces, pedometer, 12 puzzle games, clock quiz, and much more.

On top of all these features, parents have the privilege to limit game time, without needing to worry about their kids playing with the watch all day. Based on the features, it is by far one of the best smartwatches for kids. Lastly, there are a few color choices as well.

Who should buy it?

  • Kids to play and talk with their friends using the watch.
  • Parents that wish to set a time-limit for games.


  • 20 different watch faces
  • 12 different puzzle games


  • The pedometer isn’t perfect

#7. Symfury

Symfury Smart Watch for Kids

You can call Symfury’s product as a smartwatch or a phone. That’s because it supports 2-way calling using the SIM card. The best part is that this watch doesn’t need active pairing with the smartphone; it can work independently. Apart from that, it also has AGPS and LPS to track the location of your child in real-time accurately.

The watch also has an SOS feature that can come to rescue in case of an emergency. Besides safety features, the watch also boasts games, camera, and many other goodies to keep your child learn and enjoy. Lastly, the watch is available in two different colors for both genders.

Who should buy it?

  • Ideal for parents having kids with age of 3-12 years.
  • Perfect for staying in touch with kids while they are in tuitions or playing far away.


  • AGPS and LPS tracker
  • Approximately 100H battery life
  • 2-way calling feature


  • Almost none

#8. ZWD

ZWD Smartwatch for Kids

The best feature of ZWD’s smartwatch for kids is the IPS display. Compared to other smart watches on the list, this one has much better display quality. Also, the screen size is slightly bigger than other watches on the list. It certainly makes it a little bulky, but not enough to be a burden on the wrist.

Besides that, it can play music from the watch or via Bluetooth. Also, it has an HD camera to click beautiful selfie and then transfer it to PC using the USB cable. Lastly, the watch also has games, two-way calling, alarm, and many other features.

Who should buy it?

  • For parents looking for a budget smartwatch for their kids.
  • Ideal for keeping in touch with your kids while they play outside.


  • HD Camera
  • IPS display
  • Games and music support


  • Sometimes charging issue is noticed

That’s all, mate!

Summing up…

All these smartwatches have basic features that a kid can use. On top of that, with parental control, you’ll be sure that your little prince/princess do not misuse it. Anyways, if you feel we have missed something on the list, do let us know your feedback.

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