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Best sleeves for iPad mini 6 in 2024

iPad mini 6 is the best iPad to invest in for its perfect blend of features and affordability compared to other iPads. If you have recently bought it but wish to use it naked without a case, sleeves are a great option! They offer optimum protection as they enclose and pad the tablet on either side while also allowing you to use the device in its full glory.

If you are surfing for the best iPad mini 6 sleeves, here are the best options!

1. Lacdo iPad mini 6 sleeve: Editor’s choice

Lacdo sleeve for iPad mini 6

The Lacdo iPad mini 6 sleeve keeps your tablet inside a crisp, handy enclosure. The inside of this one has a shock-proof lining coated with water-repelling neoprene. Plus, the sleeve has an extra side pocket for accommodating your charger and iPods, among other things.

Essentially, the shock-proof lining is fluffy and elastic to protect your iPad from cracks even if it falls. However, the neoprene coat, in addition to protecting your iPad from water splash, makes the sleeve resistant to abrasions and cuts. This one also has a zipper at the top to keep your tablet from sliding off.


  • Top zipper keeps iPad from sliding off
  • Tough and shock-proof
  • Water-resistant build
  • Extra side pocket for holding other devices


  • Not available in different sizes

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2. MoKo protective felt sleeve: Best foldable iPad sleeve

MoKo Protective Felt sleeve for iPad mini 6

Ladened with pure felt material, the Moko sleeve commands class with its appealing appearance and compact design. It holds your iPad in a finely lined pocket and has a foldable loop and hooks closure. Plus, it comes with an extra side pocket for holding phones and other smaller devices.

However, a striking feature of the Moko sleeve is that its side pocket is enclosed together with the main one. Hence, it prevents other devices from sliding off while also holding the iPad firmly. That said, the inside is lined with a smooth, subtle, and water-resistant material to prevent your iPad from scratches, breakage, and moisture damage.

Moreover, the Moko sleeve comes in various sizes, ranging between 7 and 11 inches wide, and is available in dark and light grey colors. So you have a couple of purchase options at your disposal.


  • Loop and hooks closure covers the main and side pockets
  • Water-repellant fine lining prevents moisture damage and scratches
  • Flexible sizes


  • Only available in two colors

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3. TiMOVO tablet sleeve: Handiest iPad sleeve

TiMOVO tablet sleeve for iPad mini 6

Want a slim sleeve made out of polyester material instead? The TiMOVO tablet sleeve comes in various colors and offers consistent durability. However, it’s suitable for holding tablets ranging between 9 to 11 inches.

The sleeve is slim and perfectly fits the hand. It has a soft, shock-absorbing inner lining that perfectly grips your iPad and protects it from damages due to falls or sudden hits. A zipper runs through the top to enclose your tablet adequately.

Like most iPad sleeves, this one also has a side pocket for holding extra smaller devices.


  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Slim and handy design
  • Water-repellant polyester exterior
  • Shock-absorbing inner sponge


  • The inner lining might absorb moisture if exposed to water

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4. Baggu puffy iPad mini sleeve: Fluffiest iPad sleeve

BAGGU Puffy Tablet Sleeve for iPad

Baggu makes all sorts of puffy bags, and this is no exception from its unique collections. So for a gallantly unique design, I bet you won’t regret shedding your bucks on the Baggu puffy iPad sleeve.

With a leopard skin ripstop nylon, the sleeve is fluffy from the inside out. This paddy nature protects your iPad from abrasions and damages.

The material is also sturdy and even washable. So you can keep it clean for as long as you use it. The Baggu sleeve doesn’t have a side pocket. But it has a top loop and hooks cover to enclose your tablet.


  • Sturdy and machine-washable
  • Adequate protection and grips your device firmly
  • Upper enclosure prevents iPad from sliding off


  • No extra side pockets

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5. Tomtoc 8.3-inch tablet sleeve: Best printed iPad sleeve

Tomtoc 8.3-inch tablet sleeve bag for iPad mini 6

Besides the lovely patterns on the Tomtoc sleeve, you’ll like it for being spacious. The sleeve has a main compartment designed to fit an 8-inch tablet and two other side pockets. The bigger side pocket also has a zipper, while the smaller one uses a magnetic hook.

So, you have enough space for holding extra items, too. And you can be sure that your iPad mini 6 and other accessories are safe from sliding off.

The exterior is also a synthetic polyester canvas material. This confers toughness coupled with water-repelling ability. A shock-proof sponge and smooth fleece lining lie on the inside of the pouch to protect your tablet from scratches or abrasions.


  • Extra side pockets to hold more items
  • Side pocket has a zipper
  • Appealing design
  • Synthetic polyester canvas confers durability


  • Might fit the iPad mini 6 with difficulty

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6. TiMOVO 8-9 inch sleeve: Carry it all

TiMOVO 8-9 Inch Tablet Sleeve Case iPad Mini 6

I haven’t seen an iPad sleeve as roomy as the TiMOVO tablet sleeve. Perhaps you have. But this one has six pockets in all, one main pouch with a zipper, a front and side compartment, two open meshes, and one zippable mesh pocket.

The TiMOVO sleeve is available in different colors. And you have two size options, 8 to 9 inches, and 9 to 11 inches. The interior is foam-padded and lined with soft fleece to keep your tablet intact without a scratch. The sleeve also features a felt-type material on the outside. So, I can assure you that this is durable.


  • Many pockets to hold more items
  • Elegantly designed
  • Many color options
  • Tough exterior material


  • Using it to hold many extra accessories might tighten the main pocket

Check out on Amazon

7. Bellroy magnetic closure sleeve: Slimmest iPad mini 6 sleeve

Bellroy Tablet Sleeve for iPad Mini 6

Here’s a pretty handy sleeve for minimalists. The Bellroy iPad sleeve is a 10-inch pouch featuring a magnetic closure running across the upper tips. The sleeve is slim and has a simple design with a microfiber inner lining. The exterior is a woven fabric, so it’s tough and comfortable.

Considering that it’s slim, the magnetic closure offers additional safety to prevent possible scratches that may result from zip movement, should a zipper be used. There are no extra side pockets on this one. So it’s primarily for holding tablets with no room for extras.


  • Handy and comfortable
  • Simple but classy design
  • Magnetic closure prevents scratches while removing or inserting iPad
  • 3-year warranty


  • Limited size and color options
  • A little loose for iPad mini 6

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8. MoKo tablet sleeve: Most portable iPad mini 6 sleeve

MoKo iPad mini 6 sleeve

The Moko tablet sleeve features a polyester exterior and will perfectly fit your iPad mini 6. The inner padding is a thick sponge lined with a soft fleece to prevent damage to your iPad mini 6.

Although the Moko tablet sleeve doesn’t have side pockets for holding extra items, it has a top zipper that prevents your tablet from falling off. The exterior polyester material is also sturdy and water-repellant. Thus, it’s durable and adequately protects your iPad.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Slim and handy design
  • Comfortable and protective interior
  • It has a top zipper to hold your tablet in place


  • No extra pockets

Check out on Amazon

9. HAPPYLIVE universal tablet sleeve: Easy to carry

HAPPYLIVE Universal 7-9 inch iPad mini 6 Sleeve

The HAPPYLIVE universal tablet sleeve carries a cool printed design on a water-repelling neoprene material. And it’s washable. The sleeve is also available in different prints, so you have a couple of options.

There’s also a handle hanging at the top for easy carriage. Plus, it has a double zipper to enclose your iPad. Like many sleeves, the inside has adequate padding for extra protection and fits iPads ranging between 7 and 9 inches. However, there are no extra pockets on this sleeve.


  • Many design options
  • Handle lets you carry it easily
  • Washable
  • Double zipper enclosure


  • No extra pockets

Check out on Amazon

iPad sleeves come in different designs and sizes, depending on the brand. However, most of these iPad sleeves come with extra pockets. So you might want to consider one of these if you feel you need additional spaces for your iPad 6 mini accessories. Otherwise, the minimal designs also come highly recommended.

Which one of these iPad sleeves are you planning to buy? Share in the comments below.

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