Best iPad mini 6 screen protectors in 2023

Best iPad mini 6 Screen Protectors

After almost two years of wait, Apple finally updated the iPad mini lineup. The new iPad mini 6 is pretty impressive. Adorning the form factor of iPad Air, it boasts a thin-bezel design with Touch ID in the Sleep/Wake button, A15 Bionic, and more.

Now, before you take this beauty for a drive, it needs some TLC. So, here are some of the best iPad mini 6 screen protectors to guard against everyday wear and tear.

  1. ESR
  2. MoKo
  3. Sparin
  4. ProCase
  5. Pulen

1. ESR tempered glass screen protector: Editor’s choice

 ESR tempered glass screen protector for iPad mini 6

When it comes to budgeted cases and screen protectors that don’t compromise on quality, ESR is the go-to brand. At just 0.3mm, the tempered glass maintains screen sensitivity and Apple Pencil support.

An oleophobic coating keeps oil marks and smudges at bay. Plus, it is super easy and hassle-free to apply. Thanks to the accompanying installation frame and kit. This is an all-in-one protector for your iPad mini 6.

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2. MoKo PET screen protector: Best for artists

Moko pet iPad mini 6 screen protector

Moko has designed matte screen protectors, especially for Apple Pencil users. The self-adhesive sheet is highly responsive and feels like paper, making any task like writing, drawing, sketching, or gaming a breeze.

Moreover, the PET material acts like an anti-reflection film that doesn’t hinder your view under the sun. The 3H anti-scratch hardness keeps your screen well-protected. And an anti-fingerprint coating ensures that it always looks fresh.

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3. Sparin Screen Protector: Best value for money

Sparin screen protector for iPad mini 6

Sparin is engineered to lend you anti-scratch 9H hardness that protects the device from scratches, drops, and scuff marks. Alongside, the 0.33mm ultra-thin design does not inhibit touch sensitivity or Apple Pencil smoothness.

Further, the 99.9% high transparency material boasts a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, ensuring that your viewing experience isn’t hindered at all, not even by fingerprint, oil residue, or stains.

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4. ProCase screen protector: Best for privacy

ProCase anti-spy screen protector for iPad mini 6

Thanks to its compact size, the iPad mini 6 is superbly commute-friendly. However, there might be a risk of peeping toms on that bus or train. But don’t you worry, as ProCase’s anti-spy tempered glass screen can be your BFF.

The film ensures that the screen is only visible to the person directly in front of it, and side-snoopers see a dark screen. Additionally, it boasts 9H hardness and 0.33mm thickness, keeping your iPad and its sensitivity well-protected.

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5. Pulen anti-scratch tempered glass: HD film

Pulen anti-scratch iPad mini 6 tempered Glass

Pulen pulls all the stops to ensure that your iPad experience is flawless. From super-thin glass to maintain sensitivity, hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating, to 9H hardness scratch resistance.

It even boasts laser-cut 2.5 curved edges that wholly and snuggly fit your device. Furthermore, it is super easy to install, with no bubbles or residue; a win-win situation.

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Q. Does the iPad mini 6th generation need a screen protector?

It totally depends on your usage. Suppose you are using it for binging at home, maybe not. But if you travel with it or plan to draw or sketch, it is a must.

However, it slightly hampers your experience, so ensure that you buy an ultra-thin and smooth screen protector.

Q. Does Apple recommend screen protectors for iPad?

Not really; the tech giant wants you to experience their masterpiece as is. And while you’ll get plenty of cases and other accessories in their online and offline store, a screen protector for iPad is omitted.

Q. What size screen protector do I need for my iPad?

While edge-to-edge screen protectors are available, they hinder case usage. If you want to put a case on your iPad mini 6th generation, prefer a slightly smaller screen protector.

Plus, ensure the glass thickness is somewhere between 0.30 and 0.50mm thickness so that your touch experience is not overly affected.

How did you like this lineup of iPad mini 6 screen protectors? Did you find the right match, or is the search still on? Feel free to connect with us if you need any help. Also, a review would be greatly appreciated by my readers and me, so fill that comment section.

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