For increasing sales of giving a push to your existing sales force, you require a well-laid interface. These iPad Apps for Sales Force Management helps you in doing that. With a friendly UI, you can view and manage your entire data from anywhere in the world.

However, these apps will function if you have a registered account on The users need to login first on the web and create data that can be synced and operated with these apps.

Best Salesforce Management iPad Apps

Best Salesforce Management iPad Apps

#1. Pulsar for SalesForce

Pulsar for Salesforce iPad App IconPulsar app has easy interface and allows to access data even in offline mode. You can manage sales task, events and data offline and online. The app has shortcuts built inside that helps you navigate and search information easily. You can sync the app to your email accounts and social networking sites for managing and storing data.

Price: Free
Download Pulsar for SalesForce

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#2. Moblu for SalesForce

Moblu for Salesforce iPad App IconMoblu app helps in securing and managing sales data such as events, notes, calendars, contacts, meeting, campaigns, cases, prospective clients etc. The app can be integrated with iPad features like Address book, Calendar, Camera etc., helping you to use them for uploading data. You can configure the app to Dropbox, PDF Expert, Box, Mail or Good reader for downloading and uploading data. The app uses security server to keep your data safe.

Price: Free
Download Moblu for SalesForce

#3. RocketSales for Salesforce and Chatter

RocketSales for Salesforce and Chatter iPad App IconRocketSales app helps you in managing your sales force and CRM. You can access to ‘Chatter’ option from this app. The app allows you to synchronize innumerable accounts and contacts, create log, manage tasks, calendar etc. You can even make quick call or email your contacts from app. The basic download will allow limited syncing while upgrading to pro account allows unlimited syncing, editing and other supports. You can upgrade from in-app purchase options.

Price: Free
Download RocketSales

#4. Nefos Mobile for Salesforce

Nefos Mobile for Salesforce iPad App IconNefos app works in offline and online mode. You can install and configure the app easily in your iPad. You can create records and search content even in offline mode. The app allows you to send emails and make calls from app. The app has multi-lingual support that translates the data and object in desired language.

Price: Free
Download Nefos Mobile

#5. Salesforce 1

Salesforce1 iPad App IconSalesforce 1 is an official app by You can view and edit all process of the web from the app. The app is compatible to work on any iOS device. With this app, you can function from anywhere.

Price: Free
Download Salesforce 1

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