Best Pet Care Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Pet Care Apps for iPhone and iPad

We’ve all been there: As the owner of three dogs, I can tell you that taking care of them is no easy task. Whether it’s cleaning up after them, making sure they’re eating right, or only keeping track of where they are, it can feel like a full-time job on occasion. They deserve the best, though, and of course, you’d go out of your way for them. But in this age where technology’s everywhere, all the time, there’s got to be an app for this too: There’s got to be a way you can use your smartphone to make caring for your pet a less hair-pulling frustrating experience. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best pet care apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Rover: Finding a Dogsitter

Rover Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Raising a dog is kind of like raising a child who stops growing up at 2 years old. Responsibility-wise, that’s exactly as awful as it sounds: You can’t leave your dog unattended and fly off to a Caribbean island. But if you’ve ever had to pass up on fun opportunities with friends and family because your dog was at home, you need to check out Rover.

The App connects dog owners looking for a vacation with a community of thousands of dog sitters. Next time you’re looking to spend some time with your human friends, DogVacay can take the hassle out of figuring out what to do with your dog.

Price: Free

2. Tractive Dog Walk

‎Tractive Dog Walk Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Your dog needs regular exercise! If you don’t have a large outdoor plot at home, you’ll need to take your dog out periodically so that she can get exercise. As with so many other things, monitoring and systematically settings targets can make things better, and this is where the Tractive app comes into the picture:

Using Tractive pet app, you can track walking routes, check how far you’ve walked with your dog, and how much time it’s taken. You can also view a history of your walks—useful to see just how much exercise your dog (and you) are getting.

Price: Free

3. Cat Fishing 2

‎Cat Fishing 2 Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Here’s one for cat lovers! Who said your furballs couldn’t play games on your iPad? In a bizarre cross-branding twist, Nestle released Cat Fishing 2, an iOS game designed especially for cats. This App’s interface has colorful fish swimming across the screen at increasing speeds.

Your cat scores points by batting at the fish. If Mr. Meow loses interest, the app will actually “meow” to draw him back. Pets are meant to distract us, but if you’ve got a cat who’s not letting you do anything productive, Cat Fishing 2 is peculiar, if effective use of iDevice.

Price: Free

4. Whistle – Pet Tracker

‎Whistle Pet Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

There’s no more significant worry a pet owner can have than the possibility of Fido getting lost. The Whistle GPS tracking system is a collar-based tracker that ensures that you can keep track of where your pet is, wherever you are. The tracker communicates with the Whistle pet tracker app, which gives you real-time location information.

This app also features an alert system that sends you a notification whenever your dog leaves the designated home area so you can deal with any potential situations before they become an issue.

Price: Free

5. Dog Buddy: Activity Tracker

‎Dog Buddy Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is an app that’s targeted specifically towards dog owners. Dog Buddy is, essentially a companion app for your dog (Companion app! Get it?). It allows you to keep track of important milestones in your dog’s life, from trips to the vet to teething.

If you have an overweight pupper, the weight monitoring functionality is particularly useful: you can track weight loss across days and weeks. Dog Buddy also features an extensive list of useful first aid tips so you can be ready for any eventuality.

Price: Free

6. Pet First Aid

‎Pet First Aid iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

First aid isn’t just for people: Animals get gravely injured all the time. Often, timely administered first aid means the difference between life and death. But how do you help a cat that’s been hit by a vehicle? Luckily, the American Red Cross released the Pet First Aid app to help you understand exactly how to administer first aid to animals through how-to guides and simple videos.

If you’re a pet owner, learning how to administer first aid is one of those things that you might’ve thought of but is incredibly useful.

Price: Free

7. BarkHappy

‎BarkHappy Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

While plenty of people create genuine social media profiles for their pets, a slightly less kooky way to share animal love is with BarkHappy pet app, a social media platform specifically for dog owners. You can create a profile for your dog and using the geolocation function, and you can find nearby doggos to set up playdates.

Price: Free

8. 11Pets: Pet Health Monitoring

‎11pets Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

11Pets aims to take some of the hassles out of scheduling your pet’s health needs by giving you an easy interface in which to add reminders, schedule tasks, and even organize health records. If you’re not a pet owner but looking to get one, the app has a special adoption section, listing hundreds of adorable animals that need a home. While many of the apps on this list are rather specialized, This app is unique because it’s an all-in-one solution.

Price: Free

Keeping your pets healthy is very important, but it’s often easy to overlook to start forgetting things: Vaccinations, grooming, cleaning, weight monitoring: Your pet needs as much attention as a human person.

Well, that’s it. If you can’t own pet right now, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out our list of the best virtual pet apps right here.

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