Best pet care apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Pet Care Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you want to feel the warmth of selfless love, you must spend some time with a pet. While it is easy to get a pet, caring for them can be a full-time task. Cleaning, feeding, and checking on physical health are inevitable parts of the life of a pet owner.

So, why not seek help from technology to ease the workload? For reference, here’s my curated list of the best pet care apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Wag
  2. Rover
  3. Chewy
  4. Whistle
  5. PetCoach
  6. Puppr
  7. Pet Monitor VIGI
  8. Pet First Aid
  9. Airvet
  10. BringFido

1. Wag – Editor’s choice

Wag Pet Care Health iPhone App Screenshot

Pets love being out in greenery. But, while we try to give them their ‘me time’ out in the open, it sometimes becomes impossible. You have Wag – the best pet care app for all those times. The platform lets you schedule or ask for on-demand dog walks, depending on your requirements.

Wag offers 24×7 veterinary consultation via live chat for all your pet health queries right from the convenience of your house. You can also access personalized in-home and online dog training sessions for pups and adult dogs. The platform keeps the security of your puppy as its topmost priority, and for this, it selects pet sitters through extensive screening. In addition, customers get the protection of up to $1M for property damage against the services booked on Wag.

You can keep a real-time track of your dog’s walk using the GPS-tracking service and always be in touch with your Wag caregiver through an in-app messaging facility. Wag gives live pee and poop notifications and a comprehensive report card at the end. 


  • Safe payments within the app
  • Properly screened dog walkers and sitters
  • Insurance against damages 


  • Cost varies with markets 
  • Limited freedom to choose a caregiver

Price: Free


2. Rover – Dog walkers and sitters

Rover Pet Care iOS App Screenshot

Are you tense about leaving your pet unattended while you have to be at work? You no longer have to worry about this because Rover is here to help. Created by The Dog PeopleTM, Rover shines as one of the best pet-sitting and dog-walking apps available in the market. The platform lets you meet and book pet sitters in your neighborhood for the times you cannot accompany your furry friend.   

Rover offers a long list of profiles for pet-sitting and dog-walking. You get a fair chance to check the profile of the pet sitters on the app before connecting with them. Pet owners can set their preferences and can demand pictures and videos of their pets while the sitters are with them.

The price fluctuates with the fees charged by the sitter. Apart from this, Rover charges you a service charge over and above the total booking amount. In addition, Rover Guarantee repays the customers for vet care injuries caused to their pet while in the care of a Rover sitter, injuries caused to the sitter’s pet by a Rover Dog, and physical damages inflicted to the customer’s personal property caused by the sitter.


  • Easy navigation and payment 
  • Standard personality, criminal, and background checks
  • Smooth interaction with the sitters
  • View the sitter’s availability and fees upfront


  • Background checks do not guarantee complete assurance

Price: Free


3. Chewy – One-stop for pet stuff

Chewy Pet Care App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

We love to pamper our pets with savory treats, cute toys, and other goodies. If you are still looking for the best quality products for your pet, Chewy has a treasure trove hidden in its cluster.

The platform deals in more than 3,000 products of everyday essentials like food, cleaning supplies, clothes, and accessories. It also has over 4,000 medications and 600+ vet diet products related to pharmacy and healthcare. Additionally, home goods like beds, toys, and gifts are also available for pet owners.

Chewy caters to many pet animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fishes, farm animals, reptiles, horses, etc. You can grab all the products at competitive prices on Chewy’s official website. In addition, the platform runs regular seasonal offers for existing and new customers that can help you save some extra bucks quite easily. Spoil your pets with products from over 3,000 top-reputed brands like Disney, Royal Canin, American Journey, etc.   

You can quickly get your medical supplies delivered to your doorstep using Chewy’s user-friendly interface. All you need to do is to add the products to your Chewy cart and fill in the pet and vet information. Then, the Chewy experts connect with the vet before delivering the pharmacy supplies to your doorstep.


  • Products from trusted brands 
  • 24*7 help from experts 
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 
  • Easy changes in Autoship delivery without extra charges


  • Poor customer service 
  • Issues in free delivery  

Price: Free


4. Whistle – Best iPhone tracker for dogs

Whistle Smart Pet Tracker for iPhone Screenshot

No matter how much we adore our pets, their mischiefs sometimes can get the worst out of our temper. If your pooch is also a troublemaker and likes exploring new areas all alone, Whistle is the best solution for you. Whistle is a powerful app that lets you keep track of your pet, monitor their health, and train them for everyday essentials. In addition, you can connect with a vet using the Whistle app.   

Whistle offers access to three smart devices for pet care: Whistle Health, Whistle Health and GPS, and Whistle Health and GPS+. The Whistle Health option lets you monitor your pet’s physical and behavioral aspects; the Whistle and GPS option enables you to track the health and location of your puppy, while the Whistle Health and GPS+ option offers 24×7 GPS and health tracking of your pet. Also, you can choose the plan based on the size and weight of your dog.   

Whistle allows you to designate safe places for your pet and receive notifications when the animal leaves the safe zone without an approved acquaintance. Use customized fitness goals to ensure the best health of your dog. The app lets you earn badges whenever your puppy meets their daily goals, achieves a milestone, or reaches a new winning streak.   


  • One account for multiple pet tracking 
  • Low cost 
  • Swift GPS and health tracking 


  • Frequent lags 

Price: Free 


5. PetCoach – Chat with an expert

PetCoach Pet Care Apps for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

PetCoach by Petco gives you access to a grid of renowned professional veterinaries and pet trainers. The platform accepts requests from customers concerned about their pet’s health, diet, and behavior.

You can use the app to connect instantly on chat with the best vets right from the comfort of your home. In case of any query, you can go through the content library available on the website, which has thousands of articles, breed pages, and health resources.  

The PetCoach app lets you engage in a one-on-one private online discussion with pet care experts. You can do this and more without spending a penny from your pocket.  


  • Certified US vets, dog trainers, nutritionists, pet experts 
  • Address all queries


  • Poor customer service 

Price: Free 


6. Puppr – Efficient dog training app

Puppr Dog Training App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

You cannot afford to miss Puppr when exploring the best pet care apps for iPhone and iPad. Whether it is learning simple instructions like ‘sit’ or complicated ones like ‘fetch leash,’ a Puppr-trained dog can do it all. The app is blissful for both experienced and new dog owners.  

Puppr offers access to 100+ ‘step by step’ video lessons taught by celebrity dog trainers Sara Carson and The Super Collies. Certified experts teach advanced classes offering in-depth dog training. The built-in clicker lets your dog enjoy a seamless training experience. In addition, you can keep track of the progress made by your pup after receiving the expert training.   

The app lets you set reminders for training schedules so you never miss one. You can earn badges for every new trick and skill learned by your pet. In addition, you can access the Puppr Shop to view the Puppr team’s recommended products. Finally, Puppr offers premium lesson plans where you get 2 free lessons and other locked content that is easy to buy with a one-time purchase.   


  • Support for more than one dog 
  • Beginner to advanced level training 
  • Intuitive challenges for the overall development of pets


  • Some users have faced installation issues 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


7. Pet Monitor VIGI – Video monitoring iOS app

Pet Monitor VIGI App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Pet Monitor VIGI is a robust app that facilitates live picture-in-picture monitoring of your pet on iPhone and iPad. You can use an old iPhone or iPad running the Pet Monitor VIGI app at home as a Pet Cam. Connect your iPhone with the app’s device and watch your pet’s live stream back at home. The platform sends motion and noise notifications and automated photo snapshots on your device when there is even the slightest disruption in your pet’s activities.   

Pet Monitor lets you effortlessly stream high-quality live videos and sensitive audio. In addition, you get access to remotely controlled night light functionality. The app supports notifications on Apple Watch. You can also record videos, take pictures, or talk to your pet through the Pet Cam. The images get saved in the Activity log and sent to your iPhone and Apple Watch. The Pet Monitor VIGI app is compatible with any Wi-Fi network and ensures smooth operation.  


  • Share the videos and pictures with friends within the app 
  • No ads 
  • Automated monitoring 
  • Two-way video and audio 


  • Requires users to place an iPhone or iPad at home 
  • Frequent lags 

Price: $5.99


8. Pet First Aid – Health companion

Pet First Aid health tracker for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

I know how painful it is for you to see your pet injured. Sometimes, seeking medical help can take time. So, what would you do in such a situation? You can switch to the Pet First Aid app that trains you in veterinary help to manage everyday crises. The platform lets you learn everything about Pet First Aid through interactive videos, quizzes, and step-by-step instruction guides.  

Inside the app, you can switch between cat and dog content using the toggling shift. You learn first aid instructions for 25+ everyday situations through video, text, and images. The portal lets you protect your pet’s health with guidance on medication, behavior checks, and other attributes. Use the early warning sign checker to ensure prevention at the right stage. 

You can use the Pet First Aid app to find a close vet clinic or pet-friendly eateries. The content library within the app offers access to various ‘how to’ videos for common and impromptu emergencies, including size-specific CPR techniques. In addition, you can earn badges and share victory pictures with your friends.   


  • Trusted app, designed by The American National Red Cross 
  • Easy-to-learn first-aid videos 
  • Smooth interface 
  • Interactive quizzes for quick learning 


  • Requires effort to learn first-aid techniques 

Price: Free 


9. Airvet – Perfect virtual pet care partner

Airvet Puppy Tracker App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Pet animals get sick more often than you can think. It can be a minor bruise or a consistent health downturn. With Airvet, you don’t have to worry about your adorable pet’s health. Many pet owners, like you, who always want the best services for their furry friends, have shown trust in Airvet. Feel free to seek expert advice on your pet animal’s diet, nutrition, and routine health using Airvet’s video and chat facility.

Airvet offers customers many services so they can care for their pets in the best possible way. You get unlimited virtual visits and personalized interactions with authentic vets. If you need clarification about prescriptions, Airvet will solve your problem by offering recommendations and advice from licensed vets.


  • 24×7 chat and video services with vets
  • Easy onboarding
  • Quick response to customer requests 


  • No clarity in vet appointments or waitlist

Price: Free


10. BringFido – Identify pet-friendly places

BringFido Pet Care App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Do you plan to take your paw friend to a luxury hotel but are skeptical of their animal policy? If yes, BringFido is your ultimate solution. BringFido shines as one of the world’s finest pet travel apps that lets you find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and other recreation spots. In addition, you can use the filters available on the BringFido app to find the hotel and attraction based on your preferences.

The app lets you find nearby recreation spots and upcoming pet events. You can find trusted pet walkers, groomers, vets, pet sitters, and pet stores. Take pictures of your pet and share them with the BringFido community of pet lovers. Feel free to leave reviews of your favorite attractions adored by your furry friend.

The BringFido Pet-Friendly Guarantee assures you that your pet will get special treatment on their arrival at the destination. You get quick confirmation of your reservations. Also, you can always connect with BringFido’s expert team in case of any issues.


  • No registration required
  • Travel insurance and pet damage protection
  • Pet-friendly guarantee
  • Easy cancellations


  • Users can’t post reviews for unaffiliated places

Price: Free


Wrapping up 

Petting, caring, feeding, and pampering the tiny furry being can warm your heart. So, why not give your pet the best amenities and care? For this, you can rely on the apps listed here that strive as the best pet care apps for iPhone and iPad.

Do let me know about any other pet care apps you are using, and willing to brag about them with other pet lovers.

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