Best iPhone Offline Messaging Apps to Send Messages without Internet

All the messaging services we use in our daily, regular life rely on the internet to work. However, many messaging apps let you communicate without cellular data or Wi-Fi. These apps either use the phones’ Bluetooth or use a combination of Bluetooth, open Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, etc. to create a mesh network and transmit messages from one person to another. If you too are looking for one such app, here are the best free offline messaging apps for iPhone that you can use without internet.

Best Offline Messaging Apps for iPhone in 2020

#1. Fire Chat

Fire Chat Offline Messaging iPhone App

Fire Chat is one of the most popular free offline instant messaging apps out there. It has been used for live events such as Pope Francis visit to the Philippines, journalists from reputed media houses, protestors, and more. It requires no signal or mobile data to work. As a result, it is handy to communicate anywhere, be it crowded events, airplanes, public transports, ships, etc. Fire Chat connects with one another and creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi.

After this, it allows you to transmit messages and pictures publicly (up to a group of 50) and privately with end-to-end encryption between devices that are within 200 feet of one another. Since it depends on users around you, it means that if more people use this service, bigger and faster your network becomes. This is opposite of how cellular connectivity works, which tends to become slower if more people join.

Apart from offline exchange of ideas, once you get regular Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you can use it to chat with people worldwide as you do on any other messaging app.

Price: Free

#2. Bridgefy

Bridgefy Offline Messaging iPhone App

Bridgefy is another well-known app that lets you communicate using Bluetooth. This makes it ideal for natural disasters, traveling abroad in groups, rural communities, music festivals, sports stadiums, and more. There are four ways to communicate using this offline chat app. They are Person to Person Mode, Mesh Mode, Broadcast Mode, and finally Online Mode.

Person to Person Mode uses iPhone’s Bluetooth and lets you chat privately with friends who are within 330 feet of you. Mesh Mode is exciting as it allows you to chat with people even if they are more than 330 feet away. It does so by creating a mesh network. Let us say you (A) want to chat with person C, who is 600 feet away. Usually, this isn’t possible. But say, if a person B is in the middle of you both, it is possible for you to communicate privately with C. Person B in the middle (or anybody else in the network) won’t be able to read the message you send and receive to/from C.

Broadcast Mode lets you send messages to every Bridgefy users around you at the same time if they are in the Broadcast tab. It works even if you do not have those people in your contact list. Finally, the Online Mode works like a regular messaging app and uses your internet connection and enables you to chat worldwide if the receiver also has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
A new anonymous mode permits you to use the app without verifying your phone number. You can verify your number later in settings.

Price: Free

#3. Air Chat

Air Chat Offline Messaging iPhone App

Air Chat is a clean, beautiful, and straightforward app that lets you send encrypted text messages to nearby people. For this, it uses the iPhones’ Bluetooth, and as a result, no mobile data or Wi-Fi is required. When you launch the app, it automatically detects people around you who are using the app. After this, you can start chatting once you complete a simple pop-up verification.

Air Chat also supports Bluetooth notification that works in background and alerts you when you receive a new message. You also have the option to turn off the notification or only turn off the previews. The app is easy to use, and there is no phone or email verification. It just works!

Price: Free

#4. Text nearBy

Text nearBy Offline Messaging iPhone App

Are you in a plane with no internet connection and your friend is sitting apart? Are you in a school with internet jammed, and you wish to chat with your girlfriend during a boring lecture? Whatever be your situation, Text nearBy lets you chat with people in your home, school, work, plane, etc. For this, it uses no Cell or Wi-Fi. Instead, it relies on phones’ Bluetooth.

To use this offline chat app, you do not need a phone number, email address, or any other account. There are a few excellent standby features like automatic deletion of messages after an hour, no transmission of messages via any server, etc. You can use this cute, little offline texting app to chat safely with kids in your family.

Price: Free

#5. Peer Chat

Peer Chat Offline Messaging iPhone App

First, you download this app (obviously). You enter your name or any name you wish. Now, wait for your nearby friend to open this app on their phone and follow the same steps. After that, from the list, tap on the person’s name. After the person accepts, you can start chatting. Using the plus icon from top-right, you can add six more invitees and talk together.

Peer Chat uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections to work, and thus it needs no data plan. The app is effortless and straightforward to use. However, in my testing, I found that it is not as reliable as other apps on this list because it frequently showed that the connection had been lost. All texts transmitted via this 4 MB app are encrypted, and no data is logged.

Price: Free

Another similar app you can try is Divvy – Offline Communication. It also has inbuilt TicTacToe that you can play with your connected friend.

Why would you like to use offline messaging apps?

  • When there is internet shutdown during protests like in Hong Kong recently.
  • If you are in a place with unsecure and untrusted Wi-Fi.
  • Use it to chat with kids in your family. Or kids can use it to chat offline with their friends from the same building.
  • Handy for secure, offline chat among office members, events, etc.

Wrapping up…

So these were some of the best iPhone offline messaging apps to send SMS without internet. Since all these are free, it would be perfect if you download them all and see which one suits your needs perfectly. Do you know of any other similar apps? Please share the name with us in the comment section below.

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