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Best CPU Rolling Stands for 2019 Mac Pro

How frequently do you move your CPU at your workplace or home? It’s a daunting task to do keeping the weight in mind. Isn’t it? Same goes with Mac Pro as it weighs around 39 pounds (18 KG). Of course, it’s not that bulky as compared to others but you definitely need to handle it with proper care while moving. By using trolleys (or CPU rolling stands) with Mac Pro, it becomes easier to move it at your workplace or at home.

Today, I have listed the best Mac Pro trolleys so that you can adjust your workstation at your desired place with ease. Earlier, I have already reviewed some of the finest Mac Pro keyboards and Mac Pro mice, and today, I had reviewed some of the top CPU trollies for Mac Pro. So let’s get started!

Pro Tip: The only thing you need to check is the adjustable width of the below-mentioned trolley that goes with Mac Pro width (8.58 inches). Here you go with the top 5 trolleys for Mac Pro!

1. Syba – SY-ACC65057

Syba Mac Pro CPU Rolling Stand

Syba trolley comes with adjustable width option and it can withstand up to 80 pounds of weight. The trolley has 2 locking caster wheels that lock the stand to move forward or backward. Syba stand is made of metal and has a powder coated surface. The clamps have rubber grips that protect your Mac Pro from scratches. Besides that, it also has soft pads at the center that protects your Mac Pro from the bottom metal stand as well.

The width can be adjusted from 5 inches to 9 inches and it perfectly fits Mac Pro in the stand. The side wall dimensions and base plate dimensions are 9.75″ x 3.5″ x 1.12″ and 9.75″ x 10″ x 1″ respectively. The rolling is smooth and it can easily move with Mac Pro on it.

USP: 2 Locking Caster Wheels
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2. Allsop

Allsop Mac Pro Trolley

If you ask me personally to pick one of the best CPU trolleys for Mac Pro, Allsop’s trolley would be my pick of all! Made of metal with holes right through the trolley and the silver color makes it a perfect match for your Mac Pro.

The trolley comes with an adjustable outer and inner width of 7 inches to 11.5 inches and 5 inches to 9.5 inches respectively. Allsop has 4 caster wheels which can easily roll your Mac Pro without any damages.

USP: Color Matches with Mac Pro
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3. Halter

Halter Mac Pro CPU Trolley

This trolley is all about a style statement. If you want to showcase your trolley of Mac Pro, Halter stand case if your way to go! The bottom of the stand is half-open making it perfect for proper airflow. But with this half-open bottom, it can still hold up to 53 pounds of weight.

The width is adjustable from 3.75 inches to 9 inches and the heavy felt pads on the corner of clamps protect your Mac Pro from scuffing and scratches. The halter adjustable trolley comes with 4 wheels out of which 2 can are lockable. It is made of metal material and comes in white color.

USP: Pads on Clamps
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4. Mount-It!

Mount It Mac Pro CPU Rolling Stand

The trolley design reminds me of somewhat of a Play Station Controller. I don’t know why but it makes me feel that. The 4 raised edges along with pads on clamps give all-round protection for your Mac Pro. You can adjust the base with the help of wingnuts at the bottom of the trolley.

This stand comes with 4 locking wheels which are by far the 1st in the list of such trollies. It is designed to withstand weight up to 60 pounds and it’s made of tough plastic material. Mount-It trolley can adjust the width from 6 – 10.25 inches without needing any tool.

USP: 4 Locking Wheels
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5. Syba I/O Crest!

Syba CPU Trolley for Mac Pro

This is yet another masterpiece from Syba. It almost resembles the 1st product in this list of the best Mac Pro trolleys. The only difference between both is the tall support walls (5.5 inches) along with cushion pads.

The width is adjustable from 5.5 – 9.75 inches and length is around 10.6 inches. I/O Crest trolley comes with 4 wheels out of which 2 has stoppers. This trolley is made of premium metal material and comes in steel black color.

USP: Tall Support Walls
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That’s all for best Mac Pro trolleys!

Final Verdict!

The only thing you need to take care of is the proper installation of trolley right from scratch. You need to be careful while assembling the trolley parts. If you don’t assemble them properly, it might risk your work station. So be careful and protect the beast with these CPU rolling stands for Mac Pro.

Keep an Eye on Other Accessories as Well!

Do let us know is comment section regarding your favorite Mac Pro trolley. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comment section.

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