Best Mac Games in 2022

Best Games for Mac

When stress threatens to get stuck in mind, games are what I look for to get out of the shackle. Much as I relish playing on my iPhone more, I like giving a shot to some hardcore games on my Mac. Speaking of the best Mac games, the choice varies based on the individual’s taste. Personally; I have a huge liking for RPG and fast-paced racing games. However, I love to have a go at some light-hearted games occasionally for relaxation.

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mac Game Screenshot

“Stardew Valley” has won a lot of hearts as a top-notch role-playing game for macOS. In this fascinating farming RPG, you will enjoy living a life in the countryside and put up your best show to become a popular farmer.

Work a lot harder to grow crops and start an excellent orchard. Also, raise a lot of animals and be sure to craft an advanced machine that can help you carry out your task faster and more conveniently.

Put your best effort to improve your skill in five important areas such as farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging. And oh, you also get a chance to customize your skill by selecting from several different professions.

Price: $14.99

2. Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2 Mac Game Screenshot

Ever wanted to be a contract killer in reel life? Take on this game to get into that life straightaway.

You are playing as Jack Griffin–the notorious contract killer who is always geared up to conduct long-range assassinations. Smartly use the cover and get the most out of the stealth to sneak into your foes. And once your enemies are within your radar, blow them away.

To ensure your hours of the shooting remains a joyful experience; the game also offers major titles, badges, and coveted rewards. Therefore, crack as many unique challenges as you can to grab all the hottest goodies to become the most wanted shooter!

Price: Free

3. Township: Farm & City Building

Township Farm & City Building Mac Game Screenshot

How about building a wonderful town? In this game, you can showcase your farming skill by harvesting a lot of crops and process them perfectly at your fully equipped facility.

Sell your produced goods and also trade them at the distant islands to earn plenty of bucks. And once you have amassed millions of dollars, open seven-star restaurants, and amazing cinemas.

Make sure to build colleges and universities as well so that the students of your town can get a better education. On top of all, use some of the famous landmarks to decorate your town elegantly.

Price: Free

4. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Mac Game Screenshot

Great mix of classic fighting and RPG; “Shadow Fight 2” is what you should pick out to indulge in some intense fighting. The game features a large collection of lethal weapons. Therefore, you have the luxury of fully equipping yourself with all sorts of items that can keep you ahead of the battle.

Check out the animated Martial Arts techniques that can empower your character. Use those special skills to decimate your enemies and swiftly journey through six amazing worlds.

Thanks to the intriguing storyline, Shadow Fight will keep you fully engrossed with adrenaline-fueled combats for hours.

Price: Free

5. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

Top Speed Mac Game Screenshot

Have a penchant for racing? You can safely put your bet on “Top Speed” to enthrall you to the core. Really.

In this insanely fast-paced racing game, you get a chance to try your hands on 69 cars. With loads of customization, the game lets you personalize your car so that it stands out.

Drive in five different cities. As each one of them boasts special themes, you will love racing there. But, watch out for the unexpected obstacles that might instantly throw you out of the game!

Price: Free

6. Code Of War: Shooter Online

Code Of War Shooter Online Mac Game Screenshot

Yet another shooter on the roster! Lashed with awesome 3D graphics and a massive collection of guns, “Code Of War” can let you rejoice shooting in its full-fledged form.

The game has got many battlegrounds where you can put your shooting skill on full display. Make the best use of camouflages and decals to not only add some cool customization into the play but also use them to the best effect to sneak into your enemies.

This online shooting game provides missions regularly so that you never get bored. What’s more, you can crack every hurdle coming your way and go on to rule the global leaderboard.

Price: Free

7. Civilization VI

Civilization VI Mac Game Screenshot

Time to create a monumental empire! “Civilization VI” will charm you, if you wish to build the remarkable kingdom and change the entire rule of civilization.

Remember, your task is not going to be easy at all as you will have to encounter several great leaders of history. So, bring your entire bag of tricks to defeat them all and achieve unparalleled success.

Beware; always be prepared to face natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes as they can hugely impact your goal.

Price: $59.99

8. Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando Mac Game Screenshot

If you adore action-packed games, give a try to Frontline Commando. In this game, you are up against a mighty dictator who has eliminated all of your supporters.

And, you are the sole survivor who has to put his best fighting skill on display to not just win the battle but also save his life.

This thrilling 3rd person shooter game has packed in a number of deadly missions. So, charge yourself up to destroy helicopters, jeeps and enemy bases.

The game offers you an extensive collection of weapons including shotguns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, sniper rifles and more. Thus, your arsenal will never run out of gas. Keep eliminating your foes until they are completely out of the horizon!

Price: Free

9. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider Mac Game Screenshot

This action-adventure game is an exciting sequel to the “Tomb Raider.” As Lara Croft (the passionate archaeologist) has set out to discover the secrets of immortality, you’ve to help her achieve the ambitious goal. However, her path is full of insurmountable obstacles.

Lara Croft will have to encounter the mighty rivals and trump the tricky tombs. The supernatural enemies are lying in wait to attack the archaeologist at every step. And, a little lapse can destroy her. So, she is going to have to plan her strategy meticulously.

Sporting amazing graphics and enormously intriguing concept, Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sort of game you’d love to play for hours!

Price: $19.99

10. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 best Mac Game

It’s time to race with an extensive collection of real hypercars from the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. Get vrooming in your dream ride and race across spectacular locations in this epic racing game for Mac.

The graphics are top-notch, and the gameplay is super exciting. You will enjoy how the different types of races that will keep you hooked for hours. Moreover, the multiplayer mode is entertaining and worth checking out.

Price: Free

There you go! So, these are the games that I’ve loved playing on my Mac.

What’s Your Pick?

If you have already started shooting out your rivals or blasting the baddies, I won’t take much of your time now. But before you dive a little deep, do share your thoughts about my favorites.

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