Best ring holder cases for iPhone XR in 2023

Best ring holder cases for iPhone XR

Nobody drops their iPhone deliberately. However, accidents happen! To avoid dropping your precious device, get an iPhone XR’s top ring case! Aside from offering an anti-slip grip, these covers also ramp up your media time. You can rotate the ring to position your smartphone at the perfect viewing angle.

Besides, most of these covers are also compatible with magnetic car mounts. Sold on the utility? Here’re the best iPhone XR ring cases you can buy!

  1. HAVVA
  2. iCoverCase
  3. CoverON
  4. Shields Up

1. HAVVA for iPhone XR case – Editor’s choice

HAVVA for iPhone XR Ring holder Case

Looking for a svelte looking cover for your iPhone XR? Featuring an incredibly slim design, HAVVA makes a nice-looking match with your iPhone.

Due mainly to the frosted sand finish, the case resists grime and fingerprints. Besides, the smooth finish also provides a secure grip.

With the raised lip, the camera has the additional safeguard against scratches. Moreover, you can choose HAVVA in several attractive color variants like red, gold, rose gold and more.

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2. iCoverCase – Magnetic support metal ring

iCoverCase for iPhone XR Ring Holder Case

If it’s time to let your iPhone XR show off its adorable design, “iCoverCase” would be the ideal suit for it. Sporting a pretty thin design; the case fits around the iPhone immaculately.

Made of soft TPU, the case is exceptionally flexible. Thus, you will be able to remove or install the cover painlessly.

Another notable feature is the soft-textured surface that feels nice to the touch. The ring works perfectly in boosting your video time. With the magnetic car mount support, it ensures your hands-free navigation remains a pleasing experience on the drive.

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3. CoverON – Improved grip

CoverON Ring Case for iPhone XR

What has caught my eyes in “CoverON” is the slim yet protective design. That means your style remains intact without endangering the safety of the smartphone.

It’s readied with the rugged PC and pretty soft TPU. Thanks to the hybrid design, it’s got the durability to endure bumps.

The carbon fiber pattern enhances its look, while the neat cutouts offer hassle-free access to ports and speakers. Like colorful design? CoverON is available in three charming colors like rose gold, mint teal, and gray.

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4. Shields Up designed for iPhone XR – Clear case

Shields Up Designed for iPhone XR Case

What calls for attention in Shields Up is the shock-absorbing structure. Equipped with double layers of construction; the case has got enough strength to resist impact and offer the necessary care to your smartphone.

As for design, it looks compact and features a carbon fiber pattern at the top and the bottom. The metal ring excels in providing multiple viewing angles. With the elevated edge, the LCD screen and the single camera get the essential protection from abrasion.

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5. MOVOYEE iPhone XR ring holder case – Shockproof silicone

MOVOYEE Design for iPhone XR Case Thin

MOVOYEE flaunts a slim design and pairs seamlessly with the iPhone. The elastic material makes it easier to install the cover. With the soft finish, your palm gets the needed cushion to hold the iPhone more conveniently.

Talking about the metal ring, it should stand up to your demand. The metal plate makes it very useful; especially if you use a car mount to hold your iPhone for more convenient use.

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That’s all, folks!

Your top pick?

Hopefully, you have liked taking a glance at the finest ring cases. I think they have got all the bases covered to be your top pick.

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