Best iPhone XR Designer Cases: Personalize Your Premium Device Every Day

Designer cases for iPhone XR are the best accessories for stylish young users. Here, I have listed a few top-notch designer cases for your latest 6.1-inch iPhone.

There is humor, which is not fragile. There is style, which is not snobbish. There is a strength, which is not bland. Here is my collection of top designer cases for iPhone XR. A designer case needs not be poor in construction. At the same time, this case has to impress users with an element of fun. For your iPhone XR, there can’t be any smarter friend than a designer case.

Remember, iPhone XR is not for those serious (and sometimes snobbish) top executives, who admire only sophistication. It is for dynamic, young blood, who want to live an energetic life. For this purpose, I have selected the best designer cases to add some color and charm to your iPhone XR.

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Best iPhone XR Designer Cases

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#1. Sonix

Sonix iPhone XR Designer Case

Floral pattern sends out beautiful message to onlookers. But you will find something more than beauty in this designer case. Sonix has drop tested this case from the height of 6.6 feet; thus, it has got military drop test certification.

This slim and lightweight case flaunts raised shock absorbing rubber sides, beveled camera hole, anti-scratch ultra-violet coating, and more features. For better usability, Sonix offers easy-press protected buttons.

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USP: Slim and lightweight
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#2. Frepstudio

Frepstudio Designer Case for iPhone XR

Frepstudio presents a brilliant case for women and girls. Taken from floral-designer series, this Frepstudio case is extremely comfortable with your iPhone XR. To safeguard your phone from dirt, scratches, and bumps, this case is made of TPU material, which has a clear and ultra slim character.

For quick access to essential features and ports on your phone, Frepstudio has precisely cut out all the openings of ports. Secure your phone from daily wear and tear, fingerprint, scratches, marks, and scrapes.

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USP: Easy-grip edges
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#3. Stuff4

STUFF4 iPhone XR Designer Case

Stuff4 has used popular spiderman mask on the back of this designer case for iPhone XR. The brand has used toughened polycarbonate plastic to manufacture a strong case that protects your phone from bumps and scratches. Keep your iPhone in the best condition for a long time.

To print the mask of Spiderman, Stuff4 has used the latest printing technology. The ink used in creating the design quickly dries up and produces a tough and durable finish.

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USP: Toughened polycarbonate
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#4. Amzer

Amzer iPhone XR Designer Case

Amzer has handcrafted this designer case for your iPhone. The slim case quickly covers your phone, as its installation is easy. For maximum protection, Amzer uses shockproof back cover, which is designed impressively with two small fingers intertwined.

The ultra-light case is made of durable polymer to protect your phone from shocks and bumps. Raised bezels keep your phone’s touchscreen elevated from the surface. You can put your phone face down without having to worry about scratches or cracks on the touchscreen.

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USP: Handcrafted case
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#5. ESR

ESR Designer Case for iPhone XR

When glamour and glitter come together, you get the most beautiful product. ESR has combined the two elements to manufacture a stylish and designer case for your iPhone. This designer case has three layers: a soft outer shell, center glitter layer, and a transparent inner shell. When the three are blended, they create a perfect accessory for your perfect device.

ESR has precisely cut out the openings on this case so that you can quickly access essential ports and buttons on your iPhone. No more rubbing of your phone’s camera lens and touchscreen against flat surfaces, as this case has raised edges.

USP: Three-layer protection
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CASESOPHY Designer Case for iPhone XR

If you are planning to buy an iPhone XR for your young kids, they would love to protect the device with their favorite cartoon character. C CASESOPHY has made this case from soft and durable TPU material; this enables you to install and remove the case easily.

You may drop your phone suddenly if you are in a rush. But you should not bother about your phone’s protection as this ultra-slim case guards it.

USP: Durable TPU material
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#7. Burga

BURGA iPhone XR Designer Case

When it comes to designer cases for iPhone, people are crazy about the glossy finish, which highlights the elegance of your iPhone. Burga has used a hard plastic panel that guards your phone against shocks, scratches, and bumps.

Since Burga has used high-quality print on the material, the motif of that Jaguar will not fade or peel away. Even after several months in use, the case looks fresh and new.

USP: High-quality print
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What is your design?

Designer cases not only enhance your style quotient but also protect your iPhone XR. With a fleet of excellent designer cases, you can personalize your premium iPhone XR almost every day. Create your unique identity in your close circle.

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