Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Regardless of you acknowledge it or not, the selfie isn’t simply a photograph of yourself, rather it is a photograph of you made by you. Everyone takes selfies and even individuals like Ellen Degeneres, James Cordon, and Prince, Barack Obama have all as of late been spotted.

The extent that I recall, the word selfie has been out there for much longer and this fever isn’t going so natural way, so why not a rundown of iPhone apps that can help you take and edit your best selfies ever?

#1. Facetune

Facetune Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Wish to take an awesome selfie? You don’t need to look beyond Facetune. Use it to refine your smile and even brighten your teeth to look your absolute best. It lets you remove pimples and brighten dark circle under your eyes. You can even change your eye color to have a dashing look. There is also an option to reshape facial structure, remove stray hairs and more.

Price: $3.99

#2. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus iPhone App Screenshot

Discover in which pose you look at your glamorous best! BeautyPlus is your go-to selfie camera to snap attractive photos. Make the most of several AR filters to decorate your images.

There are a number of editing tools to let you design photos to your heart’s liking. For instance, you can erase blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and contour skin. It also allows you to blur the background and use enhanced lighting.

Price: Free

#3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect iPhone Selfie App Screenshot

I have found “YouCam Perfect” spot on! The app works elegantly in letting you snap hot selfies that can catch a lot of attention on social networking sites.

You can brighten up your eyes, remove blemishes, smoothen wrinkles and even slim your face to make your shots look stunning. Use a wide range of advanced filters to add the desired charm to your photos.

There is also an auto beautify feature which ensures your shots look appealing even without editing. Besides, you can unlock more powerful tools like mono-tone effects, sakura effects, fairy tale effects and more through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#4. Retrica

Retrica Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

You wouldn’t find a more dashing selfie app than Retrica to snap fascinating shots. Having been ranked number 1 in several countries and loved by over 250 million users, it’s designed to get the best out of your every shot.

There are more than 100 terrific filters to make your pics look out-of-the-box. The fun-loving layouts do magic to your images. Use the stamp to adorn your favorite photos and share them with your loved ones.

Price: Free

#5. B612 – Trendy Selfie Camera

B612 - Trendy Selfie Camera iPhone App Screenshot

Snap hottest selfies in different poses and adorn them using a number of advance effects! “B612” is your must-have selfie app thanks largely to the awesome AR filters.

You can browse through multiple exciting filters and choose the one that’s well-timed for your photos. There are also a lot of hilarious stickers to add some fun to your images. You will also be able to save your fav shots to your Camera Roll and share them with your friends via social apps.

Price: Free

#6. Camera+

Camera+ Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Camera+ is one of the most loved camera apps. What makes it superior is the ability to let you capture sharp photos. You have the option to choose from multiple scene modes such as Sunset, night, portrait beach and more.

There are plenty of effects to transform the appearance of your pics with little effort quickly. With so many crop sizes available, you can easily make your shots look a lot better.

Price: $2.99

#7. Candy Camera

Candy Camera Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

If you are failed to capture stunning selfies which can create a lot of buzz on social sites, give Candy Camera a shot. Boasting of more than 100 top class filters, it instantly enhances the quality of your pics. Even better, there is also a skin correction filter to give your look a huge boost.

You can easily change saturation, brightness, resolution, contrast as per need. Once you have captured and edited your selfie to your heart’s content, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter to get a lot of appreciation.

Price: Free

#8. AirBrush

airbrush iphone selfie app

You can achieve perfection with this easy-to-use yet power-packed photo editor. It lets you quickly remove blemishes and wrinkles to smooth out your skin tone. Further, you can even whiten teeth and add natural-looking enhancements that will make your selfies look flawless.

Some of the advanced tools include slimming down or expanding individual facial features, shifting their position, adding volume to hair, and increasing height. Besides, you can do all the usual stuff like cropping, adding filters and vignettes, etc.

Price: Free

#9. MIKU

MIKU Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

How about getting some of your most memorable selfies edited by professional designers? With Miku, you can completely transform the appearance of your images. Based on your need, you will get rid of the unwanted parts like pimples, wrinkles, stray hairs, etc. What’s more, the app also allows you to eliminate red eyes, whiten teeth and make your waist look slim.

Eliminate object, change or blur the background. You can also fix the damaged or old photo. Better still, the app doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to edit your shots. In most cases, it takes just half an hour to get the work done. One important thing: it edits only one of your image for free. Afterward, you will have to pay for each one of your photos. (To read more details about this app, head over to this hands-on review.)

Price: Free

#10. Picr

Picr Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

This is an impeccable app for those with a fixation on the impacts of maturing or truly loves taking a gander at themselves. This application reminds you to take a picture consistently and demonstrates a grid on the screen or an overlay of the last picture you took, so you can line up every shot perfectly.

When you’ve gathered enough pictures, you can make an animated movie of the results, and it can likewise add content and music to the videos. Browsing through the photos is also quite simple, and the effect is quite powerful.

Some could call it creepy. However, this is the application you do need. Consider that you can utilize it to take pictures of your child so you or a grandparent can perceive how they’ve developed. Stunning?

Price: Free

That’s it!

Since all these selfie apps are pretty good, picking out one might not have been easy for you. Would you like to share your feedback about which one of these apps won you over? Let us know that in the comments.

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