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Best Music Games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

The fusion of superb music and scintillating games are too lethal to be ignored! That’s why most of us like to be entertained while having a blast at our favorite games. Having tried out numerous musical adventures, I have decided to create an elite list—the best music games for iPhone and iPad, which I’m sure you’d like to have a sneak peek. Ensuring your different tastes have the right match, I have picked out a variety of different games. Apart from being very interesting, they are relatively easy to play. Once you get started with them, you will feel like going on and on. Ready to have a go at my top 10 music games for iOS? Let’s dive right in!

1. SongPop Classic – Music Trivia

SongPop 2 – Music Quiz iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you think you know everything about music, then this is the game you should try your hands on. SongPop 2 has more than 100K real music clips, and your job is to identify the artist and title as fast as you can. Also, you can challenge your friends or other music lovers worldwide. Lastly, the game also offers daily multiplayer tournament, so make sure you are ready for the challenge.

Price: Free

2. Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 Music iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This one is an absolute gem courtesy of fabulous rhythm and impressive UI. It’s pretty simple to play. All you have to do is tap the black tiles according to the melody; making sure you don’t miss out on anyone.

The game consists of different types of songs like classic, bang, original which keep you thrilled throughout. With the top-notch sound, the songs never let any boredom creep up. There is a challenge mode which puts your skill to the real test. Face more challenges and get a lot of bonus to be the ultimate player!

Price: Free

3. Real Drum

Real Drum Music iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Do you love playing the drum? If yes, you would really enjoy having a go at this drum simulator app. To play this game, simply tap your fingers on the pads of the drum.

It features 60 examples of rhythms and 24 backing track songs. You can also record the game to keep a tab on the progress. Boasting of studio sound quality, it has got the charisma to delight you to the core.

Price: Free

4. Dancing Line

Dancing Line iPhone and iPad music game screenshot

This fun music game is a fast-paced challenge in which you have to move through obstacles and traps while also playing the music. It features different worlds of increasing difficulty, which each paints a unique picture.

Guide an ever-growing Line through a variety of environments, listening carefully to the music. Tap the screen to make sharp turns, dodging obstacles, and reacting as the scene changes before your eyes.

Price: Free ($5.99 to remove ads)

5. My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

My Singing Monsters - Dawn of Fire iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

My Singing Monsters is one gem of a game with a completely innovative concept. You’ll need to travel back in time when monsters first erupted. Every monster has a unique voice, so make sure you keep unlocking new characters. Also, you can breed your monsters to develop a unique one with a new voice. Assemble them to make your own orchestra. There’s another bunch of features in this game, so just click the download link, as the game is entirely free.

Price: Free

6. Lost in Harmony

Lost in Harmony Music iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Lost in Harmony is a runner’s game, but with complete reliance on rhythms. Your job is to guide Kaito and Aya through their adventurous journey. Apart from that, you can also design your own level with any of your song by using the built-in level editor. The game is a bit costly, but it is surely worth every penny. Lost in Harmony is one of the best music games available on the App Store for iPhone or iPad.

Price: Free

7. Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

Steve Reich's Clapping Music iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

No musical instruments? No problem, as long as you can clap. The clapping game will help you improve your rhythm, as it includes music using only claps. The game offers three different difficulty levels, so make sure you start from easy and then advance to the pro level. The concept is pretty fresh and worth a try. And yes, do enter the competitions and you could have a chance to perform live.

Price: Free

8. Groove Planet

Groove Planet Music iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Our planet Earth has already been acquainted with music; it’s time to expand the horizon to other planets. That’s the theme of Groove Planet game. You are the mayor and everything to be built is by using the music notes. The game has stunning graphics, and it also supports challenging other players. So in short, you aren’t completely alone in the race, people around the world are your serious competition. Groove Planet is free to play but with optional in-app purchases.

Price: Free

9. 123 Kids Fun MUSIC

123 Kids Fun MUSIC iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you are in quest of a fantastic music game for your preschool kid, you should give a game a serious look at this game. It’s designed to encourage kids to create music and explore the world of music. The app has 25 instruments such as, xylophone, drums, guitars, flutes, saxophone, etc. to explore.

This game features several activities that can enhance kids motor skills and creativity. Colorful graphics and vibrant sounds bring a lot of fun into the play.

Price: Free

Your pick?

Which one of these fantastic music games have you chosen for your play time? It would be nice to know its name and the type of games you enjoy playing a lot.

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