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Music is the essence of life and we are always surrounded by sound waves all the time. Whether it is a soundtrack on the phone or someone honking us from the back while on the road, either way, we have music all around us. Keeping the theme in mind, we prepared a list of best music games that can be played on iPhone and iPad.

We have tried to compile the list with free music games, but there were few that were simply irresistible. Anyways, just check out the list and feel free to download any or all of them from the link given below each of them.

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Best Music Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Music Games for iPhone and iPad

#1. SongPop 2 – Music Quiz

SongPop 2 iPhone and iPad Game IconIf you think you know everything about music, then this is the game you should try your hands on. SongPop 2 has more than 100K real music clips and your job is to identify the artist and title as fast as you can. In addition, you can challenge your friends or other music lovers worldwide. Lastly, the game also offers daily multiplayer tournament, so make sure you are ready for the challenge.

Price: Free
Download SongPop 2

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#2. Lost in Harmony

Lost in Harmony iPhone and iPad Game IconLost in Harmony is a runner's game, but with complete reliance on rhythms. Your job is to guide Kaito and Aya through their adventurous journey. Apart from that, you can also design your own level with any of your song by using the built-in level editor. The game is bit costly, but it is surely worth every penny. Lost in Harmony is one of the best music games available on App Store for iPhone or iPad.

Price: $3.99
Download Lost in Harmony

#3. FantasyBeat

FantasyBeat iPhone and iPad Game IconFantasyBeat is a perfect fusion of adventure and music. You'll need to follow the rhythm to defeat the monsters and save the world. You'll need to tap the notes in order to kill the monster, simple right? Higher the number of monster you kill, higher the EXP you earn, which will help your character to advance its skills. Apart from that, there are different gameplay modes, levels, and stages to get hooked up for a long time. Above all, it's free.

Price: Free
Download FantasyBeat

#4. Groove Planet

Groove Planet iPhone and iPad Game IconOur planet Earth has already been acquainted with music; it's time to expand the horizon to other planets. That's the theme of Groove Planet game. You are the mayor and everything to be built is by using the music notes. The game has stunning graphics and it also supports challenging other players. So in short, you aren't completely alone in the race, people around the world are your serious competition. Groove Planet is free to play but with optional in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download Groove Planet

#5. My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

My Singing Monsters iPhone and iPad Game IconMy Singing Monsters is one gem of a game with a completely innovative concept. You'll need to travel back in time when monsters first erupted. Every monster has a unique voice, so make sure you keep unlocking new characters. In addition, you can breed your monsters to develop a completely unique one with a new voice. Assemble them to make your own orchestra. There's another bunch of features in this game, so just click the download link, as the game is completely free.

Price: Free
Download My Singing Monsters

#6. The Musician

The Musician iPhone and iPad Game IconThe game is perfect if you have a broken dream of being a musician. You'll be dropped in the middle of a guitarist, drummer, and pianist, you'll need to touch and drag rhythmic notes with perfect timing. It's not limited to this; you can jam a session with your friends to, as The Musician supports Game Center collaboration. It's a perfect game for music lovers, as the game deals only and only with rhythms and different instruments. As it is totally free, you can go and give it a try.

Price: Free
Download The Musician

#7. Beat da Beat

Beat da Beat iPhone and iPad Game IconBeat da Beat is a perfect fusion of action and music though both of them are completely opposite. The developer has combined two different concepts beautifully. Everything that happens in the game is linked to music. Whether you are killing an enemy, or shrinking an alien to atom, or punching the bad guy, everything is musical. Lastly, the game isn’t free, but totally worth the price.

Price: $0.99
Download Beat da Beat

#8. Steve Reich's Clapping Music

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music iPhone and iPad Game IconNo musical instruments? No problem, as long as you can clap. The clapping game will help you improve your rhythm, as it includes music using only claps. The game offers three different difficulty levels, so make sure you start from easy and then advance to pro level. The concept is pretty fresh and worth a try. And yes, do enter the competitions and you could have a chance to perform live.

Price: Free
Download Clapping Music

#9. You Got Beat

You Got Beat iPhone and iPad Game IconYou Got Beat is a beat-matching game and it isn't as easy as it seems to be. The game has five different difficulty levels; each of them will stress your brain. You Got Beat will give you a feeling of being DJ as the beat matching is something only a DJ can do. The game is quite easy to play and also it is free, so why wait? Hit the download link and test your nerves.

Price: Free
Download You Got Beat

#10. Pop Dash – Music Runner

Pop Dash iPhone and iPad Game IconPop Dash is one more runner game, but as usual, with music along the way. You will need to run, dodge, and jump through your journey to pop culture worlds. The game will test your rhythm skills, depending on that you will score. The game is full of wingsuit, gems, mystery boxes, and much more, making it a great time killing machine. Above all, it is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download Pop Dash

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Which one is your favorite music game from the list? Share it with us in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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