Best iPhone & iPad Swimming Apps in 2020

Whether it’s from a fitness perspective or just as a hobbyist activity, swimming is considered one of the best exercises you can commit yourself to. At its best, swimming helps fantastic metabolism and health.

No wonder then, we have hundreds of swimming apps for iPhone & iPad on the App Store. As a part of our iPhone and fitness series, here’s a bunch of iPhone & iPad swimming apps that range from swimming lessons to swimming trackers. Dive right in.

Best Swimming Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks Swimming iPad App Screenshot

TrainingPeaks is a top-notch fitness app designed to track the number of activities such as biking, running, cycling and swimming. With the several charts and graphs, it lets you track your activity a lot easier.

Keep an eye on your speed, distance, power and more. You can add important metrics like weight and sleep to have even better analysis about how you are going ahead with the task. Most importantly, it works with more than 100 apps and devices.

Price: Free

#2. MySwimPro

MySwimPro Swimming iPad App Screenshot

MySwimPro was named Apple Watch app of the year 2016. It’s perfectly designed to bolster your swimming and get the best out of you. It features a huge library of tons of customized swim workouts.

You can log your swims and be able to track your progress. The swimming app allows you to export your data as a PDF file.

Price: Free

#3. Swimming iPad App Screenshot is tailor-made for swimmers. It provides real-time feedback on important metrics during your swimming. It automatically detects swimming and other crucial things such as stroke type, stroke count, etc.

The drill mode lets you track your kick and drill distance. Through the critical analysis, it provides the right insight into your progress.

Price: Free

#4. Fitso SEALs

Fitso SEALs iPhone Swimming App Screenshot

As a swimming app for iOS, Fitso SEALs has looked a complete package to me. The best part about it is the capability to track your progress level accurately. Thus, you can easily figure out whether you are on the track or need to step up a bit to accomplish your goal faster than your swimming buddies.

Aside from the accurate progress tracking feature, the app has a clean interface. Moreover, you can use this app to discover swimming pools near you and book them right away. Given the reliable performance, Fitso SEALs deserves to be in your roster of top swimming apps.

Price: Free

#5. SwimtoFly


Though not as powerful as MySwimPro or as comprehensive as, SwimtoFly is a very helpful swimming app for iOS. While it looks more geared for beginners, advanced swimmers can also find it quite effective.

It comes with five thoughtfully designed lessons. From front crawl to butterfly or breaststroke, it’s got you fully covered.

As each lesson consists of videos, you can easily learn the tricks of swimming. Not to mention, SwimtoFly also lets you record your swimming distance and keep a track of completion so that you can check how well you are getting on.

Price: Free

#6. iSwimTimes

iSwimTimes Swimming iPad App Screenshot

iSwimTimes is ultra-advanced and works as a superior tool for tracking your swimming. It tells the cut time you made, how much you improved and what’s needed to be done to achieve your goal. It supports multiple swimmer tracking.

You can check out your personal best, compare times to find out how you are shaping the competition quickly. With flexible time standards, you have the needed freedom to practice at your own pace that works best for you.

Price: $3.99

#7. Swim PB

SwimPB Swimming iPad App Screenshot

This is an outlier of the bunch. SwimPB is to track your clocks when you do the freestyle or butterfly or whatever. It keeps a history of all your previous times.

The app is more inclined towards coaches, but if you’re looking for a solution that just tracks all your swim times, this is a good app.

Price: $0.99

#8. Wild Swimming Britain

Wild Swimming Britain Swimming iPad App Screenshot

If you’re from the U.K., this app is a must-have. The “wildly” popular Wild Swimming Britain provides – in picturesque detail – all the wild swimming locations across the country.

Find some of the most exotic locations as well as much more for taking that much-needed dip. The app works as a great place to discover picnic spots.

Price: $3.99

#9. Swim Coach Plus HD

Swim Coach Plus HD iPhone and iPad

Check out this performance development tool that will help you improve your swimming technique. It acts as a powerful video coach for all levels of swimmers, from beginners to pro athletes.

The visual feedback during training sessions and competitions can go a long way in helping you perfect your strokes. You can analyze from frame-to-frame to get into the details. It’s also easy to export your videos as you like.

Price: $2.99

#10. Swimmo

Swimmo iPhone Swimming App Screenshot

Willing to hone your swimming skills? Swimmo can be worth giving a shot at! What I have liked about this app is the fun element that it brings into the play.

To get started, all you need to do is just set your goal and then give your best to achieve it. To ensure you can stay at pace with your target, you can keep track of your progress.

Like competing with your friends? Invite your buddies for a swimming challenge and put your 100% effort to rule the leaderboard!

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it!

Your favorite swimming app?

Now, it’s time to get the most out of these top swimming apps to boost your performance and become a better swimmer. I would be glad if you share your feedback about these apps. If there is any app you want to see on this lineup, do let us know.

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