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Best NFL Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best NFL Apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you a great football fan or someone who loves to keep a tab on everything that shakes the National Football League? We have dished out something pretty special for you. To let you stay at the top of all the latest updates and major highlights, check out this fantastic list of the best free NFL apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. theScore

theScore iPhone and iPad NFL App Screenshot

This app is your final destination for all major sports including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. You can have an inclusive experience of all your favorite sports with online scores, news, alerts, statistics.

Interestingly, you can customize this app to ideally meet your specific needs. As for instance, you will create a custom feed for your favorite teams, players, and leagues and never miss any important news or key play.

Price: Free

2. NFL

NFL iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

NFL is the perfect mixture of scores, news, team tracking and more for every NFL-fan. It’s a complete package basically. You get to customize most part of the app, so you get the latest scoop about your favorite teams, players or leagues instantly.

Even you can set custom team alerts, watch video highlights and so much more with this cool app. You will also enjoy reading analytical articles and interesting stories about NFL.

Price: Free

3. Football Heroes PRO 2017

Football Heroes PRO 2017 iPhone and iPad NFL App Screenshot

Football Heroes PRO 2017 is primed for great football fans. It provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase your skill and be the star of the competition. You can draft your all-time favorite NFL players to bring the best football team.

You have more than 2000 players to choose from. It allows you absolute freedom to switch between multiple teams to find the lethal combination. Give your best to win a lot of coin rewards to be the ultimate start of the competition.

Price: Free

4. NFLNation

NFLNation iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

NFLNation is exactly what you would want to instantly access all the latest scores, highlights and news related to NFL. This app delivers full coverage of live scores and news to ensure you don’t miss out on any significant things.

You have the option to enable push notification for your favorite team or player to easily find out the specific news. Through curated videos, it lets you watch top plays every day. With the customized news feed, you will stay on top of everything you want in the easiest possible manner.

Price: Free

5. NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is an official NFL fantasy app designed to provide you fantastic gameday experience. Catch up with all the live scores with video highlights. Draft your favorite team to be the world-beater.

You will join and create leagues with complete freedom. Easily follow your teams and stars. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to improve your team through trades, drops or by adding some of the most wanted stars.

Price: Free

6. NFL Rush Gameday

NFL Rush Gameday iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

NFL Rush Gameday is a must have for kids who have the huge passion for football. You can play the fun game and even customize your avatar as desired. There are plenty of amazing videos to keep you hooked on everything you enjoy watching. There is also an option to unlock digital gears from your favorite teams. Above all, you will complete some challenges as per passing, kicking and running to hone your skill.

Price: Free


ESPN iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

ESPN is arguably the best sports app for all users. To stay updated with the latest scores and watch live scores, download this app on your iPhone or iPad, and see the feeds dynamically change based on what you want to watch.

This app maintains the list of top games of the day, so you get to watch scores of your favorite teams and leagues.

Price: Free


NFL HUDDLE iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

NFL HUDDLE is an awesome football trading card game. With this app, you will trade all of the top NFL players in tons of good-looking card designs. Win as many contests as possible and exchange cards to have more points to remain ahead of the race.

It features some art styles from countless series to collect. Even better, you can join the huge community of football card collectors and communicate with other top players from around the world.

Price: Free

9. NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch all NFL games every Sunday afternoon. The direct fantasy zone channel provides live fantasy analysis and latest stats. It allows you to keep a track on your fantasy leagues. The instant highlights let you catch all the exciting stuff quickly. You can add players to your exclusive lists to get quick alerts whenever they shine during the game.

Price: Free

10. Pro Football Schedule and Scores

Pro Football Schedule and Scores iPhone and iPad NFL App Screenshot

If you want to keep a tab on all the football schedules and scores, this app would be a great option to keep you perfectly in sync. It offers schedule information for the 1970-2016 seasons. There is also an option to upgrade to the 2017 season.

You can find out the schedules for your favorite teams and even check the schedules by week. Besides, this app provides game score updates, point spread to ensure you are able to remain at pace.

Price: Free

Wrapping Up

Ten to one, you have liked these NFL apps, haven’t you? Which one have you picked to take your love of football to the next level? It would be nice to know your favorite NFL app for iOS.

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