Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn Programming in 2020: Let’s Start How to Code


As with any skill, coding demands a significant amount of time to learn. You have to invest time and effort to learn how to code. There’s also a perception that you need a desktop PC or laptop to code or to learn how to do so. This is partly true: for hardcore development work, a desktop Windows or Mac environment is ideal. However, Programming apps can help you learn and code programs. So here is a list of the best Programming apps for iPad and iPhone.

These iOS apps will help you make the best of your free time. They’ll help you learn to code in a way that’s unobtrusive and not too demanding. Many of them have a low skill floor, too, so you can learn even if you have no prior coding experience.

Best iOS Apps to Learn Coding in 2020

#1. Sololearn

Sololearn iPhone and iPad Code Learning App Screenshot

Sololearn is a more feature-packed and advanced code programs learning tool. Comparing Sololearn’s HTML Fundamentals course to Mimo’s HTML introduction, Sololearn expects you to know a certain amount beforehand, at least in terms of IT basics.

A key feature of Sololearn is the “Code Playground.” This allows you to compile and run actual code and see the output. In the first lesson on HTML, for example, you could play around with the sample code for a paragraph tag, compile it, and see what a paragraph would end up looking like.

Sololearn has a premium edition, too. It’s considerably cheaper than Mimo at just $2 per month. It gets rid of ads and gives you complete access to all the lessons.

Price: Free (Subscription Starts – $6.99 to $59.99)

#2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper iOS Programming App Screenshot

Grasshopper is a great introduction to coding for kids. It’s presented in a gamified format. Grasshopper only teaches you JavaScript, but it does this in a uniquely simple way.

It has both theoretical and practical lessons. The theory parts are reinforced by simple multiple-choice questions. The practicals have you writing code through a touch-based fill in the blanks approach.

The only issue we had with Grasshopper is that it’s not iPad optimized. On my 2017 iPad Pro, the app launched in compatibility mode, with large borders all around.

Price: Free

#3. Mimo

Mimo iPhone and iPad Coding Learnign App Screenshot

Mimo is a great iOS app to learn code, whether you’re a beginner or have substantial programming experience. It adopts a Duolingo-style gamified approach to learn code. You get to set your target in terms of daily learning time and you get points. The app then creates a personalized curriculum based on your needs. Like Duolingo, you get a progress bar for each step of a lesson, that goes up as you complete it.

My curriculum included styling text with tags, creating links and images, and building lists, among others. There is a premium version available for around $50 per year, which offers unlimited access to all courses.

Price: Free (Subscription Starts – $8.99 to $79.99)

#4. Programming Hub

Programming Hub iOS Coding App Screenshot

Programming Hub is a lot more similar to MOOC course platforms in its approach. You can select what courses to enroll yourself in. These are on the entire gamut from IT basics and other related areas like AI, to actual coding in HTML, JavaScript, and others.

Each course has a clearly defined set of learning outcomes and benefits. They also list out the target audience and salary you can expect to make if this is part of your skill repertoire.

The lessons themselves are in a PowerPoint-like format and you can tap to advance each line. The app asks you an MCQ to ensure you remember key learning points. If you got back to the lesson interface, you’d also get access to a compiler that will test out the coding tricks you’ve learned so far.

Price: Free (Subscription Starts – $1.49 to $45.99)

#5. Enki

Enki iPhone and iPad Programming Learning App Screenshot

Enki adopts a different approach to the apps we’ve seen here so far. It makes use of spaced repetition to help you learn specific concepts regarding coding, without actual doing on your device.

Spaced repetition is a learning tool that uses a rotating list of flashcards to build up your conceptual knowledge. Enki first gives you a card with important information and then it shows you a flashcard question relevant to it.

It makes sense to use Enki alongside the other apps in this list as opposed to by itself. That way, you can improve conceptual knowledge while also gaining practical experience.

Price: Free (EnkiPro – $48.99)

#6. SODR

SODR iPhone and iPad Coding App Screenshot

SODR puts you in the boots of the Soldier of Data Realm, where your task is to destroy viruses and save data. You do this by shooting at viruses like in a normal shooting game, but also by writing actual code in C#, Python, JavaScript, and other languages.

For instance, to reload your gun, for example, you have to tweak a line of code in the particular coding language you’re learning. Other environmental puzzles require more code to be written.

This tests your knowledge, helps you write actual code, and helps you learn. All the while, you’ll have great fun playing a decent mobile shooting game.

Price: Free


That’s all for this feature. If you like coding, you might also want to design websites from your iPhone or iPad. Let us know about which programming app did you find the most useful in the comments below.

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