Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Create Poll in 2019 to Get the Most Preferred Decision

Unable to figure out whether to go for a movie or arrange a small party this weekend? The best poll creation apps for iOS in 2019 can come to your rescue and help you get the most preferred answer. So, let's get going!

At times, we encounter a situation where we think it’s better to ask for feedback to take a smarter and wiser decision. It could be when you are getting ready for a big party and can’t decide whether to go for a casual outfit or professional attire.

Whatever could be the situation, the best polling apps for iPhone can help you easily decide as a group. They let you quickly create a poll and ask all the friends to cast their vote. Even better, most of these apps provide the desired flexibility to include more options later.

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So the next time, your funny buddies can’t decide whether to have a Chinese dish or savor continental food, bring on the polls, let everyone have their way and get the outcome that’s in everyone’s favor!

7 Best Poll Creation Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

Sticky note: While some poll creation apps need not be installed on your device to take part in the voting, others require you to download them to get into the action. Besides, there are some applications that are fully integrated with iMessage to let you get started with polling straightaway.

#1. Polls for iMessage

Polls for iMessage iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Polls for iMessage” has turned out to be the coolest poll creation app for iOS. What makes it a cut above the rest is the neat interface. Plus, it lets you create a poll, vote and the get the desired result right in the iMessage.

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All the latest updates are displayed at the bottom of the conversation so that everyone can easily keep track of the outcome. Later, if you decide to change the vote or add new options, you will be able to get it done without any hassle.

What’s more, the developer has confirmed that it’s soon going to add photos, video, audio, and even GIFs to the polls for more fun.

Price: Free

#2. Tally – Polls for iMessage

Tally Polls for iMessage iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

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Tally makes it incredibly simple to create a more interactive poll. So, whether you want your team to decide where to celebrate the anniversary or what to watch on the weekend, this app will let you get the conclusive answer.

While casting your vote, you won’t be able to find out what others have chosen. Thanks to the live vote counting, you can keep track of the latest result. Highly appreciable!

Price: Free

#3. TinyPoll

TinyPoll iPhone and iPad Voting App Screenshot

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“TinyPoll” is an ideal poll creation app. With all the basic tools at your disposal, putting up a question and asking your friends to toss up their views won’t be a big deal. The app is fully flexible so that you can tweak the question and also add more options at any time.

You can keep an eye on the votes and easily find out which way the tide is moving. Additionally, the free version of the app lets you create just one poll each day. And you will have to go for the pro version ($1.99/yearly) to break the restriction.

Price: Free

#4. Decidr

Decidr iPhone and iPad Voting App Screenshot

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“Decidr” is a pretty good app, featuring all the basic tools to make poll creation not just simple but also a fun-loving experience. It has an ever-growing community that can help you take a better decision on anything that comes to your mind.

You can ask the entire community to vote or choose to allow only the selected friends to offer up their opinion. It lets you share the link with anyone and allow them to offer up their views. ¬†More importantly, it doesn’t matter whether they have installed this app or not.

Price: Free

#5. TieBreaker – Help Me Decide

TieBreaker iPhone and iPad Polling App

If you want to have a more functional polling app, TieBreaker would be a better choice. The reason why I find it a bit more user-friendly is that it offers more options.

To get started, put up your question, type in the choices in two options and then set its duration to end. Once the voting ends, all the participants will receive notifications and then can view the result. More significantly, your voters can also get demographic information like age and gender of the participants.

Price: Free

#6. Polls With Friends

Polls With Friends iPhone and iPad Poll Creation App Screenshot

“Polls With Friends” is more than good enough to fit into your basic demand. Just like most of its counterparts, this app makes it quite simple to start a question and get the most preferred outcome.

When a participant gets the notification, he/she can easily select the desired option and send it just like any other message. Keep in mind, the free version allows you to create only a few polls and you need to get the premium version ($0.99/yearly) to use the app without any limitation.

Price: Free

#7. Poll – Decide as a group

Poll iPhone and iPad Poll Creation App Screenshot

Last but not the least, this one works as expected and has some very appreciable features. The app offers multiple choice polls and comes with several templates. Thus, you can create a poll and ask your friends to vote and decide as a group with ease.

All the participants can add options and also allow changing of votes later. You will send reminders so that no one forgets to cast the votes in time. Moreover, you can send surveys to your friends to let them know the outcome of the poll.

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it! So, these are my top picks. Hopefully, you found them up to the mark.

What’s Your Favorite?

I guess you will now be able to get a better decision about anything that strikes your mind. It’s really funny to use these apps to bring everyone on the same page or decide which one from the available options would be ideal.

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