Best Assessment Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Assessment Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2022

Teachers play a significant role in shaping the future of kids. They not only educate students on different subjects but also assess their performance at regular intervals. If your school provides you with an iPad to assess the performance of students, you can use some assessment apps on your tablet. Check this list of best iPad apps for assessment. The assessment apps allow teachers to collect information and monitors students’ learning. Next, teachers can use the data in real time to make changes in their teaching. These apps are particularly helpful when there is a single iPad in the classroom and approximately 20 odd students.

1. ZipGrade

ZipGrade iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

ZipGrade is the best app, and quiz contests run in the classroom. Teachers can use the iPad camera as a scanner to scan the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet and calculate the score.

To send the results to school authorities, teachers can export the results as a PDF and readable excel sheet. The companion website comes handy to upload and manage all the data.

Price: Free

2. Nearpod

‎Nearpod iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

By using Nearpod, teachers can create polls, ask MCQs, and open-ended questions to their students. Interactive presentations and real-time assessment are two glaring features of this app. Draw It sets itself apart from other features as it allows students to draw on any slide teachers push out to their iPads.

Nearpod helps teachers create new slides or they can convert their PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDFs into Nearpod presentations. Teachers would love to explore a rich library of more than 6000 ready-to-teach lessons from renowned educators and publishers.

Price: Free

3. Quick Key Mobile Grading App

Quick Key Mobile Grading iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

This mobile grading app was launched on Kickstarter by 250 teachers. Quick Key is extremely popular among teachers as the app doesn’t require any network and a single screen offers you full freedom to perform different tasks. Now, no more jumping between different screens.

Designed by a teacher, who boasts 15 years of classroom experience, the app empowers all teachers to explore creative ways to teach different subjects to students.

Price: Free

4. Exam Reader-Optical Test Grade

Exam Reader iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

That the app supports five to 200 questions and two to seven choices makes it the first choice of many teachers and educators. Unlike any other educational apps, Exam Reader gives you horizontal and vertical sheets.

Teachers can publish exams and students can grade themselves to check their performance among other participants.

Price: Free

5. Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle iPad Assessment App Screenshot

Video is the most effective way to teach students. Edpuzzle enables teachers to deliver videos in their classroom. Since visual memories are more powerful, students would like to interact with their teachers on several subjects. Audio notes and questions make the session more interactive.

For students, they can download this app on their iPads to get video assignments uploaded by teachers. This is one of the most modern ways to teach and learn all subjects in all grades.

Price: Free

6. iReporting App

‎iReporting iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

Teachers can now write school reports in a better and speedier way by using the iReporting app. By using their iPad or iPhone, teachers can generate interim, end-of-term, and end-of-year reports for multiple classes of students.

The intuitive app allows teachers to quickly finish report writing and manage their time in other productive activities.

Price: Free

7. Socrative Teacher

Socrative Teacher iPhone and iPad Assessments App Screenshot

With Socrative, teachers can engage, assess, and personalize their class. It is an app to start formative assessments of students through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets, and space races. The app can grade, aggregate and provide visuals of results of students; further, teachers can spot opportunities for necessary instructions for their students.

Teachers need to register for a Socrative Teacher account to get started using this app. They can connect their Socrative accounts with other Socrative apps. For students, Socrative provides a unique room to open their apps to communicate with teachers.

Price: Free

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As schools are adopting smart class policies world over, teachers need to be on a par with the latest technology and innovations. Assessment apps can help teachers connect with their students and parents. It is a smart way to communicate and improve students’ performance in class.

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