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Kids love playing funny games and enjoy exploring things that they discover. When they come up with brilliantly developed games, they learn plenty of things which they can't learn by just going to school. Therefore, it is important to introduce nice games to them. The games that can not only develop their cognizance fast but also help them have a wonderful time.

Here is the best iPhone or iPad educational games which your kids will love playing. No longer interested in the brainless games that don't seem to be helping your toddlers, you would like to check out our picks. Let's dive ahead to have a quick look!

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Best iPhone Educational Games for Toddler

Best iPhone Educational Games for Toddlers

#1. Kids Songs

Kids Songs iPhone App IconKids Songs is an absolute entertaining app for kids. It has 130 sing along songs such as, alphabet songs, the bus, the lollipop and more. Kids will enjoy singing and dancing along with the funny characters. This app also boasts of 90 musical storybooks like, the Gingerbread Man, the Princess and the Fog.

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New songs and stories keep on coming through updates. So, there is always something new to look for. Kids Songs has been designed to educate kids along with providing them endless fun. The colourful interface and appealing design make sure your kid never gets enough of it.

Price: Free
Download Kids Songs

#2. Bitsboard

Bitsboard iPhone App IconBitsboard is an excellent education game designed for kids. This app boasts of 25 very impressive mini games. You can effortlessly make your own study sets and remain ahead with your homework. In addition, you can even download study sets from your classmates or teachers.

This app lets you access Bitsboard catalogue that contains incredible flashcards and many lesions that cover hundreds of topics. It also assists you in learning languages and having a very strong command over vocabulary. You can even customize this app as per wish.

Price: Free
Download Bitsboard

#3. Baby First Words

Baby First Words iPhone App IconWith gorgeous animation and attractive themes, Baby First Words helps toddlers in learning words fast. Kids can learn up to 90 basic words. There are six categories such as, food, nature, clothing, animals, vehicles and home. By tapping an item, a kid can learn the cause and effect of a particular thing.

Children can tap on the speaker to listen the spoken words. To have more fun, they can tap on the blinking hands at the end of every animation. This game can be unbelievably exciting for kids.

Price: Free
Download Baby First Words

#4. Amazing Momo

Amazing Momo iPhone App IconAmazing Momo is a unique game. It is the first animal husbandry game with 3D technology. Children would enjoy raising their own pet and more so, playing with them. Memo which is from the 7th galaxy solar system is an incredibly funny animal. It likes eating apple and enjoys bathing three times a day. Moreover, Memo will badly miss you, if you don’t play with it.

Memo will become your great friend and always be with you to share your feelings. It is as terrific a game as you can ever get!

Price: Free
Download Amazing Momo

#5. Preschool& Kindergarten Splash Math

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math iPhone App IconThis game has been specifically designed to teach kids Math in a very funny style. It is best suited for the kids who are between 3 to 6 years of age. Kids will learn counting, addition, subtraction, measurement and more in a light hearted manner. They will also learn the concept of geometry by identifying 2D/3D shapes and figures as well as positional words.

Throughout the game, kids will enjoy and never have a boring moment. If you wish your kid to get started with Math and love every bit of it, this game offers you the best option.

Price: Free
Download Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math

#6. myBlee Math

myBlee Math iPhone App IconThis kid's app has been designed by teachers, to make it more promising. The game app offers more than 1000 step-by-step lessons on K-6 math topics. Math is a subject which everyone is scared of, but with an app like game it becomes easier to understand the subject. That’s what myBlee math does. The app is already been used my one million children at home and in school.

Price: Free
Download myBlee Math

#7. Intro to Letters

Intro to Letters iPhone App IconIntro to letters is an amazing app to teach your kid letters sound and names. By default the app supports English, French, German and Spanish language; but with built-in recording studio you can record anything and use it in app. The app is not free, but it is easier to teach little kids with iPad than to teach them verbally, as visuals are always more interesting that sound alone.

Price: $4.99
Download Intro to Letters

#8. Music4Kids

Music4Kids iPhone App IconIt is not mandatory to be a mathematician or a scientist to be successful in life; some kids are God gifted with artistic talents. With Music4Kids app, your little artist will learn how to compose music. There are 140 challenges as well, which works as an encouragement for kids to keep learning all the time. As the app is intended for kids, using it is really very simple and understandable.

Price: $2.99
Download Music4Kids

#9. Intro to United States

Intro to United States iPhone App IconFundamental job of a true citizen is to know about their country, and this app does its job very well. Kids will be learning to identify all 50 states. Apart from that, they will also learn to recognize an animal from each state. Once you feel that your kid has got the knowledge, you can move up to quiz challenge and test the knowledge. You'll have to spend few dollars, but everything's worth for the country.

Price: $4.99
Download Intro to United States

#10. Star walk

Star Walk iPhone App IconThis is one of the best educational games for your kid. This app teaches your kid about planets and stars in a very fancy way; hold your device up in sky and the app starts using built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location. A friendly narrator and carton style interface makes it very entertaining to learn about stars and space. There are tons of other features, and it is a must have app if your kid is fond of space exploration.

Price: $2.99
Download Star walk

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So what apps you are going to install on your iPhone? Share with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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